Day 2… Searching for Randy Leach (Missing Person Case)… Linwood, Kansas. Adventures With Purpose continues our underwater search in rivers, creeks, and ponds for Randy who has been missing for 32-years after a pre-graduation party in 1988.

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With the renewed support by viewers like you, Harold and Alberta have opened a GoFundMe in asking for help to further the search efforts of Randy. If you have the ability, please help them out and donate today. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/f/v9pnsr-in-search-of-randy-leach

Thank you to Randy’s parents, Harold and Alberta Leach for their support in bringing us into their family to help find Randy here in Linwood, KS to help bring him home.

Of course, our efforts would not be possible without Larry and Betty Wilson, along with their daughter Elizebeth. Thank you!

In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we travel to Linwood, Kansas from Oregon in search of Randy Leach who has been missing for 32-years.

Missing Since: 04/15/1988
Missing From: Linwood, Kansas
Classification Non-Family Abduction
Sex: Male
Race: White
Date of Birth: 07/25/1970 (50)
Age: 17 years old
Height and Weight: 6’3, 220 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue pocket t-shirt, blue Levi’s jeans, white low-cut sneakers and white socks.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Randy has a mole on his left ear.

On April 16, 1988, Harold and Alberta Leach of Linwood, Kansas reported the disappearance of their son, Randy Wayne Leach, to the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department.

Subsequent investigation determined that Leach was last seen in the early morning hours of April 16, 1988, at a high school pre-graduation party given by a classmate in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Leach had driven to the party in his mother’s gray 1985 Dodge 600 4-door sedan.

During the course of the investigation, no one was located who saw Leach or his vehicle leave the party.

To date, neither Leach nor his vehicle has been located.

The investigation to date has produced sufficient information to believe that Leach has been the victim of foul play in this missing person case.

The deeper we got into this investigation, the stranger it became.

Was Randy part of a sacrifice?

Was he taken out for witnessing a drug shipment gone wrong?

Did he end up in the trunk of his mother’s car and driven across state lines to be disposed of in a car shredder?

Is there a police cover-up in this small rural community?

While we feel there are people who know what happened to Randy, there also is a reason they have not come forward.

Even though Harold and Alberta would like to find out who is responsible for Randy’s disappearance, the only thing they want more is to find Randy.

Larry and Betty have set up a FB Page in Search of Randy Leach.

If you have any information you can share, and if you want to remain ANONYMOUS, no matter what it is or how small, please send to:
In Search of Randy Leach
PO Box 596
Tonganoxie, Ks 66086

Or Call
Alberta 785-840-6270
Betty 816-807-7313

More info at https://insearchofrandyleach.com/

Let’s Bring Randy Home!

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35 thoughts on “RANDY LEACH.. (Part 2) Missing Person UNDERWATER SEARCH

  1. And so sad for that family going all of these years not knowing what happened to their son on a side note I think people watching this and who have heard about you guys are going to stop dumping cars or people in bodies of water because they know you will find them

  2. It's so strange that the police are blocking folks looking into this case. Doesn't that make you believe they're aware of more than they're saying? That perhaps someone "important" is behind the family not being able to learn the truth? Maybe a teen associated with a member of the police or local politicians has either knowledge or involvement?

  3. Some people might think living in a small town would be a good thing, not necessarily, I had a cousin that was supposedly killed in a one person wreck below the accident someone reported hearing a gunshot, at the funeral home during the visitation the director of the home told my aunt ( not my cousin mother but his aunt also) their was a gunshot hole behind his ear ( they were friends, come to find out my cousin wife knew who was behind it was warned if she pursue with this that her children would be taken care of, which we all knew what that meant, she went to my aunt and uncle they made the decision to lay back, a high law officer and leaders in this town was all in a drug rink. So sad what drugs can do to families and when you can't go to the authorities for help all you can do is feel helpless. AWP FAMILY please be safe this kind of corruption really happens. Jared I don't blame your wife for feeling the way she does. These parents I feel so sorry for the pain they are during everyday, God bless them.

  4. One thing is for sure these recovery divers are a God send to the families of the missing..I pray for your continued success in finding these people..God Bless You

  5. Why is it a common theme with some of these law enforcement agencies that have crappy attitudes toward these recovery divers or the families of their missing love ones? I think it's because you have(or had) very lazy police chiefs or sheriffs that wouldn't go look for the missing ones and told people that they did..or like a possible cover up like in the Kylie Rodni case when the local police told Adventures With Purpose that they did a "very rigorous search". What are they hiding and why are they hiding it??

  6. Feel so sad for his mother. Randy and dad are in heaven together and smiling down on mom and sisters. God rest their souls. Can’t help crooked neighbors and law enforcement. So sorry 😞

  7. I pray that this darkness will come to light. Such a sad story. This is a really good family. But there are so many small town police departments that are so corrupt it's mind staggering. I hope by you sharing their story that others will come in to investigate and find out what happened to Randy. AWP, you guys are so awesome for these families whose loved ones are missing! I can't give you enough praise!!

  8. Knowing nothing about this until watching part 1 and halfway through part 2.
    I think the people who hosted the party, moved away shortly after, and their home caught fire not once but twice, are behind it!! I bet when they moved they took the vehicle and his remains with them. Someone well known in the area was involved which is why there’s been no investigation. It may have just been an accident but it was a decision to cover everything up to protect the person involved.

  9. Hi Jarod, I watch every video, listen to each situation and I am so hooked! You all have my heart and I pray for your safety as you travel the country. I am playing armchair detective along with you…TV turned off and Adventures with Purpose is NO #1 Love you all, keep up the good work.

  10. This is heartbreaking. It doesnt seem like his body will ever be found. Its clearly a cover up and that house was burned down for a reason. There are several ways to get rid of a vehicle other than the Kansas River. They had the party, then something happened that night in the house. It's too cut and dry.

  11. This made me cry. I feel so bad for Randy’s Mom and Dad. I can’t imagine not knowing. My son passed away but I was with him and I know where he is now. You guys are the best, AWP❤️

  12. You mentioned there used to be a pig farm in one of those spots. I hate to say this, but many times when murderers got rid of a body they would feed it to the pigs. I would have cadaver dogs search that area.

  13. DNA came into play in 1986. So where are those bones? Why hasn’t some testing been done? Why can’t the FBI become involved? Local police force seems corrupt. Interesting the nuggets of info Betty revealed from time to time.

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