MISSING (Pt 2): R22 HELICOPTER CRASHED 115′ Underwater!

We return to Lake Cumberland in search of an R22 Helicopter that Crashed On September 7, 2002 with Tammy and Dennis from http://TeamWattersSonar.com.

With the GPS coordinates in hand, the mission is to find the sunken Robinson Helicopter believed to be over 100′ deep in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, we’re feeling confident we’re getting the helicopter out of the water today… 🚁🤕

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In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we travel to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, in search of a lost Robinson R22 Helicopter after it crashed in 2002 during the filming of a poker run.

NTSB Factual Report
On September 7, 2002, about 1230 eastern daylight time, a Robinson R-22B, N707RG, was substantially damaged after it impacted a lake and sank while maneuvering near Jamestown, Kentucky. The certificated commercial pilot and passenger were not injured.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan had been filed for the aerial photography flight conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration inspector, the helicopter was being utilized by a photographer to take pictures of boats during a race conducted on Lake Cumberland.

The pilot said the helicopter was about 200 feet above the lake, and he had been flying for more than an hour, when he spotted a boat that was not previously photographed.

The pilot made a left turn and began a decent to keep pace with the boat. He further stated:

“…I noticed an abnormal sink rate and put in aft cyclic. The rate did not arrest, so I brought in more aft cyclic along with collective power. As I came into about 50 to 100 feet agl, I heard a low RPM warning horn. I continued to slow the [helicopter], while rolling on throttle. The descent rate brought the [helicopter] in contact with the water.”

The helicopter sank and came to rest at a depth of about 115 feet. It was not recovered.

The pilot reported approximately 1,437 hours of total rotorcraft flight experience, which included about 650 hours in make and model.

The helicopter was maintained under a manufacturer’s inspection program, and was inspected the day before the accident. It had been operated about 7 hours since the inspection. The helicopter was manufactured in 2001 and had accumulated about 505 hours since new.

NTSB Probable Cause
The pilot’s failure to maintain the proper descent rate, which resulted in low rotor rpm and a collision with water.

While we did not recover the sunk helicopter this time, we are heading back in January with another search team and very hopeful that we will succeed this time in finding the helicopter and bringing it to the surface.

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29 thoughts on “MISSING (Pt 2): R22 HELICOPTER CRASHED 115′ Underwater!

  1. Looks like its a cultural offering for their loved deceased ones.
    In Latin America they celebrate the "Day of the Dead" (Dia de Los Muertos) .. this day must have significance like the anniversary of their death, or their birthday. Anyways, thought that might be helpful.

  2. This mission y’all have is such an amazing thing to watch!

    My question is: is there research on how bad the sonar is on the animals? Since it killed off thousands of whales- I’m just curious.

  3. It is really sad that this couple finds a loved one and they get the reward pulled. They need rewards, donations or whatever you want to call it….whether $5 or $500 to continue doing this.

  4. newer viewer here, My pop worked for Robinson from 81 to 3 years ago, he was lead crash investigator for the company, so he probably got the call on this crash. I will ask him if he remembers this crash. Likely since the helicopter was never recovered he never went to the crash since there is nothing to inspect to find out if it was equipment or pilot error. If FAA said it was likely pilot error and it's in FAA records then obviously that's the determination.
    Glad the pilot made it for him to tell the story, and Kudos to you guys for getting something else out of the waterways in the country.

  5. 102 bodies recovered and they have never received a reward from any agency? All these agencies and the tax dollars they take in along with property seizures and they can't give non profit entities like this something

  6. I LOVE my Tusa Switch Pro fins. If you're ever back in Nashville, I'd love to join you guys for a search. Even just as support, it would be a cool experience. I'm working toward my Master Scuba still. I'm likely going to be snagging a dry suit sooner than later and upgrading my full-face to the Neptune III.

  7. you guys still looking for the helicopter still and you guys are doing a great job and team waters is a wonder company to work with when it comes to helping you find love ones that is missing

  8. there is a missing helicopter lost in the caribean sea ,I think flying fro la ceiva (honduras) to bay Islands (roatan) was never found ,during the search they found a sesna airplane door. I learned that on the news more than twenty years ago.

  9. So sad that the vanishing reward thing has happened more than once, to both TWS and youse guys. "There is always less time, money and honor than imagined."

  10. God Bless Tammy and her husband 1002 times over. You all bring relief and comfort to soooo many who can find peace in your discoveries. TY both for your loving dedication.

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