RANDY LEACH: Special Livestream Investigation w/Mike and Chris from PROFILING EVIL

Randy Leach (Missing Person Case)… Went missing in Linwood, Kansas 32-years ago after a pre-graduation party in 1988. We’re bringing in Mike King and Chris McDonough from https://www.profilingevil.com to investigate this mysterious disappearance.

Story Line From Profiling Evil

After our own Livestream tonight, be sure to jump over to Profiling Evil at 6pm PST where we’ll be discussing an upcoming case Adventures With Purpose will be working on in Oklahoma next month. https://youtu.be/phR7l0VURdQ

Searching for Randy Part 1
COLD CASE: Randy Leach Missing 32-Years from Linwood, Kansas

Searching for Randy Part 2

Harold and Alberta Leach GoFundMe in Search of Randy Leach

Tonight on the Livestream, we discuss where do we take the Randy Leach investigation from here, where do we look, and who might be involved?

What about he Bag of Bones (DNA Results)??
Best of our knowledge, we have no idea who these belong too.

Gaining access into the underground cave with the lake.

We will be returning to one of the ponds from the last day for when we reviewed the footage, we spotted something on sonar we didn’t see at the time.

Arson of the Party House being burned down twice one day apart.

Flanagan never questioned for 2 years. Randy was parked in Driveway next to party house

Rumors of Randy flipping over table with drugs on it at Flanagans

Rumor of the girl Randy likes and trying to get her out of the drug scene.

Big drug shipment coming in that evening from Kansas City or being flown in.

Devil Worshiping in the Caves, Body Hanging, Cave being sealed up.

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Missing Since: 04/15/1988
Missing From: Linwood, Kansas
Classification Non-Family Abduction
Sex: Male
Race: White
Date of Birth: 07/25/1970 (50)
Age: 17 years old
Height and Weight: 6’3, 220 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue pocket t-shirt, blue Levi’s jeans, white low-cut sneakers and white socks.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Randy has a mole on his left ear.

On April 16, 1988, Harold and Alberta Leach of Linwood, Kansas reported the disappearance of their son, Randy Wayne Leach, to the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department.

Subsequent investigation determined that Leach was last seen in the early morning hours of April 16, 1988, at a high school pre-graduation party given by a classmate in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Leach had driven to the party in his mother’s gray 1985 Dodge 600 4-door sedan.

During the course of the investigation, no one was located who saw Leach or his vehicle leave the party.

To date, neither Leach nor his vehicle has been located.

Larry and Betty have set up a FB Page in Search of Randy Leach.

If you have any information you can share, and if you want to remain ANONYMOUS, no matter what it is or how small, please send to:
In Search of Randy Leach
PO Box 596
Tonganoxie, Ks 66086

Or Call
Alberta 785-840-6270
Betty 816-807-7313

More info at https://insearchofrandyleach.com/

Let’s Bring Randy Home!

#bringrandyhome #randyleach #missingperson

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33 thoughts on “RANDY LEACH: Special Livestream Investigation w/Mike and Chris from PROFILING EVIL

  1. AWP is such an amazing group, thank you for all you do! I grew up 2 hours away from this family, God bless them and may Harold be at peace now, with his boy.
    Quick thought, the car is gone, probably very quickly "torn apart" and taken to car salvage for scrap.money or maybe the whole car was scrapped. My late husband was a police officer and volunteer fireman, first responder and hearing how these KS police detectives dropped the ball over and over infuriates me. AVP and all the other good guys out there, Good bless, keep doing what you do so well and be safe make sure you get home to your wife and family

  2. With what we are learning today it could be tied to the trafficking and satanic ritual stuff too. Youve also mentioned pig farms in your videos and in my lifetime Ive heard it said that pigs will disappear someone very easily including bones.

  3. Betcha…when she got his favorite drink,I think as a coke…she could've had a pill in her fingers when she popped the top on his drink and dropped it in ….

  4. Hi guys, just finally watching all your videos on Randy Leach and on one of your livestreams with Mike King, you mentioned his book and he mentioned being on Dr. Phil. I plan on purchasing his book but I am having troubles finding free access to the Dr Phil recording. Do you have any suggestions? I find true crime VERY interesting and can't get enough of it. I also love that you guys are out there helping families find their loved ones so they can close that chapter and continue their path of healing, even though I know that the pain will never end.

  5. I think you guys are missing a big x Factor this kid had a new girlfriend she was in the drugs he was trying to get her out of drugs and she was probably coming at him from the point of view you can't condemn me for something you've never tried. I think this is evident where he started to get intoxicated he was trying to impress his new girl. He may even just tried some of the drugs that she was on. I'm honestly amazed none of you guys have picked up on this especially were two of you were supposed to be detectives

  6. There are so many trees there. The car could be lost in the woods somewhere. I saw on National Geographic, a guy who had a computer program that removed all the trees so they could see the ancient ruins in mexico, and it revealed so many. Could you guys get in touch with someone who has that technology, and have them scan the forests?

  7. The lady who was going to take him home thinks now he may have been high on roofies instead of drunk. Roofies are usually something someone slips into your drinks. They are not usually a high of choice. It makes me wonder if someone slipped him something with nefarious intentions. When they saw his friend put him in her car, then run back to the bathroom, they would have made their move then.

  8. Soo let me tell you my experience with Randy Leach. I'm a clairvoyant. I can read energy. Many years ago I drove across the Kansas River and felt this energy of someone's car being in the River there near Bonner Springs. You must understand that a car is in a specific place I felt that energy years ago and it's in Bonner Springs in the Kansas River off 32 Highway. You guys need to understand this. This area is the only area I feel the energy where the car went into the River. I truely believe this is where Randy's car went into the river bc this is where I feel the energy of the car. I don't live in that area but I know it very well bc I yuse to work for a donut company in Olathe and had a donut route that went through Bonner Springs.

  9. I don't know if this one has been solved yet. I graduated roughly at the same time Randy did, in a different state in an only slightly more urban area. Even for a good kid, it would be really weird not to get as smashed as possible in as many ways as possible for prom and graduation. Even the best kids in honors classes partied quite frequently. That includes preachers kids, doctor's kids and well almost everyone. The only people who didn't were the lowest of the low social outcasts, and the kid who never carried textbooks, only a Bible because his parent's cult demanded it. It also was common for parents to throw parties. I think their reasoning was better the kids get smashed under adult supervision than out in the woods or whatever. While attitudes toward drinking and driving were changing, it wasn't as big a deal then as it is now. I was actually a little surprised someone tried to take his keys and drive him home, assuming that happened.

    Since it does seem like maybe there is some sort of corruption conspiracy going on. I would look at whose kids were likely at the party and had parents with the required power or influence to cover up their kid's embarrassing and/or illegal activity that somehow involved Randy. For instance a double drunk driving accident, Randy ODing in the person's car, a drunken brawl, that kind of thing, probably not a premeditated murder.


  10. another way to hide a car is to bury it….did anyone check to see if there was any construction going on in the area or maybe a house that had a basement that was covered over? or was there any junk yards where the car was crushed? and what about the body shop, who worked there, they could take a car apart and hide it too…

  11. I remember the woman at the house telling Randys mum he may have taken someone home? Has anyone thought to look away from his home as he could've been hurt further away than previously thought? Or even found out who he may have given a lift to?

  12. That parent/Mom that moved from Kansas City and she had this graduation party provided alcohol to teenagers and she was charging them for it, so she knew these kids were getting twisted, she should of told them if ur drinking, I want your keys, even if they wasn’t drinking, she should of took everyone’s keys no matter what , just in case they got a hold of some by someone else… I mean I know kids r doing to do kids stuff mostly during senior years, but this Mom was WRONGGGG

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