Uber Eats Driver Asks Customer to Cash App Them for Gas Money

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23 thoughts on “Uber Eats Driver Asks Customer to Cash App Them for Gas Money

  1. man stop it its hard out here yall rich people out of touch yo u cant speak on topics like this cus u dont relate , he shoulda gave that man gas money yo thats no heart !

  2. I feel the driver on this. Sidenote: the customer has the ability to change the tip for an hour. So that's a setup. The driver basically gets like $2 plus tip.

  3. The customer spoke about this on Roland Martin show. He said that he eventually cancelled and told him he didnt want the food anymore since he had to pay him to bring it. The guy refused and insisted on coming anyway. Afterwhich, the custoner called the police because the man insisted on coming to his house.

  4. Why would you accept my order if you know you dont have gas? Grow tf up please, go beg for change or pick up cans, stop making your problems everyone elses smh the new generation is doomed

  5. I don't get the Uber eats thing. Is it worth it? All the extra fees and your food might be cold, they might do something to it and now this? I just get food close to me and pick it up myself.

  6. For the people in the comments, there's a difference between Uber and Uber Eats. Uber Eats really doesn't pay you much and is dependent on tips. Door Dash is even worse. I've had orders for $3.75 because no one has tipped.

  7. I must be different bc I’m not rich but I tip 30% always. For DoorDash, I don’t feel like my food is safe unless I tip so I always do.

  8. All these dudes make too much money to understand the concept of what's going on.. if you are low on gas do not accept the order take your butt home

  9. My dad use to drive a taxi cab as an independent contractor. He taught me never let your gas tank get below 1/2 tank. I have always lived by that.

  10. My problem is that the assumption is that if you are getting food delivered you must have a lot of money. I have never gotten food delivered because of the fees. Most of the people I know who have had food delivered are scraping to pay for the food and delivery. They don't have gas money too

  11. This is wild. UberEats is an optional contractor job. If you don’t have the gas to go out, you cancel the shift. You won’t get fired for that.. but if this was any other contractor, like a plumber or painter, would they be able to call you to say they can’t come do the job they accepted under the rate and terms of pay expected bc they need gas money from you?? Wild. This isn’t an Uber issue. Someone needs friends and family. And to adult up and accept responsibility.

    DoorDash asks the drivers if they have gas, a charged phone, etc before starting.. that’s like someone asking to come in and use your outlet bc their phone is going dead and they need to get to the next order 😒🤣🤣🤣

  12. Your supposed to tip before at the beginning of your dining experience to ensure good service! Afterwords it’s up to you if you want to tip more for how they served

  13. this is why i hate using this app and i refuse to tip them at times they are highly annoying. you give them 20% in the app and when they deliver your food they ask for a cash tip too. it's disgusting.

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