Woman’s Prank At Sister’s Wedding Epically Backfires

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40 thoughts on “Woman’s Prank At Sister’s Wedding Epically Backfires

  1. O I'm petty I'd tell her its all cool and wait good until her (possible) wedding/graduation/child's birth announcement/what ever special day she have and f*ck her whole mood up. Hit her with the "Its Just Jokes Sis Stop Trippin".

  2. Shit I woulda just laughed it off off the simple fact that nobody could ruin my happiness on that day especially with a lil lame ass joke 🤡🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. I think it's worse that they weren't even close enough or that they didn't even have that kind of relationship to warrant such a gesture. Terribly awkward.

  4. The question is Is she married probably not because a real man would've said sit yo 5 dollar ass down B4 change be mad 😡

  5. U ppl are TOO DAMN SENSITIVE 4 REAL!!!😬
    It's just a situation where her sister made a "bad" joke because she's not da comedian she thought she was…SO WHAT!!!😬
    & she "Objected" with a light tone by adding dat "they were too cute 2gether…"
    IT WAS SIMPLY A JOKE DAT SHE DIDN'T THINK ALL DA WAY THRU dat's all and was obviously not INTENT on being MALICIOUS!!!
    U guys (Breakfast Club) talk about ppl in this WORLD/COUNTRY🇺🇸 being too "SENSITIVE"…Recognize these SYMPTOM withen urselves too🙏🏾
    I think honestly dat ppl are being too damn sensitive "NO DONKEY" really deserved on this on tho…Sorry NEXT!!!😬😉💯

  6. I didn’t even invite anyone to our wedding 😂 Quick & Inexpensive. We invested the $ instead. Still over 5figures in today’s market

  7. Soo . . . the best man and brother-in-law took it upon themselves to tape the word "HELP" on the bottom of my husband's shoes, so when we kneeled everyone could see it. I didn't know about it until everyone was laughing at the end . . . I felt humiliated and it still upsets me to think about it. My husband said it was no big deal. What do ya'll think?

  8. If someone stood up and objected at my wedding, I would thank them for stopping me from making the biggest mistake in my life.

  9. I think charla tripping on this one, it was just a joke, people too sensitive, how is calling a couple too cute something to get angry over, definitely didn’t deserve dotd

  10. Charlamagne you forgot to do your Google it has a place in wedding. It's like the last call objections should be on legal grounds like still married etc

  11. It doesn't feel that serious but it also seems like she should've known it wouldn't be recieved well. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Idk but I can think of soooo many more deserving donkeys from this past weekend

  12. The line exist to prevent incest marriages or any illegalities surrounding the marriage, could be financial or even age discrepancy..

  13. I remember reading about a wedding between two attorneys, that was officiated by a judge and attended by many lawyers. During the wedding, one of the lawyers in the church objected to the marriage, to which the judge said “overruled.” Apparently the bride, groom, judge, and lawyer were all in on it, and that’s the only time I’ve heard an objection (especially a prank-based one) working out well.

  14. 🥴 The joke isn't the issue. The issue is that those sisters don't share the type of relationship that would've made this joke funny. It also seems like they don't have the type of family that jokes around with each other. You gotta be more self aware and know your audience. 😬

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