SOLVED: Charles Fluharty (Ep. 2) Missing 7-Years Underwater

Episode 2 (Day 2)… we continue our search for Charles Fluharty who had been a Missing Person for almost 7-years after leaving his care facility in East Liverpool, OH on 10/19/2014.

He was am amputee, wheelchair-bound, and left behind clues that he would not be returning that evening.

Charles W Fluharty who was 57-years-old when he went missing, was found in his car underwater, solving a 7-year-old missing person case in East Liverpool, Ohio October 8, 2021.

This 3-part series documents Adventures With Purpose’s search alongside Detective Greg Smith, and Jacob’s Team from Chaos Divers (, following the clues Charles left behind, leading to the discovery of where Charles and his car had gone missing in the Ohio River these past 7-years.

Ep1 –
Ep2 –
Ep3 – (Final Episode)

In this episode, AWP continues its investigation with Det. Greg Smith and Jacob Grubbs from Chaos Divers.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Hair Color: Brown
Head Hair Description:
Balding in the front; Longer in the back
Facial Hair Description: Short beard
Eye Color: Brown

Distinctive Physical Features
Amputation: Right leg is amputated above the knee

Tattoo: Unknown self tattoo on left arm (small)

Clothing and Accessories
Footwear:Tennis shoe / sneaker on left foot

Transportation: Chevrolet Beretta
Style: Sedan
Color: Black
State: Ohio
License Plate: 755XEL

Z26 Beretta; Riverview Towers Parking sticker on back of car bumper, right side

In total, 9 vehicles and a boat were found on day 1.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Charles.

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    Because of your support, We Don't Charge Families for our time to serve in helping them locate their lost loved ones. You being a part of the AWP family is what makes this all possible. Thank you!

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  2. I love how the Law enforcement is getting trained in the use of the sonar. That agency will be the best in the country and can help others. Awesome job gentlemen.

  3. I know this is a older case but sadly another person went missing in the ohio River this same area his clothes were found near the river his name is Billy Hart I'm sure you can pull his information up to follow his story and on the Karon Adam's case there are other body's of water that she could of traveled near to pa to find her as a person who knows the area very well there are water ways that are possible areas that I know nobody would think to check especially back roads to the area I follow your channels I love what you guys are doing

  4. As a survivor of attempted Suicide, I finally realized after 49 years that it is not the way to go! Also if you have relatives who have taken themselves out, it is always a sign you should get therapy! I've survived both scenarios them both 4 times I'm the one who learned "It always gets better! God Bless! Amen. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗Your Angels and Hero's!

  5. I’m just starting this video and I hope if his car is the he isn’t, because this is we’re he wanted to be. Or if they find the body maybe they can cremate him and put his ashes here.

  6. My late husband did the same poasible thing. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he immaculately tied up all his estate making sure that he set up investments, insurances trusts and pensions for myself and his son and then he committed suicide. At his autopsy the authorities found that the cancer had spread to his brain. It was tough for us but his behavior before this incident had all the warning signs. He had frequent violent outbursts and His friends and I tried to get him to counseling but he went against us and isolated himself from us so that he could carefully and methodically carry out his plan. He hid his financial plans so well that we didn't even know about them until his death.

    He waited until both of his parents had died and then he took his life. What he did was a shock to his siblings who had no idea that he could do such a thing. He deliberately made sure that he acted differently to them and us. He even went on line to get information on how to hang yourself with the quickest possible way to kill yourself before doing so. His one brother was so traumatized by this event that he went into a serious depression until he himself died and blamed me for the death of his brother. I couldn't even talk to him without him bursting into a rage and drowning his sorrows by getting drunk.

    If you wish to take your life first seek counseling. Get help. You do not have the right to do this to your loved ones. One thing you dont realise is that the authorities on finding a suicide victim interrogate all people close to the victim. They first investigate the case as a possible homicide. All of my husbands friends, family which included his 10 year old son and even his colleagues were interviewed at length. This was despite the fact that he not only left a suicide note to his family but he left instructions with top class lawyers as to what they should do in the case of him committing suicide.

    Very sad but it does happen.

  7. This is another case where the person has taken serious measures NOT to be found. I have to ask whether this is disrespectful to that person. You are doing the opposite of what they wished. I get that the family wants to know what happened, but given all the clues they really had to know he was ready to end it.

  8. Before watching this channel, I don't think I realized how common it is to commit suicide via a vehicle in water. Sounds like a scary way to die. I'm so sorry veterans are being mistreated. They always have my respect, my dad included.

  9. A friend of mine took his own life in 2013 while on active duty for the army. He had PTSD and surviors guilt what things that happened in basic and in Afghanistan. 22+ veterans and 1+ active military member will commit suicide today due to their invisible wounds of war😞 my heart goes out to this family

  10. S/O to the detective who didn’t give up in this case even he after he retired. I don’t usually leave a comment but AWP you are awesome keep doing what you do! Heart goes to you all!

  11. My dad's best friend while I was growing up served in Nam he got cancer fought it for years but finally asked for one last trip to Vegas with my dad mom and his wife my dad got a private jet they enjoyed the weekend on the plane ride back he overdosed and ended the pain the pilot said I don't want to know if they would've said anything his body would've been kept whatever state they had been over but the VA never helped him had he not been well of from selling roofs and my father not been a millionaire he wouldn't of lived that long. ❤️ rip Toby

  12. Our veterans are left to the wolves after all they do to protect and serve us from foreign enemies… They deserve more attention and needs met over the drug heads in my opinion

  13. I’m sure I’ll have more comments as I go through the video, (I always do), I’m only 1:37 in and I must say, the production quality and clarity are excellent! I’ve obviously noticed little tweaks here and there over time, but wow. Super professional and looks great 👍🏼

  14. Just discovered your channel and absolutely love it. Thank you and to everybody on your team for all the hard work you do for the victims and their families. keep up the great work and cheers from P.E.I. Canada

  15. I have come to the conclusion that this the best show we could ever watch because you help people. You try to bring closure and give people answers. I proudly wear a AWP shirt. Connie Watts

  16. I unfortunately lost a friend to suicide. He was a veteran and battled severe PTSD and depression for years. He was a wonderful man with an awesome sense of humor and smile that could light up your face. He is very much missed. This episode hit pretty close to home for me. RIP Todd and RIP Charles and to all those veterans we have lost.

  17. its crazy how poorly our vets are treated in this nation. I am so sorry to the Vets who have kept me free. Thank you Vets and active military members for your service.

  18. I can kind of understand the hesitancy in the woman's statement because in today's society, who does anything similar to this for free? Nobody!!! So she's in disbelief. Another thing is once military, forever military, same with police. Once an officer is always an officer, Blue on Blue is brothers for life. That's the way I see it, and I hear it from many officers. Good bless y'all AWP!!! YOU ARE A GROUP OF ANGELS SENT BY GOD TO ALL THE FAMILIES YOU HELP!!! 🤝🙏👏🤟😇😇

  19. This is so crazy, I live 5 minutes from the Ohio river (Lawrenceburg, IN). It’s heart breaking. You guys are a literal blessing. I stubbled on one of your videos on Facebook yesterday and now I’ve watched half the cold case videos in 24 hours. Keep doing what you’re doing!! You’re making a difference ❤️

  20. Hi there
    I use to work in the oil and gas business in the North Sea and I am sure that some of the equipment we use to use would really help you what I am thinking of is an R O V I am not going to insult you by telling you what it does as I recon you know what it can do
    Keep up the fantastic work best regards Bill

  21. Bless his fam my and friends s and I hope and pray that nobody has to go through this again or ever or experience it and I Just love y’all and GOD and in his name Amen 🙏🏾✝️❤️‍🩹🕊💙

  22. We live in such a crooked and corrupted world that genuine decency is suspected to be sheisty because we can't rationalize a person being nice. We have learned to protect ourselves with mistrust. Pretty sad actually

  23. as a vet i understand why so many give up and drive off in rivers and put guns to their heads. because the American government has turned their back on them. most are now getting charged for their meds. not getting travel pay. i have been going to the VA since 1985 i went to my doctor and he said nothing was wrong with me and the next thing i knew i was in the hospital because i had a stroke. and the only reason i'm alive today is because my mother was with me she got up and went to the next room and got another doctor. i had one doctor that tried to get help for me but she had to leave and from then on all i have is pill pushers or doctors that dont give a flying F about us. and it seem i tell them i can only come on a Monday and before the 10th because i'm on a fix income and they say nope. the only reason i have to have monday is because i cant drive that far anymore alone. and they person that takes me only has mondays off. but they dont care.

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