SOLVED: Missing 19-years Underwater | James Amabile Found in SUV [Ep 2]

THIS EPISODE – Episode 2… March 19, 2022, we began our case investigation into James “Jimmy” Amabile’s case meeting with family and listening as they lay out all of the circumstances leading up to Mr. Amabile’s disappearance 19-years earlier.

Amabile, 38, vanished on the afternoon of Dec. 4, 2003, after leaving his home in Folsom, PA to go pick up his two daughters from a babysitter in his 2002 green Ford Explorer.

Jimmy had overslept and called the babysitter at 5:13 p.m. to say that he was running a few minutes late.

This 4 part series documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for James Amabile, following the clues left behind, from a cell phone ping, last phone call, information from his family about insulin levels, and knowing that James woke up in a panic that he was late picking up his daughters from the babysitters, all playing a role in leading to the discovery of where James Amabile and his SUV had gone missing in the river 19-years earlier.

Episode 1: The Case of James Amabile Begins

Episode 2: Missing 19-years Underwater | James “Jimmy” Amabile Found in SUV

Episode 3: Dangerous 24′ River Dive Recovery of James Amabile

Episode 4: Closure for James Amabile’s Family | SUV Recovered from River

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Questions or Want to Tell Us About a Case?

After searching several waterways our investigation took us to Stingers waterfront where 19 years later we were able to utilize technology not available at the time of his disappearance, to uncover a submerged vehicle in Darby creek 200 yards away, 24 feet beneath the surface.

Ridley township police department was notified immediately and through a joint effort together, we were able to identify and recover human remains from the vehicle.

The cooperation of Ridley Township PD was critical in the success of this recovery every step of the way and we tip our hat to their professionalism and their trust in our experience to conduct this forensics recovery.

At this moment we want to take a moment to express our sympathies to the entire Amabile family as they navigate this tragic outcome to a nightmare that has lasted 19 years.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family during this difficult time.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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20 thoughts on “SOLVED: Missing 19-years Underwater | James Amabile Found in SUV [Ep 2]

  1. Love ya Anothony but maybe learn to 🤐 when you talk over people all the time it’s not just distracting but disrespectful 😢 I know you don’t mean to be that way but perhaps you can work on it.

  2. Question… Jared, Doug, Nick… do any of yall have military training in sonar equipment, Or any military background? I notice Nick wearing a Ranger Tab on his diver equipment.

  3. I’ve always thought about the spirits of these poor people that you find underwater. The thought of them sitting there for years waiting for someone to finally find them is extremely depressing. And I could just imagine them saying thank you to you guys for finally finding them after all those years

  4. As a diabetic, a moment of high adrenaline (such as being late) burns up any remaining insulin a person might have. If he kept any hard candy (full sugar) can slightly help but a good meal would have prevented any diabetic issues from happening.

  5. I came across this channel a few weeks ago and I’ve been binge watching ever since and I’ve seen a lot of grateful families but in all the videos I have watched so far I have never seen a victim’s family member so eager to help, he was kneeling on the dock and pulling Doug’s equipment off of him and pulling of shoes (I think they’re called something else but I can’t think of the name) and then pulling Doug out of the water and then pulling Doug’s team member (I can’t remember his name) out of the water, he just got some of the worst news a person could get that not only was his brother who had been missing for almost 20 years had been found but a hole was drilled right through the victim’s car, with zero regard for what they were drilling into

  6. Thank you guys god has blessed y'all with a gift thank you for being closer for many of family's you guys are truly hero's to a lot of people thank y'all god bless and watch over and keep y'all safe.❤

  7. This was such a sad case I’m glad they finally got closure on the other side of this I feel so sorry for that kid name Houston…. what a horrible city to be named after lol.

  8. I discovered your videos about three weeks ago… I’m completely mesmerized with Adventures with Purpose. I almost can’t get my work done for watching, crying with families, crying with you guys, proud for you guys when your work brings a type of peace for those searching for a lost loved one. I have been shocked on learning how many people choose this method to end their lives. My heart is sad, somewhat broken, for the deceased as well as the survivors. I had no idea! I will pray for your teams and that the Lord will continue providing your need for helping others. Thank you for your obvious compassion for humanity, something almost Completely lost in our world today. Blessings!

  9. Just like many people have said it's so hard to believe they drilled a pylon through the engine bay of an underwater vehicle. It's so crazy! It had to have felt different than all the others. I'm in disbelief! I'm so sorry for the family, but so glad they now know where Jimmy is. RIP

  10. Forgive my ignorance but why is it considered a 'crime scene'. Isn't this an accident? So glad you found him and gave the family answers. Bless you guys and the work y'all do!! 🙏

  11. I'm sure many many people have already said this, but time and time again, these gentlemen (Doug in particular for one) have demonstrated their ability to apply straight forward, but also well thought out analysis to, all to often, solve what has baffled scores of other professionals for years. Sometimes it just takes that fresh set of eyes that aren't clouded by all of the distractions that accumulate over the years I suppose. OR these guys have a whole bunch of guardian angels who've got their backs and are guiding them!❤

  12. The only good thing about that post going through the top of that vehicle is that if it had not went through the vehicle that vehicle would have been out in the ocean somewhere it stopped the moving process of the vehicle

  13. And I could tell the authorities that live in that area is not professional anyway cuz they said that the creek was small it was 5 ft deep they ruled out that area and then the man in the red beard said no let's check them all and the first time they going to water they find a man SUV

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