Granddaughter Joins Search for MISSING Papa (Ralph Brown Ep7)

Megan, Ralph Brown’s granddaughter joins AWP for a day of searching for her missing Papa, sharing stories of her grandfather, as we change up our search strategy returning closer to Ralph’s home in Cornelious, Oregon in this cold case documentary.

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Former mayor Ralph Brown went missing from Cornelius, Oregon, on May 16, suffering from dementia, and has not had his memory or heart medication since he left his home.

Ralph suffers from dementia and has not had his memory or heart medication since he left his home.

Over 4 months have passed now since 76-year-old Ralph Brown went missing!

His daughter, Laurie Saunders, said during a news conference that she spoke with her father the night he went missing shortly after 9pm and that he wasn’t sure exactly where he was.

He told her he was “literally in the bushes,” and that he might be near a golf course, but couldn’t give her more specific details. He also asked if people were out looking for him.

She told him to wait for a call from his son, who was going to go out and find him, but Brown didn’t answer the phone after that. And nobody has been able to find him, even though hundreds of people out there helping with the search.

This series documents Adventures With Purpose’s multi-day search for Ralph.

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Ep7 – (Out Now for Members)

Brown is 76 years old, about 5-foot-10, with white hair and blue eyes. He’s also missing the tip of his index finger.

His car is a dark blue, 2014 Nissan Sentra with Oregon plates.

Anyone who sees him or his car is asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-629-0111

There have been a few sightings reported, but none were substantiated, said Daryle Brown, Ralph Brown’s son.

Daryle said his parents were in their home on May 16 when Brown stood up and said he was going to his “other house.”

Ralph has early-onset Alzheimer’s symptoms, which leads to confusion. He no longer has a driver’s license and has not driven a car in more than a year, Daryle said.

He drove away from the home in the 600 block of South 12th Avenue in Cornelius, Oregon.

There have been no location pings on his phone after 10:25pm that evening, and no communication from Brown in the time since he’s been missing.

There have also been no charges to his credit card.

More than 200 volunteers are still helping in the search, including former students, friends, and even strangers.

Do we feel this is a true crime with foul play or simply a missing persons cold case accident? In our opinion, there are no signs of foul play we are aware of.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Ralph.

The AWP Movement would not be possible without your support, helping us travel the US offering our services for FREE to families searching for their lost loved ones… Thank you!


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43 thoughts on “Granddaughter Joins Search for MISSING Papa (Ralph Brown Ep7)

  1. Thanks to AWP for keeping up the search for Dad. 💜 We are so blessed to have AWP and their followers making suggestions and sending well wishes and prayers. 🙏 Thanks to Megan for representing the family. ❤ Yes, Mom does give the best hugs! 🤗

  2. find it hella suspcious that the owner dude just flat out said no to searching. maybe not related to this case but dudes clearly hiding something.

  3. I like the way you explain the sonar on each episode. At times I'm searching too as another set of eyes. I love how you are so humble & careing group and doing it on your dime. This also goes out to all your families they are very understanding. Give them all a GREAT BIG HUG FROM ME.

  4. And in case yall are wondering.. it's Oregon. People don't let you on their land because growing Marijuana is legal there and people operate some pretty large scale grow operations.. And those farms and grows are protected with some pretty heavy firepower. They aren't gonna let anyone onto their land that can see grows besides the county sherrif or the state if they need to see their grow. If they're growing, they know their land like the back of their hands. If something is there they would know.

  5. Brian McKenzie the property wasn't gated… Like there was not a gate there I searched on maps and all No gate..
    And thankfully that monster has finally been charged for Brian's murder I hope he gets life in prison

  6. God bless Ralph Brown and his family his beautiful granddaughter and family god bless all my condolences and prayers from Philadelphia xoxo

  7. You guys are amazing for doing it again and finding him. Thank you for the entirety of Washington county who cared about and loved him. You guys are awesome.

  8. My husband had Dementia and he thought we were not living in our house either even though we had lived here for 8 years. They get really confused. It seemed more real to him if we came in the front door rather than through the garage. I would take him out and ask him to show me where we lived and he could not. Being confused is very normal in the Dementia/Alzheimer thinking. When they get anxious the become afraid. Many time they just drive around endlessly. In his last conversation he said he might be near a golf course. A lot of retirement communities have golf courses and if they have lakes he might be there. We know you will find him.

  9. Maybe if Megan, sweet girl, talks to the homeowner and just explains to them that her papa means a lot to her, she might find a soft spot in his heart. Let him know that no one is making accusations toward him. Just a lost papa and a family wanting him laid to rest.
    Offer to search off camera.
    I know it was not intentional, Please please don’t film yourself on your phone while driving. It doesn’t set a good example for younger viewers. The states are depending on you. Nothing but love for this group. Just be safe. Love your work and your heart.
    Praying for Megan and her family

  10. The granddaughter said that the last conversation they had with Ralph was by his cell phone. It's a shame they couldn't get the cellular receiving area from his last ping. They could work outward from there.

  11. I’m honestly just curious why anyone would say no to attempting to find a missing person…seriously why would you say no? If it’s because they’re YouTube wouldn’t you search them and make sure they’re reputable? Just curious

  12. My mom had dementia toward the end; BUT due to it , she got not only confused & disoriented… she got a “bee in her bonnet!” More then once and drove from Otis, Colorado to South of Bethune, CO!!! I wasn’t aware of her power drive until she called me lost!!! 8 miles from our homestead! So my recommendation is TOSS the “logic” and think outside your box and think like the Mayor. …(not former mayor)! He said he was in bushes? Where’s the bushes (nearest the bing near time of call @ bushes)

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