Tennessee Republicans Vote Against Removing Slavery From State’s Constitution

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Author: phillyfinest369


41 thoughts on “Tennessee Republicans Vote Against Removing Slavery From State’s Constitution

  1. If it wasn't for racism white people couldn't compete. Racism is affirmative action for whites, meritocracy becomes compromised and they believe that God ordained their ideals.

  2. He sounds just like Jesse Lee Peterson speaking they are OK with the treatment of black people as long as it’s not happening to them this guy is a waste of skin

  3. Even though racism is all over the United states I would never live in a state that refuses to abolish slavery in their state constitution. They know they wrong that's what makes them devil's.

  4. Are yall silly, this ain't even a story…slavery is not in the state constitution, it's in the constitution of the United States, the 13th amendment to be exact…and it will never be abolish because race baiters like this guy will never tell you the truth…like when Joe Biden told him to his face he ain't black unless he votes for him, and that's what his slave ass went ahead and did, these ppl have agendas and its not the same as yours and mine, we need to pay attention to each other….not the ones out here tryna make money off out clicks, likes, and anger

  5. Sounds like they want to leave that door open, just in case!

    Carson lives in his own fairy tale, 🧚🏾‍♀️ along with his wife and kids. None of us have any idea how bad slavery was.

  6. Many black conservatives believe the have white privilege, so the are not aware of racism, because their tokenism whips away their reality of what affect the majority of blacks, they don't see themselves as part of the struggle.

  7. I am a white dude and think keeping slavery on the books…really!! Your Republican Lawmakers really make your country as a whole look really really bad!! Go get them…vote them out quickly, better yet recall them all and put them out their misery!!! OMG…the US is going to hell in a hand basket.

  8. This what happens to the black man when the pinkman let's him in the rain deer games like RAY. he's totally hooked. brainwashed for got who was there to represent turned pinkman over night.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. It’s interesting that this hasn’t been covered by the National news channels.
    Keeping that in their state constitution still gives them perceived sense of power and the ability to keep minorities down and controlled.

  10. As I shake my head at the matter🤦🏽‍♂️I’m disgusted with these white folks hatred towards us🖤🙏🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. You’re a fool if you think changes in wording mean anything. A simpleton believes that cuddly words will make the situation better.
    Racist believe that derogatory terms guised in a palatable definition is not racism.
    The vitriolic use of anti-white slurs is unjustified because the clause mentions nothing about it being against “blacks only” only as a punishment against criminals. Now i’m in agreement, there should be no slavery under any circumstances but this affects all races and not only blacks.

  12. The convicts are essentially working to sustain themselves in prison. The tax payers are paying their way so they are paying us back. No free rides, not even in prison. It's fake shit like this that creates more division and ultimately creates people like Jussie Smollett.

  13. So the only people that is listening to this man is white people because I guarantee you nobody black is paying this man any attention did he just say what I think he said

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