HELP – Immediate Mechanic Help Needed in Calvert City, KY

My father-in-law just picked up an RV for us in GA this morning and is broke down in Calvert City, KY.

Rear-end started making noises and he’s pulled over at the Love’s Truck Stop at 2966 Highway 62, Calvert City, Kentucky.

Calling on your help to help us get him back on the road.

Would this be a rear pinion seal? But if it was, it would be leaking?

What could be clunking?

Anybody in the area who can jump over and help him out? ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. FRUSTRATED… RV Update

    Don’t even know what to do at this point. I have an RV that is broke down after picking it up in GA yesterday, making it a whole 260 miles on way back to Oregon.

    Father in law was kind enough to drive it back for us and now I need to have to fly him home.

    Nobody can get to the RV until Monday just to look at it and the consensus is it something inside the pumpkin whether it’s a pinion gear or something and nobody knows when they can even get to it to fix it. #maybeweeks

    The RV is in Culvart City, Kentucky

  2. I know this was a serious situation but Jared and Doug had me rolling laughing pronouncing the cities 😂 I lived about 20 minutes from Calvert City and Jared kept saying "culvert City" and then Doug call Kuttawa "cuttawa." It's pronounced "kuh-tah-wa" and now I'm wondering how many City names I've mispronounced over the years lol. In all seriousness you guys are doing great work. My husband is a master diver. If you're ever in need I'm going to send an email to Doug with our info. Husband has search and recovery and search and rescue certs as well as many others. God Bless

  3. just to change the rear gear and pinion isnt difficult, its just like any other car or truck, jack the rear up taking the tires off to loosen the axle shafts and then pulling them out a bit to clear the diff and proceed to remove it, ive seen one done in a few hours, i hope these guys got it fixed at a good rate if i was in the area i would have done it free of charge, what you guys do is worth more then money, closure, happiness and joy is worth more then money imo please guys keep doing what your doing and bring these missing people home.

  4. That person who said are you looking for a handout, I would wager my last breath of air that it's a woman who has ALWAYS relied on a man to fix everything she needs. She has obviously never had a real friend and views someone helping another person as a handout.
    It's sad, spme people are so poor all they have is money. She's an example of that.

  5. If you guys are in Wisconsin Madison to Chicago area and need help My husband will fix it, no charge && He's a certified mechanic!

  6. We have a motor coach and have had rv’s since around 2002. When you buy an rv, be sure that it hasn’t set too long. Sometimes low mileage isn’t a good thing. When they set a long time, things start rusting/dry rotting/malfunctioning, especially if they’re not stored inside a climate controlled environment.

  7. I know I'm late on this but it sounds like your rear deferential gear ⚙️ box is out. Very expensive over 3000 grand easy. Probably have to find a use one at that.

  8. Have somebody in your group sign up for AAA and get it taken to where it can be diagnosed and fixed.
    If it's in the differential, that's the center case containing side gears for each axle shaft, two iding pinions,(spider gears) and a pin.
    If it's the ring gear and it's drive pinion, it will definitely clunk and lock up if you keep driving.
    The description of the symptom does not tell us if it is a clunk, several clunks, if you get it immediately or have to go a certain speed. It also hasn't mentioned if turning makes it clunk.
    There's lots of possible causes
    So how do you get the clunk?
    The driveshaft turns about four times to the tire going around once.
    Stand by the back wheel and have someone move it forward and back.
    Report and elaborate more about where you hear it and if you feel it.
    I've seen lots of different things be suspected as rear axle related.
    Some have known failures.
    Some have ancillary parts that can also cause a "clunk"
    If you're just standing by it waiting, see if you can get further clues.
    If you read the clues by googling '07 C5500 "clunk noise from rear" you can see there's sounds from the rear of trucks like "clunking"
    They have leaf spring issues and spare tire movement issues, if that's all it is, remove the spare and spray lube between the spring leafs.
    You may be able to go back to driving it with these things to try.
    I haven't seen how it's configured or where your spare is, but spring and shock noises have occurred making similar noise and feel on trucks since ages back.
    Springs that fan out or "work" will surprise you with what sound and feel you get. Some wrap up and pull against driveshaft splines as the length changes.
    We C- clamped them for a road test when we had the clunk and hump feel in past builds.
    Hope you checked the rear diff fluid level by now, just to see that it's full. And get a visual on each universal over the length of the driveshaft.
    Look for rusty dusty powder.
    We don't know the vehicles mileage but an '07 is 15 years on the road.
    When a diff gear loses teeth, you can get feel and visual abnormalities at the rear wheels and/or driveshaft you can see just watching it drive in the parking lot.
    Happy you are at a truck stop restaurant with amenities.
    If they have a shop, ask if they will look with you to see if you must stop and effect repairs? Or it's just sounding off.

  9. Really, dash lights are NOT minimal .
    Depends on what type of system. If abs speed sensor was changed , sometimes wheel bearings creating metal particles effecting speed sensor readings.

  10. Any news on what it is/was? A pinion bearing is not likely but also could not be done on the road, due to the special tools and expertise to set it up. U joint od carrier bearing is more likely and could be a roadside fix.

  11. I’m a mechanic and I lay my money it’s the The pinion Bearing but my professional opinion is to have a whole new bearing set put in plus crush shelves carrie and possibly it could be broke spider gears I wish I had a way to get to you alll

  12. Sounds like the people that sold it knew there was going to be costly repairs needed soon so they offloaded it. Best option was to park it and not keep driving as that will only cost more in the long run. 😵

  13. Met him yesterday evening, it was an honor. We got him a rm here in Calvert City searched but never found any parts with it being Saturday. If there's anything else we can do for him just let me know. Pleasure meeting you Steve

  14. Attn. Adventures with purpose
    Water level at lake mead has dropped alot. A body was found in a barrel believed to been placed there in 80s /90s. Found last week.This week another body was found. They believe there going to find more issues there. Lake Mead has put out a notice searching for skilled divers for Help!!! It's exciting & scary at same time. You guys came to mind. Check it out!!!!! Prob need tow truck crew as well being cliffs and all.

  15. AAA will tow it for you, to a reputable repair shop. I've had them fix tires for me, they will even bring gas if you run out. I was driving my friend's car and it died , AAA sent a tow truck and pulled it to her house. No cost to her or me, I was the one covered by AAA. They have lists of reputable shops

  16. By the way, I had issue with my truck, it turned out to be the electronics to the transmission. It would clunk and jerk when it caught a connection. Guy peeled wires back reconnected them and taped them up good. It lasted 89,000 more miles, till I traded it out.

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