Two Teen Girls Arrested After Uber Eats Driver Killed In Attempted Carjacking

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Author: phillyfinest369


27 thoughts on “Two Teen Girls Arrested After Uber Eats Driver Killed In Attempted Carjacking

  1. Weather the intention to kill him was there or not, when he was , they didn't care. Showed no remorse for what they did. They should not get away with murder. An example should be set with these two. No excuses. They knew what they were doing.

  2. They're not children these are monsters disguised as children. I was 13 once and I was so busy doing homework and playing outside and asking my pants if I could spend the night at my friend's house to watch movies. These so called kids are out here car jacking and killing….. These are no kids.

  3. At 13 and 15 you are 100% mentally capable of knowing right from wrong. We were all 13 and 15 once and hundreds of millions of 13 and 15 year olds would never even entertain the thought of doing that. These kids are just bad adults getting caught early. So many people on Earth we don't need to worry about giving bad people 2nd chances we can't even afford to give good people 2nd chances. When we have so much abundance and excess that all the good people who are not committing crimes are taken care of then we can worry about 2nd chances for criminals. But as of right now lock em up an throw away the key… society doesn't need these people at all we really dont need them. We gotta stop being so forgiving of bad people. That is what people do this stuff they do because they know L just get a slap on the wrist and be right back out in the streets there's no real permanent consequences for anything for kids and they know that and that's the problem.

  4. Funny how you guys still talked about what they're trying to do while it is clear that they was trying to carjacking and even use taser.
    Defending your own race even when they're wrong is also racism.
    Badmouthing and talking every bad story of white people when they committed crime while not talking about the victims wrong even though when they clearly done something wrong too is also a racism.

  5. They clearly know that they could kill him by riding fastly while Muhammad was hanging by the window. They even used a taser.
    Looks like it was not their first time.
    Funny how guys like you try to defend them and other black who committed crime but still talked like a person who suffered and hate racism most. But im the end you're the racist one..

  6. You guys should also make a video of how many people suffered by the hands of black people . Funny how you talked like a saint but inside just a racist

  7. This guy won't say what he said if those 2 girls are white.
    I haven't heard full condemnation of this 2 girls from a black person or leftist.
    They always defend them. Even after seeing how much they care about their phone rather than the victim who's laying on the side helplessly. Disgusting how this guys talked like a good person but inside they're full with biases.
    Black person who died in the hands of polices are also mostly because those person didn't wanna follow cops commands and instead try to run away or refused to do what they asked them to. I know cops are also wrong. But you should also point out the wrongs of the victims and tell the public to respect and follow cops commands instead of fully blamed the cops.
    The more i know the more i know how racist some Black people are.

  8. This story barley made headlines but the teen stabbing in Ohio made it to Sleepy Joe and Harris because a cop shot a "black" child

    Everybody has to mention black this black that. I'm sick of this race crap. This story is tragic. Hope they get life.

  9. the guy that says they shouldn't get life since they are too young…i wonder if he will say the same if it was 2 white girls that killed a black man!!

  10. Whenever I hear this story and how it exploded on social media reminded me of how this story did not get the same attention on a national level. I'm almost certain yall didnt cover it in 2017. Eliza Wasni … she got 27 years. No national outrage. Why? White, blond and cute(at the time of the killing, not now).

    A 16-year-old girl was carrying a machete in one hand, a knife in the other, as she walked out of a Walmart store in the Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood without paying at about 3 a.m. Tuesday, prosecutors said at a court hearing. The girl, Eliza Wasni, called for an Uber ride — her third that night — and a driver pulled up in a silver Hyundai Sonata.

    Wasni climbed into the car. About two minutes later, as the car reached an intersection a few blocks away, she began stabbing and hacking at the driver from the back seat, prosecutors said at a news conference.

  11. That’s crazy!! I was attacked by teenage girls ON Xmas 2020 in Norwalk!!! 🤯😭 for NO REASON except their excuse of me ALMOST getting into a car accident with them?! 🤦🏽‍♀️😒 All happened so fast I really don’t know how it even went down like that. I’m not a physical fighter, at all, and I did my best to prevent it. 😥
    I got the license plate and video identifying them and still have yet to receive justice. ☹️.. besides the love & precious life that God gives to me everyday! 🥰🙏🏽✨
    I THANK GOD it wasn’t worse and I’ve thought about not sharing on social media bcz I really don’t want to be known for this 😂😓 but WTF humans?! 🤯😭😤 We doing this coming together all wrong! 😓 Where is Our Dawn?!! 🌅
    It should be here by Now!! Where is Our optimism, GOOD NATURE & L💜VE?! 🥺 I actually feel really bad for those girls but I’m not holding my breath that cops will hold them accountable for their abusive & destructive actions, so that they might actually be inspired to turn it around!!! 😤 & Justice would be nice bcz the trauma really messed with me & some of my relationships & job were heavily affected bcz the process of healing a concussion & consciousness was very challenging! Trying to rewire your brain is not easy nor is it an injury people can see so I found some people don’t take it seriously and think you’re playing dumb or victim?!! 🥺 I had fears arise that I’ve never had before!! 😓
    Anyway, STAYING ALIVE! ✨🕺🏾✨
    Any people in this amazing paradise, desperately selling their precious energy for foul play onto fellow Humans is so beyond my understanding and I understand a lot. 😓
    🙏🏽 #MentalHealthAwareness 🙏🏽

  12. Don’t forget they assault the driver with a taser or stun gun before killing the driver.

    They should be spending a life in jail. His children won’t be growing up seeing their father. Giving them a slap on a wrist sentence going to show they can get away with anymore. Another vehicle was stolen by two teens and the person was killed a few month ago. A trend is happening.

  13. But if they were white we would’ve called for injustice charges against them !! Two TEENAGE .. both under THIRTEEN!!!! That should be a rage in itself .. 13 and I think younger ? We’re committing adult crimes and done f upped… like couldn’t rob someone on the corner??? Try to steal a car you didn’t know how to drive, knew you were on camera.. and still fled ? They need the same treatment as Cynthia

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