Toronto Raptors Fans Cheer Kevin Durant’s Injury During NBA Finals

Toronto Raptors Fans are today’s Donkey of the Day for cheering after Golden State Warrior superstar Kevin Durant went down with a season ending injury to his right calf .

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Toronto Raptors Fans Cheer Kevin Durant’s Injury During NBA Finals

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Author: phillyfinest369


46 thoughts on “Toronto Raptors Fans Cheer Kevin Durant’s Injury During NBA Finals

  1. Farrakhan has cauliflower ear in that pic. Along with his spreading his fight for the ppl that has wronged us, he is also taking that fight physically, LOL!

  2. Oh, my bad. I assumed they cheered for him being able to get up and walk! I guess the Raptor fans forgot to give that moment of silence.

  3. So…..we're going to act like the Warriors fans weren't cheering when Vanvleet went down?? We'll give Donkey of the Day to co-owner who shoved Lowry, right?

  4. In yr faces all these fools in the comment section about Raptors wouldn't win NBA Finals u all most feel like shit right now bcuz if u fools knew father God isn't badminded like u fool… # Congrats Raptors big bloodclat win dat.

  5. Coming from a man who used to make women give him sexual favours for crack. Charlemagne is the crack Harvey Weinstein. Make no mistake

  6. I don’t think they deserve donkey of the day for that. They were in the moment and quickly got their act together.

  7. It's obvious these vile "fans" dont think of these basketball players as nothing more than entertainment. There is a saying that these sports teams are the modern slavery and it's hard to not think this

  8. It's pathetic to see the Raptors fans actually cheering the injury to KD. The Raptors can expect a fair amount of heckling when they return to Oracle for game 6. It's bound to affect the team's performance and if they lose the game, you should not be surprised.
    Let's wish I'D a speedy recovery.

  9. Hey Breakfast Club: The behaviour of the Raptors fans who were waving and jeering was inexcusable. Period. However, THIS is the guy whose picture you are using to represent the bad apples:
    If you check your video at 2:34 you can see that he is not cheering, if anything he looks concerned. You may not have known who he is but many do, and now YOU do, so you should make it right.

  10. I think that the cheers when Durant stood up were in support of Durant. If you are happy that he went down, you would not cheer loudly when he stands up. However, it is sickening to see so many fans waving bye-bye at Durant as he sits injured on the floor, and I am sure that many others were jeering. Inexcusable.

  11. The media only shows when we were cheering kd getting hurt. First of all not the whole arena was cheering for that, just enough for them to be heard. Second, as soon as kd was leaving the arena everyone was chanting kd. And third, warriors fans were cheering when kawhi got injured in the playoffs so don’t say shit.

  12. Yeah let's not give donkey of the day to the Warriors when they new that he was not ready to play because they don't give a shht he's a free agent any way let's play him if he gets hurt will play it as a hero if he doesn't get her will play him for the next game… Wait it's even better let's make Canadians look like shht… Ignirent media
    Durant was getting a pay day and the Warriors don't care and we fall for this CDG c'mon man you know better but hey this gives you the chance to donkey Canada
    Fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you
    Honestly this is the one donkey of the day I do not agree on
    For the record I'm a Sun's fan

  13. As a Torontonian by way of Jamaica I am EMBARASSED by the conduct of the fans in Scotiabank Arena cheering his injury. That was completely uncalled for it was unsportsmen and it does not represent the TRUE spirit of our city and the fans of this sport 🏀💯

  14. Hell naw it's not fair to those fans. In the heat of the moment every single fan base in the NBA would do that. Once they realized how bad it was they started chanting for him out of respect. Fucking Eagles fans threw D batteries at players and punched a police horse FFS. Cubs fans actually ruined a guys life. Everyone is too damn soft when it comes to fans cheering injuries.

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