SOLVED 7-Year-Old Missing Person Case.. (Ethan Kazmerzak)

We found 22-year-old Ethan Kazmerzak in his car underwater, solving a 7-year-old missing person case in Hampton, Iowa.

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Searching for Ethan Kazmerzak… $100,000 REWARD

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We FOUND Ethan Kazmerzak’s Car Underwater (Live Update)

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In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we are truly humbled in the experience of finding 22-year-old Ethan Kazmerzak, in Hampton, Iowa.

Ethan went missing on September 15, 2013, just north of his hometown late one night after a party at a local quarry.

Ethan tried calling his mother from his cell phone at 12:15 am where his phone was last pinged at the corner of 190th and Olive, just a few hundred yards from where he was last seen at a party that night.

Ethan nor his VW Jetta has been seen since…

We returned to Hampton, Iowa a month after our first search aired on YouTube on October 2, 2020, after receiving new information from one of our viewers.

After just 30 minutes on the water with sonar, we identified a car underwater.

Within the hour we dove on the car, identified the car and license plate as a match to Ethan’s car.

The Sheriff and Local Police Chief were contacted, meeting us at the quarry.

Location where we found Ethan’s car.
42.808763, -93.232556

The windows were up on the car and as such, we could not confirm if Ethan was inside the car underwater.

Because of agency protocol, the Sheriff had a police dive team arriver the next morning to document and recovery Ethan’s car from underwater.

When the VW Jetta was removed from the water, it was confirmed that remains were in the back seat.

Ethan’s parents were on the scene, but we respected their privacy and did not speak with them as this is a hard time for their family.

It has since been confirmed by the coroner that the remains were those of Ethan.

How did Ethan and his car end up in the quarry?

We are told that foul play is not believed.

Was this a late-night accident or something else?

Where’s the $100,000 REWARD??
We would be honored to accept the $100,000 Reward so we can further our efforts in helping other families like Ethan’s.

However, the $100,000 Reward which has been renewed annually every September at the anniversary of Ethan missing, and extended yearly beyond its original 2015 effective date, is suddenly no longer available from the anonymous donors claiming the reward expired in 2015 even though it has been confirmed by multiple News Stations as late as September 2020 that the reward was still in effect.

In full transparency, Ethan’s family was kind in making a smaller donation of their own. We appreciate their gratitude for our efforts in bringing Ethan home.

Donations and rewards are how we are able to fund our operations in helping families such as Ethan’s.

We do hope that those donors involved honor their commitment so that we can use the $100,000 reward to purchase additional gear and continue our efforts in helping other families in locating their lost loved ones.

Hug the ones you love and reach out to those in need.

We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity and experience to bring answers for Ethan’s family along with the entire community of Franklin County, Iowa.

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34 thoughts on “SOLVED 7-Year-Old Missing Person Case.. (Ethan Kazmerzak)

  1. Seriously…how many people you find that the police and or relevant services don't find … is too many IMHO.
    If you have found 30 people thus far then clearly the Police need to up their game instead of chasing fines for cash.. missing people more important ..

    Well done again Team 👏 👍

  2. I know I should not be upset but it was a bit crappy you were told “go back to the rd” AWP has an amazing soul and are a truly classy bunch of folks! Bless you all ♥️🙏🏻

  3. I cry, every f-ing time. A 41 year old man. But tears of joy. Crying for and about positive outcomes, cleanses the heart, soul and spirit. ♥️ You guys.😢

  4. I've been following the case of Kiely Rodni and found your amazing team. I live in Northern Ireland, so word of the brilliant work you do is getting out there. Giving families and friends closure, enabling them to lay their loved ones to rest must be rewarding. May God bless and guide your team, keeping you all safe while you do your invaluable service. Many thanks

  5. Jared please don't stop looking to bring them all back home My own family members are missing i know it is sad because you all have children of your own but please don't ever stop looking for cars

  6. Love you guys God bless you and your Families Thank you for solving cold cases and recently case bring them all back home BE SAFE BE SAFE

  7. I hate the way y'all get treated when y'all clearly are just trying to help. Ego's need to be put aside when y'all find someone it only hurts the situation. Obviously you guys are more experienced with this type of stuff.

  8. I live not terribly far from Hampton and Ethan’s case haunted me for so many years. I knew he had to be in one of the ponds. I am so very thankful you came to find Ethan. What a blessing to so many families of all of the loved ones you have located. Thank you so much for your purpose!

  9. Sorry but I absolutely have to bash a lot of dive teams for failing so miserably on finding all these missing people. Especially if they're working with detectives. There's something scary about how many missing persons cases are found by these YouTubers than local authorities.

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