Second Breakdown of Impromptu Case and Boat Recovery

Oregon to Utah to Idaho. Three missing persons cases and a boat recovery in the next seven days.

It definitely comes with hiccups along the way as we are broke down on the side of the road for the second time in four hours. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Second Breakdown of Impromptu Case and Boat Recovery

  1. I want to apologize on how you were treated by that department in davidson NC I live in NC bit that part but a few hrs away and i remember that interaction i was actually really surprised on how he reacted to you guys. I swear NC officers are not all like that one. I hope i get to see you guys one day much love from Gastonia, NC also loving my merch i just got been following since 2020

  2. I think that is good because with the economy the way it is I 'm not sure how long I can give but for right now I'm good I bet if my husband's was there he could get them of because he could usually figure out how to do something. One time he use his belt for a fan belt.

  3. Omg don’t even second guess adding sponsors in, if someone can’t take 20 seconds to skip it if they can’t bare to watch it and support, screw them lol do what you need to find more families and support your team, even if you went on TV I’d continue to watch. Just don’t change the way you guys, do YOU GUYS, staying true to yourself will always result in the best.

  4. This is a company of men who helps family to find closer of their family members wbo was missing now found. I can only hope that alot more missing people will be found with help from these men ans women. Good Luck

  5. Jared, you do what you need to do to help these families. I will continue to watch your videos because I know where your heart is and you are not trying to line your pocket.

  6. it's great to see what you started grow. Don't listen to haters about sponsors you have to pay bills and yourselves to live on the road isn't cheap. God Bless y'all and your family's!!!

  7. If you havent been advised yet, forgive me if this is late as others were first or if I am just wrong.. There are certain weight rates. If you have a tire that is rated for 5-10000lbs less than the total gross weight, including all the added weight of extra gear, it will cause tires to blow out. Make sure you are buying the proper weight rated tires.

  8. I am watching this two weeks late. No sir! You absolutely have the freedom to choose whether or not to have “sponsors”! Other you tube channels have sponsors and I.. me myself & my opinion, think it is a fantastic decission!

    Many hands make the load lighter! If it helps, the key word “HELPS”.. DO IT!

  9. I have watched from the beginning, keep going, if it means advertisement, go for it. They get help from you too! Win win! But know everyone wants You, but "at the end of the day" they will get help, and learn your helpers Sam, Doug and etc are great men too.keep on keeping on!

  10. I was just over watching HeavyDSparks channel when I saw them pull into their destination next to an RV that looked just like yours then their video ended so I rushed over to your channel and found this video! Love all you guys❤️

  11. Jared I have some steel wheels with good tires already mounted in Cleveland ohio…I also have an extra rear axle if you need a hub..just msg me back if needed thank you

  12. I think bringing back brand integrations is a wise choice. It will help tremendously in order for you to expand the movement into separate teams. Maybe only two right now, but more may come later. Plus you're training other dive teams & that, too, takes time & money. Keep it going, "Angel's Under Water"… America needs you! 👍❤️

  13. I'm a big fan of your channel, On behalf of all the viewers that live too far away or that don't have the funds to help you in your mission I'd like to thank all the people that offered and donated to you all the help you received to keep you moving today and in your missions upcoming.

  14. All these updates sound great! But it looks like when you got rid of the mud buggy you exchanged it for blown tires. Hope you had better luck after those tires. I love what you guys do and have been following for a while now. My only suggestion would be to try and get videos out faster. Now with the news doing your stories, we hear about it a long time before we see a video from AWP on the same case. Surely not a bad thing, more attention to the cause. But you may get less viewer's because of seeing it on the news already.

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