SOLVED 3-Day-Old Missing Person Case.. (Antonio Amaro-Lopez)

We found 57-year-old Antonio Amaro-Lopez in his car underwater, solving a 3-day-old missing person case in Portland, Oregon after you, the viewers reached out and put us in touch with Antonio’s family to help bring him home after he lost control of his car on February 14th, careening off the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge into the Columbia River.

Antonio had been missing for 3-days before we arrived on Feb 17th to offer our services to the family and the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office River Patrol.

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Doug and I met up at 8am, and up to the I-205 bridge shortly before 9am where we also met up with Scott.

After identifying an area of interest to search for Antonio and his missing car, the MCSO asked that we stay out of the area.

Waiting for them to pull back to search our area of interest, we slid into the area around 12:30pm and quickly identified a vehicle underwater, marking it with a grappling hook.

Notifying the Sheriff of the location of the vehicle, we were asked to remove the marker and move out of the area.

The MCSO Dive Team arrived on the scene a few hours later, and after unsuccessful attempts to locate the vehicle, asked if we could help with locating the vehicle a second time.

Within a few minutes, the vehicle was located and we placed the grappling hook back on the vehicle.

The MCSO Dive Team was then able to dive on the car underwater and confirm that there was a body inside.

Shortly after dark, Antonio Lopez was recovered and brought onboard the MCSO Dive Boat.

We are honored and humbled to have been there for the Lopez family, side by side on the water and witnessing their candlelight vigil onshore at the boat ramp upon our return at the end of the evening.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lopez family.

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42 thoughts on “SOLVED 3-Day-Old Missing Person Case.. (Antonio Amaro-Lopez)

  1. I think a) law enforcement should be more grateful b) Adventure with Purpose should train them to find cars/people with sonar c) cops shouldn't concentrate on being the ones who find someone just to get credit (I onow not all cops are the same but… 👀).

  2. to think that they have only been there for hours and spent most of the time watching on the sidelines because the authorities did "not need help" I think it even took them less than an hour to do the job. they were only able to search while the authorities were away for lunch which may be roughly an hour most of the time.

  3. Egocentric law enforcement who don't have the skillset to do the job and bark at people who do and want to help. This would enfuriate me if I were family of a missing person.

  4. The authorities need to treat all u guys with respect!U aren't there to get the credit for finding the car/missing person.U are there to HELP so the family can get closure.U guys deserve an apology.U guys are AMAZING❤

  5. I am 8 minutes into this video, and can honestly say that this police department should be ashamed of their high handed arrogance. If they'd found it, they would surely have marked it….and of course, looking at the size of most of them I've seen on other videos…….feeding their faces comes first….absolutely DISGUSTING behaviour.
    At 16 minutes in , the way they are handling this is embarassing……… this is not their expertise…….why not allow people to helpmthdm….oh yah…forgot ….🙈 too arrogant to admit they could use help…..maybe they get paid by the hour……its total incompetence

  6. That’s ridiculous how they acted. When you told them after lunch you had it, they said yeah we know… then lost it … why wouldn’t they want help?? Times like this, you have to put your ego away … it’s not about who finds what, it’s about finding And resolving crimes for the family . Glad they apologized, but they wasted alot of time . This poor family , RIP😢

  7. How disgusting that people choose ego to get in the way of the greater good. Disgraceful behaviour from the authorities. No wonder why people go missing for so long without families getting closure. Good on all at AWP you handle it with humility. It must be so frustrating when dealing with egotistical people.

  8. That's the glen Jackson (I 205) bridge. I remember this. We live a couple miles east of this bridge. I'm surprised with the current of the Columbia river that the vehicle was so close to the bridge. I remember getting aggravated how they treated AWP.. they said they knew, but they didn't know. AWP found it. They didn't want anyone stepping on their toes. AWP would have had a plan to remove it.

  9. What a blessing that the family was able to be in your loving presence during the recovery to explain what was going on. I truly think that was a gift and meant to be, you were EXACTLY where you were needed and lead the mission with the compassion this department clearly does not possess. You absolutely blessed this family in the way only AWP can do.

  10. American cops have a bad rep around the world. They're often thought of as corrupt, unapproachable, not very good at their job and trigger happy. This kind of attitude doesn't do them any favours. I 100% would go to AWP for help with this kind of matter, I probably wouldn't even bother going to the police

  11. I've just watched this again, and the authorities reminded me of adolescent boys. Shouting at them, removing their marker then they can't find it. WOW. Then he says that's what I figured out going this that and the other he hit the rail so he'd be exactly where I said. NOPE because you couldn't find it. Seriously that's what boys do when they're feeling threatened How old was that Sheriff? 12? They were very young by their attitudes. I know he apologised but I'd be too angry until the next day or something. Keep up the great work again.

  12. I just want to say you guys. You're doing a really good job and I think it's wrong with the police department and like the sheriff department treats you guys like that. You are simply trying to do something good for the family and the sheriff's department is being really ridiculous. I am sorry

  13. I truly hope that as time goes by and now that you are much more known that law enforcement treats you with the respect you deserve. I think they forget that they are just as human as the rest of us. Civilians could often do more to help if egos weren't an issue. Sometimes civilians are better trained for things. Expertise should be recognized, not scoffed at.

  14. The difference in the interaction between the families and the police departments and the families and the AWP team is CLEARLY as opposite as night and day. I see these mothers hug you and thank you. Clearly at ease while standing with you and talking to you. Inthen see them with the officers and a complete 180 hapoens. They are tense, often times hopeless or angry…and even sadder still…saying they have been begging them for so long to do what you did in one day. I heard them say they dont believe they care and that they dont believebsome things theynsay. Then cut to the episide of the mother hugging you and as your walking towards the water saying "I trust you completely " with a smile on her face. One that im sure hasn't been there for quite some time. Its nothing short of amazing, beautiful, and an example of selfless humanity at its best. We could all learn something from you and the AWP teams example. You have the patience of a SAINT and one of the most professional people i have ever seen especially when more than half the time these jokers with a badge are rude to you for doing something that can only be considered a great thing. You literally choose your words when speaking to these officers that conveys you are not trying to step on their toes or undermine or take "their thumder" and to obtain some clout of any kind. You do everything you can so they will get in there and if needed (which they usually always do) accept your help, and feel calm and comfortable to ultimately serve these families and bring their loved one back. Its amazing…and im not even exaggerating. You take a potentially hostile situation (only coming from the officers, not your team) and diffuse it like you have a damn magic wand.
    Amazing how long cops will take…weeks, months..YEARS even. Then in come AWP and like clockwork in an HOUR GETS THE JOB DONE! Never fails. Instead of these cops feeling like idiots they should ask you guys to help them train their teams! Them knowing and seeing with their own eyes that you are showing more competence, efficiency and skill than they have whether they admit it or not, and still decline your assistance and push you away ..THAT is what makes them look like idiots. At the end of the day whats most important is NOT egos…NOT who gets the credit…but FINDING AMD RECOVERING A MUCH MISSED FAMILY MEMBER!! Now we all know and can visually witness with our own eyes time and time again when a new video comes out that AWP CLEARLY UNDERSTANDS AND LIVES BY THIS ATTITUDE. Now the actual police….not so much. Its very sad. Lets hope soon, they'll learn to follow suit.
    Let me just take one more second to say, and I kniw I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE AWP TEAM. From camera man/ or woman. to diver and everyone in between, Thank you so much. We appreciate you, we trust you, we love you. And most importantly, WE NEED YOU!!! Much love, and even more respect.🙏🏻 ❤️

  15. It's really sad when there authorities start a pissing match and not allow you to help them. It's sad that they think that by allowing you to help them makes them look bad and less than. It shouldn't be that way. They should be willing to accept outside help and be thankful for those who are willing to assist them. Thank you guys for helping you find the decease victim.

  16. It’s sad when egos (some cases it’s red tape) gets in the way of accepting help. You guys know what you’re doing, it’s been proven over again. There is no shame in a team effort getting the job done!

  17. What type of bridge is that? No wonder he was able to drive off a bridge; there is absolutely no protection whatsoever. I would not be surprised if Portland, Or. was sued by the family.

  18. Wow. Astonishing how inept the authorities are. I have been binge watching since I found your channel this morning. Thank God there are folks like you guys out there to care for these families and bring swift closure after what for some has been a lifetime of uncertainty. Bless you all, stay safe out there.

  19. It is really sad when those in authority get into a "mine is bigger than yours" instead of welcoming all qualified help. They forget that it is about a lost loved one, not them. A lot of respect for you guys.

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