Texas Professor Proposes A “Cure For Homosexuality”

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Author: phillyfinest369


39 thoughts on “Texas Professor Proposes A “Cure For Homosexuality”

  1. Haven’t they proven drinking water from a river where people poop causes disease? Play with fire you’re gonna get burnt, play with shiet your gonna get a disease

  2. If your of African,Asian,European or Native decent it's usually the first thing that is noticed.Along with your height ,weight and visible differences..Who you sleep with is not a first impression.

  3. No I don’t agree with this professors opinion at all but that one parent on Camera saying we send our students to school to learn this is a college university nobody cares what you think a parent if you are a student you should have some input if you are a taxpayer you should provide input from a taxpayers perspective but as a parent your child is an adult in college you should not be providing perspective as a parent on what they are learning or being taught because it is their job to do so they are over the age of 18 they can speak up for themselves now. You should speak up on behalf of your self not your child.

  4. Fauci made that comment to make that group aware that they’re most affected/at risk statistically, and he said it’s not exclusive to that community. Now you’re saying informative and objective statistical information is leading people like the professor to say things like that?? Come on man you making it harder for folks to speak on issues that’s aren’t subjective and are contributing to folks to getting silenced for saying non-discriminatory facts. The professor is wrong, and your reply to fauci’s remark has a large affect on folks staying ignorant and not wanting/having the propensity to consume useful information.. aka little by little keeping us ignorant. Somebody in the community will benefit from having that information and awareness.

  5. I don’t care if u are gay ….. I just have a problem with down lo men that are having sex with our women keep that shit over there don’t pass go or collect 200 just stop 🛑 ….

  6. That’s why Dr. Fauci about to retire because Ppl don’t want to listen to science Its going to get out of control with these diseases if you don’t trust Fauci under Bidens administration Who would trust under Trump’s administration this world is already in hell as we speak

  7. Wasn't homosexuality labeled a mental illness and the only reason why it stopped being considered an illness was because it was lobbied to be removed from the American Psychiatric Association

  8. We don’t have to talk about anal sex can lead to diseases. The lining of anyone’s anus is easier to rupture than other sexual organs that makes the transmission of disease easier. Here’s the thing though I said anyone whether they are heterosexual homosexual or whatever it might be. It’s the active anal sex that makes the transmission of disease easier it’s not the sexual orientation of the person having anal sex. A heterosexual couple having anal sex which happens quite often can transmit disease easier from one mate to another. Remember in the 1980s the 1990s anal sex wasn’t as popular as it is now it’s very popular now and that’s why you see STD transmission up it’s the same reason he saw the spread of the cities really high among the gay population decades ago it wasn’t because they were gay it was because of the type of sexy they were having

  9. I think there is some chemical that went bad to make a person want the wrong sex since obviously we are made to make babies and there is only one way to do that but it’s not that serious to where we need science to cure someone. Let them be them.

  10. This is pretty sad I'm gay and I know some straight people struggle with that I can see their part to be honest sometimes but we need help

  11. I have nothing against gay people but im tired of people trying to use the comparison of being gay to being black.

    (they do that because they know that its' a sensitive subject so using their sexual plights and throw it in the bucket with black racial issues to piggyback off it to gain sympathy and compassion, oldest trick in the book, even got the black women on the front line because of how powerful they are. the stuff they can get accomplished by simply rallying together is massive so align themselves with them. You can tell because they let them get away with being homophobic. Example, they will crush a heterosexual man for not wanting to associate himself with homosexual people and behaviors but will turn around and use the "you must be gay attack" as a defense mechanism to, insult, belittle, and crush a mans ego because they want to win an argument, but ya never hear gay people address it now do ya? cause they know they need to keep the black woman in their pocket for power purposes "another trick in the book.

    " No i dont want to hear the "well some black people are gay too", because most of the ones i've seen has chosen the gay plight over the black plight (again it's not the same). Also gay white men are some of the biggest racists on this earth but never get called out by their fellow minority constituents in that community.)

    you can wake up, walk down the road and nobody would know you were gay (unless you are openly exhibiting certaint mannerisms) , YOU CANT walk down the road and people not notice that you are black… there is a big difference.

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