SOLVED: Ep.3 Tammy Goff Missing Person 3-Year-Old Cold Case

Episode 3 (Day 3)… we continue our search for Tammy Goff who had been a Missing Person for almost 3-years after leaving early one morning with her best friend Sadie from the home she shared with her husband Bob of 42 years.

With an inflatable boat rigged with underwater sonar, AWP follows every cell phone ping and Sadie (Tammy’s Dog) sighting in hopes of finding Tammy and her truck.

This series documents Adventures With Purpose’s 4-day search alongside Tammy’s husband, following the clues her dog Sadie left behind, leading to the discovery of where Tammy and her truck had gone missing in the river these past few years.

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Thank you to Bob for his willingness in sharing Tammy’s story with the hope that his loss can open the door for others to speak openly about Mental Health Awareness and help save the life of another by sharing his family’s struggle and the pain left behind.

Watch the BREAKING NEWS Livestream the evening we found Tammy


Goff was last seen leaving her home in the 2100 block of 7th Avenue in Great Falls, Montana on July 12, 2018. That morning her husband saw her loading their German Shepherd mix, Sadie, into her black four-door 2008 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck with the Montana license plate number 2-93204A and stickers in the back window and on the back bumper. A photo of the truck is posted with this case summary.

Goff drove south on Wilson Butte Road, and did not return to her residence. Her husband tried to call her an hour and a half after she left, and she didn’t answer. They had inherited her husband’s father’s home and his three pets, and had rehomed his two dogs, but his elderly cat, Mouse, was still living at the residence. Goff’s husband went to his late father’s home to see if Goff was there. He found food and water in Mouse’s dishes, but there was no sign of Goff or Mouse.

Mouse was never seen again and it’s unclear what happened to the cat and whether its disappearance is related to Goff’s disappearance, or even if Goff visited her late father-in-law’s residence that day. About 32 hours after Goff left her home, Sadie was found on Hawk Drive about four miles south of Great Falls. Witnesses reported having seen the dog on both sides of the Missouri River that day. There was no sign of Goff.

Since Goff’s disappearance, her truck has not been located. It’s uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning and she was very close to her family, and authorities believe she may be in danger. Her case remains unsolved.

Bob and Tammy were high school sweethearts and Bob’s love for Tammy never faded as you’ll see in his kind words and desire for nothing more than to find Tammy.

Don’t miss Day 4 when we locate and recovery Tammy and her truck from the Missouri River after returning to the banks of the Missouri where Sadie was spotted over the course of 2-day. Finding Tammy would never have been possible without the clues Sadie left behind.

Hug the ones you love and reach out to those in need.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help Bob and his family in the search for answers as to what happened to Tammy.

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45 thoughts on “SOLVED: Ep.3 Tammy Goff Missing Person 3-Year-Old Cold Case

  1. I knew the second the dog was mentioned being seen frantic on the bank of that river that she watched her best human go in that river and she couldn't do anything about it. I have trained and owned dogs my entire life – I currently own two dogs who get frantic when I let them outside in the back yard and don't come out with them. I can't even imagine what they'd do if something happened to me but I can guarantee their behavior would be obvious that something went wrong. If I walk away from them they immediately come looking – animals are amazingly loyal and wiill stop at nothing to get back to their owners, especially those with whom they have a strong bond.

  2. Watching these in full. Absolutely believe poor Mouse had passed when Tammy arrived. Someone who suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts, a beloved member of the family would cause a ton of trauma

  3. "I didn't want you to be alone when I did this." But she takes their beloved pet with her? Just to release it to potentially be hit by a car or killed by someone, something? No. I don't buy it. "Maybe the dog got out?" No, I don't buy that, either. When you're suicidal, you don't want to burden the people you love more by killing their pets, when you're concerned about how they will go on without you.

  4. Her husband is just so happy to have some other men care just as much as he does about finding his wife. You're not alone Bob ❤ I hope you have made some forever friends

  5. I think she saw the cat she was sick but the cat freaks out at being in the vehicle..because she never left she ran off the road. Saddie was in the back bed. Boom

  6. All I have to say is that Sadie knew where her momma was and we need to be aware of the spiritual connection between Owners and their Dogs. 🙏❤️🙏

  7. You AWP guys are great at discovery and retrieval, but should avoid assigning manner of death (i.e suicide) to recovered bodies. Some of your stated assumptions are a reach to say the least. Taking the time, equipment and heart to look for these folks makes y'all absolute heroes. God bless you and the families you are serving. I'm a fan.

  8. Amazing how this man was doing everything he could to look for his wife with the means he had, he just needed assistance and people with more experience! That's when you guys come in ! What a heartbreaking tale but it just shows when the will and love is there anything is possible…love and prayers to all involved ❤🙏

  9. You can tell that Bob isn't comfortable with talking as much as he is, but this is important enough to put that aside. I am so glad that you guys were able to give him some resolution to this and bring Tammy home. Very sorry for those who knew and loved her that she isn't home in the manner they wanted.

  10. so, no one wanted to listen to the dog? they could have found Tammy right away! The best clue they had was Sadie, but, they did not search under the water, very strange, and Sadie knew where she was, but Sadie died before they ever brought up the vehicle, and in the end, Sadie was the answer!

  11. I'm sorry, at times we know that we've known our loved ones are suicidal but don't react! I didn't and it happened and I can never forgive myself! I feel lost and don't know how to react to this! I'm sure that I'm not the first or the last!!!

  12. I pray for God's Blessings and Grace, His Love and Protection and His Peace upon Bob and his family! During this time of sorrow I pray for God to fill this families heart's with His Love and Peace. May God give ya'll Comfort and Strength to get you through this time of need. Thank you to the AWP team and I pray for God's Blessings upon you all and May He Protect you and keep you safe from all harm and fill your heart's with His Love and Grace. May each of you feel the Blessings of God's Love and Grace.

  13. I've only started part 3 and obviously I know she was found, However, the fact that Sadie was riding in the back of the pickup is a HUGE SIGN. she made sure Sadie wasn't inside with her and can get out in the event that this was planned ..I still don't know what happened but that's a big sign to me.

  14. I think maybe somebody followed her when she went to feed the cat and taking the cat someone would know something is wrong because the cat doesn't go outside

  15. This story hits close to home. I have severe depression and anxiety. I fight these thoughts and demons daily. However, 3 years ago, I found MY best friend. She has been my anchor, my love. She knows when I'm not well or ok. Even though I have a child, who also helps, dogs have a different impact on us. If I ever went out of town and left my dog with a sitter, she would LITERALLY break out and come look for me.

    Listen to dogs. Always. They know and understand things we don't.

  16. This story is yet another heart breaking indictment of the health care system. That people would rather go off alone and prematurely end their lives rather than place themselves at the mercy of the system is chilling. What are we doing wrong? You don't know how things will work out till they do. Seems people are often frightened into this step. Fear of the unknown. It might not be as frightening as what you are contemplating.

  17. Well, Jared, to worry about lightning possibly striking your hat pins, should have been the least of your worries. You were on a river that would have contained many impurities that would have made very strong conductors for electricity. So really, you guys should have gotten out of the water completely until the lightning had passed. I'm glad all went well without incident. But please keep that in mind for future recoveries. So many are depending on you and your team for answers regarding family members and you already take risks to do that. Please don't take unnecessary risks by staying out on the water while lightning is present.

  18. That piece of metal with the old bone… just a theory: late 1800s – early 1900s slave or prisoner, being transported in shackles. Maybe tries to run and drowns trying to cross the river. Criminal, lynched then thrown into river. Maybe?

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