SOLVED 16-Year Old (Jed Hall) Missing 4-years… We FOUND him in Under 20 minutes!

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We found Matthew “Jed” Hall 4-years later after he, in January of 2018, a 16-year-old teenage boy, ran away from his family’s home in Idaho Falls. Leaving behind a note indicating he would never return.

Four years later, AWP would find his vehicle submerged in eight feet of water about 75 yards from a boat ramp in the Snake River after only searching the river for 20-minutes.


This video documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for Jedediah, using the clues left behind with an emphasis on the AWP’s 5-mile search strategy.

– Where were they last seen?
– Where did they live?
– Where did they work?
– Where did they go to school?

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Questions or Want to Tell Us About a Case?

While the city slept, a shooting would take place in Idaho Falls, which was thankfully non-lethal.

This shooting took place in a residential driveway and seemed to target a person’s vehicle in particular.

The culprit managed to get away without being seen, and for that reason, the shooting remains unsolved.

That same night, a break-in would be reported at a charter school in the area.

Surveillance footage would later reveal an individual driving by several times before parking alongside the building, and then entering in through a shattered window.

This person did not vandalize or steal anything, but rather left behind money in another person’s locker, entering and leaving the building in less than a minute before driving away.

It is believed that one young man was behind both of these incidents, and just hours after committing these bizarre acts, this teenager would be reported missing by his parents.

In the years that have passed, that young man has remained missing… but he may have wanted it that way giving hope to a mother that this young man’s family, who remain convinced that he was still alive out there, somewhere.

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40 thoughts on “SOLVED 16-Year Old (Jed Hall) Missing 4-years… We FOUND him in Under 20 minutes!

  1. I really feel for his parents. The hope is what kept them going, now they have to process that hope is gone and figure out how to move forward. AWP you do a selfless and noble act, this one must have emotionally extra difficult for you.

  2. Prayers for his parents,family and friends. Also to you and your team. To those of you judging the mother's grieving DON'T Because apparently you have never lost a child and no one grieves the same and she's probably still in shock and disbelief. And everyone needs to realize all her hopes and dreams were just taken from them. I just can't believe how cruel and heartless some people are .May the lord wrap them in his loving arms and give comfort peace and strength during the days and years ahead. 🙏🏼

  3. Wow, you guys are real life HEROES! Bless you all for the dedication you put in to each and every case. It can't be easy at times,but in the end you bring closure to families. God Bless you all 🙏

  4. I am very sad for the parents. Four years of unknown must have been agonizing for them, as was I’m sure learning the truth. My sincerest condolences.

  5. i enjoy these guys and this show….. i felt a little uneasy with him talking to the mother while she awaits to see if her child is underwater…. felt like a game show… just an observation. i'm sure the mother's reaction was because she's already mourned him… he's been gone 4 years…

  6. Despite the area being searched before, AWP found the vehicle in 20 mins. I'm grateful AWP can find them but that begs the question, why can't "they"? AWP is the bloodhounds of submerged vehicles.

  7. Y'all are not taking away Hope. Your mission is to be factual. No lies. I'm glad your extending your business so that each of you can rotate on missions to keep your mental health….Healthy. So many of us pray for your teams. Peace out. And Thank You 🙂

  8. The hope that the parents had, is amazing. Trying to stay positive. The way you all handle and talk to the Mom was truthful and great. It's sad that now they know the truth. But at least the not knowing is over with, and I can only imagine that everytime someone pull up in their yard or knocked on the door their hope was for it to be their Baby. Prayer for the parents and your team also.

  9. You don't even understand her reaction unless it's you standing there wondering why. I feel her.
    The heartbreaking sadness that leaves you unable to draw your next breath. The moments of maddening rage over the things you don't understand, and how much you now hate the question Why. The dizziness that happens as you spiral emotionally, and wish you could be absolutely anywhere else other than standing at your sons final resting place, surrounded by people creating a complete Circus everywhere you look, all competing over who's in charge, who to listen to, what to do next and the worst, how to handle his body.
    Anyone who doesn't understand this woman's reaction has Clearly never stood where her and I have both stood.
    Instead of damning her reaction, or being shocked over it, think about how truly great it is for you that you've never lived through this kind of nightmare and then keep your private thoughts to yourself.

  10. I wanted to run to the car and watching his Mom come to terms with the findings was so difficult. They have answers and so many other families need this service. Thank you AWP. Thank you so much.

  11. When they are talking about pulling the vehicle out and the windshield not being there and a window out and worrying about evidence or anything coming out while they try to pull the vehicle out I'm wondering why they don't go under and cover those areas so that they know for sure that nothing can float out. I know its important not to mess with or tamper with anything but a tarp or something for coverage could be placed over the window and the windshield without tampering or messing anything of importance up so that it can be pulled out successfully without loosing anything. Its just my thoughts or question as to why they don't but im sure they have their reasons. They have done such an amazing job and the way they talk with the family's is so professional and kind and understanding. They have huge hearts and I just want to thank them for everything they do for all of these families! ❤💖💙

  12. 😭. Can’t imagine what those parents feel seeing the car rise from the river knowing their son’s remains are inside. Did the parents know he was suicidal? Or was this coming from left field? Either way. Heartbreaking. But AWP are absolute heroes

  13. Its sad seeing the mom hold onto hope while the dad knew his son was dead for years. He just didn't ever want to tell her and crush her hope.

  14. Waaaaay too much dialog to Jed’s mom. You can tell she was over it! Either way, what you and your team do is a blessing to the mourning families. Thank you for what you do.

  15. thank you for the work you do to help answer some questions these families are going through. parents will show grief in different ways. she has been crying a long time. this is her closure. she knew her son was gone, just needed the confirmation. so stop commenting on her lack of reaction. until you go through something like this, you don't know her feelings. don't cast the stone before looking in the mirror.

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