FREE MERCH GIVEAWAY : Viewer Appreciation

Tonight we are giving back with some free merchandise as our way of saying thank you for being a part of the AWP Family. If you have not yet seen our lineup of merchandise, do check out ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “FREE MERCH GIVEAWAY : Viewer Appreciation

  1. Your videos are so touching and it makes me happy on what you do for saving life and I'm new to your pages but I did subscribe to your page but your my favorite spread the love

  2. Would it be possible to make an "Adventures with Purpose" beanie at some point? I live in Colorado and it is cold nearly the whole year. Even if it isn't cold, I am almost always wearing a beanie because of comfortability. I already got some of the 2-In-1 window breakers, so I want to get more to be able to help out. Thank you for all you do!

  3. Sunny Valley, Oregon here. Jerad, you don’t need to “ feel bad” about anything. I’m sure that everyone loves your “ live stream”. I don’t know how to comment on live stream but I enjoy reading the comments.

  4. Hey👋! I'm new to your channel! I found your channel in a other channel that talks about you finding missing people. So, I was wondering if you can make videos of finding Missing Youtubers that disappeared? Because, I like how you find missing people and solving a case that police couldn't find them! So, can you, please?

  5. I've been watching all of your videos, and even went back and binge watched everything. I love everything you do and that you are able to do for so many families.

  6. I appreciate what you guys are doing for families. God bless. Also, hope y’all can find Delana Bell from New Orleans, La. She’s been missing for 17years. Please help her family find some closure.

  7. Watching your videos reminds me one of my first dives in 2006 where I found a stolen car at the bottom of a lake outside of Boerne Tx. My skills have gotten better since then and I’m a member of Project AWARE— mike overland OW 0604051013

  8. You should never feel bad as you give so much to the family’s you help and by making us aware of what is possible, by helping you continue give hope and everyone who donates or orders does it so you can continue all your good work.x

  9. I’ve been following you for a long time now and I always miss the live streams you should do it at least twice a month and I absolutely love what you do and your videos I’m buying some merch soon

  10. Australia here, If you would like to send me a cap, I would wear it proudly to promote your channel here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I don't do any form of social media. Only YouTube. When you say hug your family everyday. I call Or text my Mum, My Son EVERY Day. Why when I was 10 years old, My Big sister by 13 months my Other Wing, My best friend, My Big Sister, Passed in my Mum's Arm's at Home waiting for an Ambulance, No Pain Killers, No Morphine, NOTHING, She NEVER complained. one Month short of her 12th Birthday. I was Hiding behind the couch as I couldn't Go in to our Bedroom, Mum was Alone waiting For Dad and the Ambulance. I Have P.T.S.D memory loss from 1982 Prior. Why I am telling you all out there is PLEASE Don't leave your loved one without holding them and telling them you Love them. Because you never know what may happen. Kindest thoughts from Victoria, Australia

  11. Y'all are "Simply the Best!" I've watched AWP grow from Jared's "ramblings" "clean-ups" AWP GEAR/MERCH, LIVES,
    & Now these AWP Family Giveaways 💯 ❤ (Sam Sam & Dan Dan)–You two are Terrific, more behind the scenes guys! Blessings Y'all

  12. My mother is a huge supporter & fan, she’s the one who got me hooked! What you guys do is incredible and you truly are hero’s! What you do makes more of a difference than you’ll ever know! Thank you! If I ever lost a loved one and needed answer you would be who I called!!!! Love to all of you and your families! We pray for you and your team! Keep up the good work! ❤️🤟

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