SIX VANISHED.. 8 Vehicles Found Underwater (Ep.1) COLD CASE

What started out as a missing person cold case searching for Cheryl Denise Cottrell, turned into a search for 6 missing persons who vanished in Little Rock, Arkansas area.

This video documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for Cheryl Denise Cottrell, Kalieb Keith Pitts, Ernie Joe Tate, Gene Taylor McIntyre, Brian Morris, and Brian Keith Graves using the clues left behind with an emphasis on the AWP’s 5-mile search strategy.

– Where were they last seen?
– Where did they live?
– Where did they work?
– Where did they go to school?

Episode 1: VANISHED: 6 Missing.. 8 Vehicles Found Underwater

Episode 2: VANISHED: 8 Now Missing.. LEG BONE Found in the River

Episode 3: VANISHED: The Missing 8.. LEG BONE and 11 Cars Found

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Questions or Want to Tell Us About a Case?

Cottrell was last seen in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 10, 2002.

She was driving a beige or tan 1985 Delta 88 Royale at the time of her disappearance.

She has never been heard from again.

Cottrell left a note for her husband saying she loved him and that he should look for her in the river.

Few details are available in her case.

The moment we hit the area, we were quickly made aware of 5 more missing person cases who could have ended up in the Little Rock area and asked to keep an eye out for each one of them as well.

Kalieb Keith Pitts
Pitts was last seen in Clarksville, Arkansas on February 20, 2018. He never picked up his last paycheck and has never been heard from again. Pitts may be driving a white 1997 Ford Ranger stepside extended cab pickup truck with a dent in the driver’s side door; a photo of a similar vehicle is posted with this case summary. The vehicle isn’t registered to him and the license plate number is unknown; Pitts had been known to take license plates from other vehicles and put it on the truck.

Ernie Joe Tate
Tate was last seen in Clarksville, Arkansas. On August 12, 1996, he and his wife got into an argument and both left their home. The last contact from him was with his mother on August 14. He was reportedly upset over marital difficulties and an upcoming court date at the time of his disappearance. He has never been heard from again. Tate may be driving a silver and black 1988 Eagle Premier.

Gene Taylor McIntyre
McIntyre was last seen in Hot Springs, Arkansas on November 1, 2007. He later called his sister and ex-wife from Padre Island, Texas, hundreds of miles away, and said he was having chest pains. His family later got postcards from him, postmarked Padre Island. McIntyre may be driving a gold 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Arkansas license plate number 680 MFP.

Brian Morris
NamUs MP # 40600
Last seen 10/25/2017.
Vehicle: 2003, F150, Silver and Black
Tag number C471545 Louisiana
The truck has dark tinted windows and some body damage such as a deep groove where a mirror was drug down it on the passenger side and black spray paint on the driver side

Brian Keith Graves
Graves was last seen in Sheridan, Arkansas on November 18, 2004. He was en route to Little Rock, Arkansas, 35 miles away, to have dinner with his ex-wife and their children. He was driving a 2002 Mercury Sable with the Arkansas license plate number 059 HMJ.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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  1. I’m a new subscriber and here is my question… you started out cleaning up the waterways. Why are you not able to continue getting rid of cars in waterways now unless it is connected to a case?

  2. Honestly,,until it became the law, fairly recently, the majority of people didn't wear their seat belts.If that car was that old, I wouldn't use their placement as a clue…just a thought

  3. Unfortunately I would imagine y’all might locate several vehicles under water due to 🌪 and flooding throughout the years. Possibly that’s another reason for running a VIN# for clarification. Enjoying your channel and the tremendous efforts y’all extend for the family’s missing loved ones.

  4. I really hope that you guys have got a councillor on board for everyone to speak to on a fairly regular basis, even with your light hearted breaks between cases I can see the heaviness weighing on you all with every video I watch

  5. You know how many people launched boats over these vehicles. Imagine if everyone driving boats had Garmins sonar devices how many other people would be found. If I had a boat this would be a must buy.

  6. AWD for me you are earthangels!!
    Ty for all youve done + do in the future!!!
    Take care of you all!! Many blessings from Germany!!🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍

  7. I just want to say the white cloud or what ever that is on top screen, looks like an angel, like watching them underneath the water, as saying they are here for you

  8. I must make a correction. I said the FBI had jurisdiction as Tahoe was a National Park. Tahoe is a State Park and the FBI does NOT have jurisdiction, the State of California does..I am sorry.

  9. Can sense the macho hidden aggression. Humble yourselves in knowing that without your equipment, this wouldn't be happening. Stay humble some of you.

  10. Rachaddle
    1 second ago
    "I was able to locate these vehicles" was said..actually to properly say what he said is ""The sonar was able to locate the vehicles". You were above the water. We tend to put ourselves in places & time that is improper & incorrect while speaking. When listen to people talk you can discern who is selfish for credit & attention & who is not just by the word "I"

  11. The issue IS there are tons of police quarters who have zero under water training. Mney the gov't isn't willing to spend! I also watch & listen to channels covering cave tragedies. Many times there are tunnels throughout cave systems filled with water that trained cavers navigate but tragedies do happen reguardless. Any time police called, they are not outfitted with under water training & with clock ticking outside jurisdiction is called in ranging from professional divers, cavers & other under water trained. This takes hours! Rescuers hopping on planes, driving long distances..time that is too precious to waste!!

  12. Have you guys ever found bodies NOT in cars? Like dumped underwater? Can you see a body underwater on the sonar equipment? Seriously there is SO many missing people what if they’re all underwater but not inside a car !

  13. How come the police aren't finding the vehicles under water? Meaning why aren't they doing there job? Thank God for people like you to find answers! Thank you!

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