Martha Sue and her husband, Claude Shelton, were last seen in Corbin, Kentucky on May 21, 1971, after tucking their three children to bed at their home in Gerry’s Trailer Park on 18th Street, then drove away in their white 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 with the Kentucky license plate number 937 944.

That was the last time their children would see their parents.

This documentary brings you alongside Adventures With Purpose’s underwater search in Corbin, KY following clues that their 11-year-old daughter Sheila believes she overheard her parents talking, after she was in bed, about going to King’s Truck Stop (about 5 miles away from their home). That is where our investigations begin.

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The Sheltons spent much of Friday, May 21, 1971, visiting grandparents in Williamsburg before heading back to their home in Gerry’s Trailer Park on 18th Street.

Claude had been steadily employed for 10 years, and family life seemed fine.

They tucked their three children into bed that night and as Sheila, their 11-year-old started to get ready for bed, she heard her father, Claude, say to her mother, Sue, “Are you going with me or are you going to stay here?”

Martha and Claude walked out the door and that was the last time Sheila, 11 years old at the time, heard her father’s voice.

The Sheltons may have been en route to the Kings truck stop five miles away, but no one remembers seeing them that night.

They have never been heard from again and their car has never been recovered.

Approximately $600 in cash may have also vanished from their home at the same time they did.

As AWP investigated the case, as with all cases, more information and rumors in the community swirled.

Claude was a mechanic and in 1971 you stopped for anybody broke down. There is a rumor that a car was found on the bridge between Shelton’s home and King’s Truck Stop the morning after the Shelton’s went missing. Did they stop to help and did something sinister happen?

It is not believed Martha and Claude left their 3 children and a beautiful life behind on their own for the Sheltons were just one mortgage payment away from paying off their home and Claude also had a check waiting to be picked up at work.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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  1. I just purchased something off your Amazon wish list for you. Thank you for putting the list up for us to be able to help along with the membership.

  2. Jared, thank you for finding lost loved ones and bringing love and peace to all the families who have come to you and your amazing team for help.God Bless You All💙🙏💙

  3. Did the sheriff department go to the truckstops and find out who is registered there for the night to see if any of them were sexual predators or had any type of murder convictions on them if not that’s the place to start.

  4. You guys you are getting Noticed and getting lots of Support since you found Kiely Rodni people SEE YOU NOW, And Know Who you Are now.

  5. Your so right Jared about our childhood. I was born in 1955 and my Dad countless times picked up hitchhikers w 3 kids in the car, changed tires, got them gasoline or a car part, or just gave them a ride, never any problem. We left doors and windows opened and unlocked, my Dad had a rifles on a rack in his pickup w ammunition in the glove box, left his windows down and keys in the ignition. Gun cabinet unlocked in the house, but he taught us how to use them and also we were taught to not bother things- respect. I was the oldest, 2 Brothers 3 and 4 years younger, on occasion they left us when we were older, we knew to behave and could call them or a relative, nextdoor neighbor if an emergency. We had people my entire childhood at home coming and asking my parents for a lending hand or $$. My Dad raised cattle, chickens, etc, hunted, fished, had a big garden, always freezer full of food to help others in need, a Great Great Grandmother who lived to be 103, Great Grandparents, and Grand Parents to help take care of. We drove their vehicles w our parents in the car sitting on phone books or JC Penney or Sears Catalog books at age 10, tractors, motorcycles, etc. All the kids and cousins rode in the back of the pickup to go feed the horses, cows, bulls, calves, etc. at the pastures, all the little animals were at our home on 3 acres. My Grandpa was military and he and my Dad owned a Custom Built Horse Trailer Business, the horse trailer capital of the world in Oklahoma. He built bbq grills for the oilfield, basically anything w steel or wood. Awesome childhood compared to the children not being able to play outside until dark, walking to school, riding bicycles or horses everywhere. My Brother would take the hood off one of my Dad's pickups, chain it to the tractor, when it snowed and off we went sledding on the hood. We were never sick, my Mom cooked every meal, starched ironed clothes, an immaculate clean house. We even slept outside in tents in the backyard when cousins came to visit, we had dogs that would bark and were protective. This couple may have been just trying to help someone and just happen to run into a bad person/persons. Thank You for trying to Bring Them Home. Prayers for their 3 children.

  6. You seriously should have had that young guy that was with Doug on the sonar dive on it! You're teaching him, so take it home! Let's see more people out there doing this! He is a diver, let him dive!

  7. Hey guys!ur doing a great job 👍 and bringing in healing .and peace to these families. I push ❤️ from my heart and cover u all in White golden lite .50 years old .

  8. I was born in the burgs, graduated early 70’s we never locked our doors, we hitch hacked everywhere. If I missed the bus back then, you didn’t wake your mom up to drive you, you walked!

  9. I would be willing to bet that there is no car in water, only 2 bodies who knows where. The individual they likely stopped for was already a car thief and he added murder to the list and drove off in that car. If so, who knows where the car and the bodies ended up?

  10. I was born in 69 but I can almost gaurantee that those parents didnt think anything of running to the truck stop after the kids were in bed. Jared nailed it, different time period, no one would have thought twice about it or stopping to help someone. My heart goes out to their kiddos.

  11. 41:00 EXACTLY my question! Where were y’all going at 2am with kids sleep at home?

    I see Dude tryin to typify leaving the house at 2am, leaving your kids in bed; because of how life was so much different back then in comparison to now?🤔

    Maybe for a gas station run to grab something quick….But that gas station should have needed to be fairly close to have felt comfortable doing so; even back then.

    Not sayin it couldn’t have been a benign occurrence? Dude trying to make it seem like something like that back then, would have been a typical decision for most folks to have made…👀 I don’t agree with that opinion…(because that’s what that is); an opinion,not a fact.

    That’s where you all wonder out of your area of expertise.

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