Searching for 16-year-old Kiely Rodni

Many of you have reached out making us aware of the missing teen in California, Kiely Rodni and if AWP can join the search.

AWP left Oregon August 1st with all its gear heading to the mid west with no plans to return until the end of the month.

However, with 10 days passing and no answers for Kiely’s family, we are going to cancel all of our other cases after we wrap previous commitments in Wisconsin, and will drive straight through to California to aid in the search for Kiely.

Our goal will be to arrive late Friday evening.

Send any Info and Tips to

We hope that Kiely’s family will receive answers
To her disappearance prior to our arrival, but if not, we will do all we can to help bring the disappearance of Kiely to a close.

Thanks you everyone for your support and assistance.

Donations are appreciated to help with food and fuel expenses. Donation links and merchandise can be located at ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Searching for 16-year-old Kiely Rodni

  1. Jagger is a piece of crap. He should watch the way he speaks about people. Adventures with Purpose and the rest of them did a very good job. Jagger your just a boy and should learn to respect people who are just trying to get to the bottom of the investigation.

  2. I'm just curious what happened to the other guy that started this why his why is he not involved in the searches I think we should know what happened to him I've been watching for a long time never heard he quit passed away gave it to you have no idea. But I don't think he would be sitting behind a desk talking about it he be on the road talking about it so good luck with you and whatever happened

  3. I subbed to this channel after watching numerous old videos of all the good you have done. Now this Kiley Rodni deal has me questioning AWP and what is really going on. If you guys are the good people you seem to be you will go hard against whatever narrative you were conned into and let the public know the true facts as you all know them. Outside of the cryptic "it's going to get heavy".
    It's just a sub and I can unsub just as fast as I subbed.

  4. This is shameful that town needs to have diving experience in law enforcement with the HUGE waterfront they have and the MILLIONS of tourist and people in attendance to this tourist town they should have had the ability to find this girl! Not throw shade to these amazing people!!

  5. You guys are absolutely amazing! I live approximately 30 minutes from the Truckee area where Kiely disappeared, and it was the top story every night for 2 weeks. The entire community was on edge, not having ANY idea what had happened to her. Although the result of your search was not what people were hoping for, THANK YOU for bringing closure to this case!

  6. Thank you guys for finding this baby girl may God bless her soul and whatever the outcome or the situation by law-enforcement you help them solve a case you help grieving parents and worried parents to begin the healing process you’ve done a wonderful job now they can grieve and begin their healing process although their pain of losing her will never go away but they will learn to go on bless you and Kylie’s parents remember you will meet again

  7. I had not heard of this case until the day before you found her. I had not seen this video even though I am a faithful watcher. When I heard about this case the things you have taught us all through your videos about your thought process on the planning process for a search came to mind. Just looking at a drone image of the campground and researching the case I concluded she was in the water at the campground (especially that her phone was off, minutes after she left, no teen would turn off her phone or let the battery die) and was hoping you would come help look. Thank you for being such a good teacher with the planning stages and the actually instruction on reading your equipment. LE could learn a thing or two from your videos.

  8. I remember seeing posts only 3-4 days after she went missing with her car and i just knew it. So sad but early closures are sometimes the best thing.

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