NOW 8 MISSING.. LEG BONE Found in the River (Ep.2)

The search for missing person Cheryl Denise Cottrell, has quickly turned into a search for 8 missing persons who vanished in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

This video documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for Cheryl Denise Cottrell, Kalieb Keith Pitts, Ernie Joe Tate, Gene Taylor McIntyre, Brian Morris, and Brian Keith Graves from day 1 in Little Rock, Arkansas, to now adding to more missing persons, Terkessa L. Wallace, and Shequenia Burnett after two North Little Rock Cold Case Detectives found out we were in town.

Episode 1: VANISHED: 6 Missing.. 8 Vehicles Found Underwater

Episode 2: VANISHED: 8 Now Missing.. LEG BONE Found in the River

Episode 3: VANISHED: The Missing 8.. LEG BONE and 11 Cars Found

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AWP’s 5-mile search strategy.
– Where were they last seen?
– Where did they live?
– Where did they work?
– Where did they go to school?

Adventures With Purpose (AWP) is an Underwater Search & Recovery Dive Team dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones for FREE, and with your support, as of the release of this documentary, 23 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved Since 2019.

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Terkessa L. Wallace and Shequenia Burnett
Wallace was last seen in North Little Rock, Arkansas on January 10, 2014. Another woman, Shequenia Burnett, disappeared from North Little Rock on the same day. In December 2015, one of her legs was found floating in the Arkansas River. The rest of the body has never been found.

Cheryl Denise Cottrell
Cottrell was last seen in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 10, 2002. She was driving a beige or tan 1985 Delta 88 Royale at the time of her disappearance. Cottrell left a note for her husband saying she loved him and that he should look for her in the river.

Kalieb Keith Pitts
Pitts was last seen in Clarksville, Arkansas on February 20, 2018. He never picked up his last paycheck and has never been heard from again. Pitts may be driving a white 1997 Ford Ranger stepside extended cab pickup truck with a dent in the driver’s side door.

Ernie Joe Tate
Tate was last seen in Clarksville, Arkansas. On August 12, 1996, he and his wife got into an argument and both left their home. The last contact from him was with his mother on August 14. He was reportedly upset over marital difficulties and an upcoming court date at the time of his disappearance. He has never been heard from again. Tate may be driving a silver and black 1988 Eagle Premier.

Gene Taylor McIntyre
McIntyre was last seen in Hot Springs, Arkansas on November 1, 2007. He later called his sister and ex-wife from Padre Island, Texas, hundreds of miles away, and said he was having chest pains. His family later got postcards from him, postmarked Padre Island, but there has been no indication of his whereabouts since then. McIntyre may be driving a gold 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Arkansas license plate number 680 MFP; a photo of it is posted with this case summary.

Brian Morris
NamUs MP # 40600
Last seen 10/25/2017.
Vehicle: 2003, F150, Silver and Black
Tag number C471545 Louisiana
The truck has dark tinted windows and some body damage such as a deep groove where a mirror was drug down it on the passenger side and black spray paint on the driver side

Brian Keith Graves
Graves was last seen in Sheridan, Arkansas on November 18, 2004. He was en route to Little Rock, Arkansas, 35 miles away, to have dinner with his ex-wife and their children. He was driving a 2002 Mercury Sable with the Arkansas license plate number 059 HMJ. He has never been heard from again.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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  1. Didn't bother reading comments so if this has already been said, sorry. But you should really list your additional divers, such as Jacob from Chaos Divers as a special guest star in the opening montage.

  2. What a difference it makes when Law Enforcement cooperate and appreciate the skills you guys can bring to their investigations instead of the miserable ones who want all the glory for zero work or would prefer to just pretend there's nothing in the water cause they don't wanna do the work. It really is up to them whether they look good or bad, and those 2 detectives reaching out to you to provide valuable info is exactly the way for them to look great.

  3. I know Im late, but if Little Rock, Arkansas area police read this..I want you to know ..I think you are amazing. You clearly want to find answers and will reach out happily to people like adventures with purpose. It shows your hearts of gold.

  4. I cannot believe how many cars are in the water at every location! Seems crazy to me. It's also very disturbing even if they are just dumped there. Makes me not want to go into water which I already have somewhat of a fear of.

  5. I’m going to subscribe for a year on Australian aud if you need it tech I’m more then happy to help you out for $$$$ ok Seriously you do a great job we don’t need you in Australia we need people like you in Australia we have many cars unsolved crimes in water Australia is not different than America we are one

  6. The amount of vehicles in this river is astonishing. Your patience, determination and compassion is amazing to me. I think I'd be so frustrated finding 11 cars while none of them solved any cases is incredibly sad. This river needs to be checked regularly (if LE is equipped to do so.)
    I hope some of the cases are solved.

  7. When the Diver said you men have special skills he wasn’t kidding your all absolutely very special and the fact you can bring closure to families is so very kind of you love what your doing. I’m god smacked

  8. So many missing people in bodies of water. I grew up in Hawaii so I am used for water deaths but rivers and moving bodies of water can be intimidating. So thankful for what you guys are doing. So glad that big news agencies and law enforcement are recognizing your skills set.

  9. I've followed you guys for quite some time and let me say the professionalism of these videos and the compassion you've ALWAYS had is top notch. Keep up the fight to bring closure to these families ❤❤❤🙏

  10. I`m so glad that the authorities are taking notice of you guy`s i just found you this week and i`m benchwatching here from Holland. And i`m totaly shocked how manny cars there are in your waters. I`m so relieved for the ppl who finaly get there loveones home. I know what its like to have a missing person in your life. My brother is missing last seen by us in 1993 .We now know he died in America but we have no date no place nothing. He lived in America but because he had also an American pasport we in the Netherlands as siblings are not getting anything done.

  11. FYI: I can read lips. You might rethink doing more than "beep"ing the names out for security. Great work, by the way. Also, I am able to read one of the investigator's ID badge. This confirmed that I read lips correctly. Just saying.

  12. Has anyone thought about these girls being murdered and dismembered?? I know it’s a bad thought but you really have to check out all circumstances!! Also has a psychic ever been contacted??

  13. I hope you guys can let people know what *You need and want. GFM takes a huge cut. I returned funds to people a long time later. It for me, was a mess. And people saying what's best for you. If you could even make a mention on your site. 💖 Please help us know what you need. I get how complex it is, people are speaking on your behalf, when we need you to say so. Waiting on GFM page OR a decision from you, where folks are waiting for a GFM page before they'd help – this may need optimum speed on where to help asap. 💖💖💖
    Keep up the *AWESOME work guys. You are loved, 🙏🙏💖💖🙏🙏

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