These Supreme Court Justices Voted To Overturn Roe Vs. Wade Ending 50 Yrs Of Federal Abortion Rights

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29 thoughts on “These Supreme Court Justices Voted To Overturn Roe Vs. Wade Ending 50 Yrs Of Federal Abortion Rights

  1. A lot of democrats should have voted for Bernie sanders. He and AOC warned us. When AOC or someone from the socialist party runs in the future you better not miss that opportunity. They represent the future of democratic leaders…non cowardly and aggressive. democrats are too meek. They have to fight dirty like the republicans or our rights will be taken away.

  2. Aoc is all talk. She freezes when she gets the chance . voted for Pelosi instead of challenging the usual folks. She helped do this. She voted for and supports Biden. Shes part of the problem. Weak woman

  3. A man shot a female subway sandwhich worker yesterday because she put too much mayo on his sandwhich….you would think you know just because of the whole "too much dang mayo" (irony) that he would've got DOTD 🤭

  4. You’re not knowledgeable enough to be speaking on this. If you were you’d remember that during those 4 months Senator Kennedy died and another was out due to a serious medical issue. And they pushed back on one senator election. He never had 60 plus votes. Stop spreading misinformation.

  5. Why blame Democrats? Hillary told us this was going to happen and Trump said he was going to do it and y’all still didn’t vote or didn’t vote for Hilliary don’t lecture us…talk to white women…

  6. Reaching. All the Feds did was take their hand out of this issue and leave it up to the States again. You know, democracy. We should be glad that the Feds aren't tryna rule the country. You know, tyranny. 🤔

  7. BINGO!!! You have people saying go vote. Look back in 2008 as explained by CTG, Democrats had the white house, House and Senate they were voted in by the people and still roe v wade wasn't codified.

    No doubt Republicans have shown they are horrible and they only care about the interest of straight white christian men lets keep it real. But this idea that voting for Democrats is going to be the solution well we see how that is not true. Just look at what happen this passed Friday Jun 24th. That could have been prevented during Obama's Presidency when DEMS HAD CONTROL!!!

    Democrats need to go back to the drawing board and learn from what Republicans have done and also learn how to fight back with Messaging. This "They go low, we go high" nonsense is not the strategy. Corporate Democrats know how to fight Progressives but don't how against Republicans. Don't even know anything about messaging, Republicans have idiotic bigoted and racist messages but somehow resonates with their base. Learn how to make a promise and STAND behind it.

  8. AOC should definitely be the leader of the party.

    Other democrats like her are the ones we need to elect

    Stop Voting for Moderate/conservative democrats they don't do shit.

    If you hear a Democrat say they're moderate you're immediate response to that should be I'm not fucking voting for you.

    They don't fight back they only want to fail so they can collect the check from donations

  9. I really can’t stand Charlemagne. He’s a clown. He told his viewers to vote for a president he knew wouldn’t do anything. Charlemagne needs to be donkey of the year!

  10. Anyway Thomas can not effectively do anything about same-sex marriage, sex privacy and contraceptives because none of those case are before him…However, think of it as an open invitation to pull cases up the court system so he can rule on them.

    Note Thomas did not bring up “Loving v. Virginia” which uses the same precedent as Roe and the other cases he called out in his decent… why? Because it has to do with interracial marriage. I leave you with that at least

    The whole notion that things before a certain date can’t be deem it constitutional is also pretty dumb. The constitution was made to be amended and changed because times change and evolve also .

    So all this originalist stuff it bullshit if it leaves the door for people to be come second classes(or lower) again… but Hey at least they stop short at people becoming slaves again

  11. 10 year max limits for all public office! Especially if there are others both educated and ready to run and step up to lead! I think 3 years is the amount of time it takes to improve/grow in a new field, and up to 10 can allow wisdom and stability. Past 10 years stunts progress!

  12. It's just so ignorant to think getting rid of the filibuster would fix these issues! And it's ignorant to think they could extend the supreme Court with 48 senators!!

  13. Dems need to stop moving w weak civility. You can’t play FAIR when the Republicans over there cheating moving the line, changing the rules. Start giving them same radical energy they recognize!

  14. It worked. They've been planning this for decades and actually got it done. Democrats just took ANOTHER big L. One thing you have to admit about the GOP, is they get shit done. 👏

  15. Millions of Foster Kids need a Home and a Parent why don’t these Celebrities ever Help them or put those Millions into that instead of Giving Millions to irresponsible ppl who decide to have unprotected sex Zero accountability smh Yall should be embarrassed

  16. Charlemagne…Both Republicans and Democratics are a party of WHITE SUPREMACIST! Biden included and Trump…

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