SOLVED: Closure for Jimmy’s Family | SUV Recovered 19-years Later [Final Ep4]

Final Episode 4… Adventures with a Purpose used sonar equipment to locate a submerged Ford Explorer found Saturday in the murky waters of Darby Creek.

The Explorer and tags matched the entry on a missing person report from Dec. 4, 2003, for James “Jimmy” Amabile, solving a 19-year missing person case in Pennsylvania from December 04, 2003.

This 4 part series documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for James Amabile, following the clues left behind, from a cell phone ping, last phone call, information from his family about insulin levels, and knowing that James woke up in a panic that he was late picking up his daughters from the babysitters, all playing a role in leading to the discovery of where James Amabile and his SUV had gone missing in the river 19-years earlier.

Episode 1: The Case of James Amabile Begins | Investigation

Episode 2: Missing 19-years Underwater | James “Jimmy” Amabile Found in SUV

Episode 3: Dangerous 24′ River Dive Recovery of James Amabile

Episode 4: Closure for James Amabile’s Family | SUV Recovered from River

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Questions or Want to Tell Us About a Case?

Amabile, 38, vanished on the afternoon of Dec. 4, 2003, after leaving his home in Folsom, PA to go pick up his two daughters from a babysitter in his 2002 green Ford Explorer.

Jimmy had overslept and called the babysitter at 5:13 p.m. to say that he was running a few minutes late.

The call was routed through a cellphone tower at Morton Avenue and MacDade Boulevard.

The babysitter’s home was a short distance away, near Bullens Lane, but Amabile never arrived.

In the intervening years, investigators chased down any and all leads, though there was not much to go on.

Jimmy’s credit cards, bank accounts, and cell phone remained unused.

Though he was an insulin-dependent diabetic, no prescriptions were ever filled in his name.

The Pennsylvania State Police conducted helicopter searches, looked into reports of sightings and unidentified bodies found in New York and New Jersey, even going to the Poconos after a Ford Explorer was found torched there.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family during this difficult time.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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40 thoughts on “SOLVED: Closure for Jimmy’s Family | SUV Recovered 19-years Later [Final Ep4]

  1. I cannot see the barge company getting away with how they left that pylon. Like all of their work needs to be assessed cause that's a major safety hazard they signed off on. Take a shortcut one and you're gonna do it again

  2. I still can't believe they drilled the pylon through the hood into the engine block. What are the odds of that? I bet Jimmy was like hey what the hell are you doing to my car!

  3. I’m so proud of you Doug❣️ I watched in awe the whole operation you orchestrated and lead. As the wrecker drove away I just pictured James with a smile on his face waving to you with a tear running down his cheek. You’re a rare soul buddy! This world needs more people like you❣️

  4. Thanks to everyone involved that worked so well together! The community and police,firefighters and the crane company! It’s so refreshing to see the egos put aside to cooperate in bringing the family some peace 😊🇨🇦

  5. This entire collaborative effort was absolutely humbling. Humans working together for the greater good. May god bless you all abundantly.

  6. I used to use the insulin pump, but it almost killed me too — many times. It's a life saver and a life taker depending on whatever's going on with your blood sugar. The pump does deliver insulin continuously and sometimes you get so LOW that you can't turn it off. In fact, a person can have seizures and be so confused that they don't know who they are. This was my personal experience with the device. I had to call the ambulance many different times. I'm amazed that I made it to where I am today. I should be dead. Instead, I received a pancreas transplant. Now, I'm no longer diabetic. Rest in peace, Jimmy. I could easily have been un the same situation. What a good man and a loved father.

  7. Doug, you are always so humble and appreciative as well as respectful to the family and communities you work with. You and your team are honorable. I sometimes expect you to do a group prayer before you dive.

    Thank you and your team for everything you do. ❤😊❤

  8. Thats so awesome to see everyone Volunteer their service to help the family bring their loved one home. America job everyone involved. Much love, sending prayers up for Jimmy's family and friends 🙏

  9. there's a 14 km stretch along the trent river between trenton and frankford ontario . there is a major highways on both sides . its a main route for people going to work a lot is shift work , over the years there have been numerous cars go in , on that i recall my parents talking about when i was a kid was this young girl that went in. she drowned , the pulled car out by front and her body was in the back window they sat she looked liked she was screaming and trying to claw out. they towed the car to wherever they took it untarped for everyone to see.this was in the seventies . I also remember an elderly man having a heart attack in a canadian tire parking lot . there was no barrier and he drove right into trent river . this was downtown and 100s of people gathered around and again they never tarped anything this was also in the seventies. . if this happened today it would be national news , were people less sensitive back then?

  10. Incredible work Doug & the Team. The most complex I've watched of your recoveries so far… and to all the people involved who offered their services for nothing without a second thought, gives faith back to the human race. Thank you for all that AWP do unconditionally to bring closure to the people left behind with so many unanswered questions in tragedies like these, & to bring awareness to the fact that so much more can be done with regard to missing persons in these types of circumstances❤🤍

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