Suspect Shooter Armando Hernandez Films Attack in Arizona Mall

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Author: phillyfinest369


36 thoughts on “Suspect Shooter Armando Hernandez Films Attack in Arizona Mall

  1. This kid is delusional and indeed needs help social media is infact the evilness that’s brings out the devil in much misguided troubled and lonely people looking to fulfill the emptiness in there lives they lack but charlemagne said was he trying to cut yards unnecessary Mexican joke

  2. I wonder when people are going to realize that when they say "If you don't like it here, leave" it just pisses people off because not everyone is as blessed as you where we can afford to go places whenever we want.

  3. To me he was trying to immitate the kid from florida that committed a mass shooting Cruz or something like that. He said similar things

  4. We need better judges or whoever is in charge of giving the person charges I feel like if u have video or audio of killing shooting or whatever the case is u should automatically get 10 years in prison

  5. Very rarely are mass shooters under the influence when they commit their crimes. The fact that this guy had to get drunk to muster up the courage to carry out with it tells you right there that he didn't want to do it. The fact that he put it on Snapchat tells you that he wasn't 100% with what was about to happen. And most telling is the fact that he 1. Tried to justify himself to the woman pleading for her life (hope she isn't a karen… didn't sound like one) 2. actually listened to her response and 3. let her live. This was a very very sad desperate cry for attention. I'm happy he didn't kill anyone. Hopefully he can get his life together and do some reflecting while he's in jail and actually grow up to be a regular man. Also… don't fucking bully people. I never understood why someone would want to pick on another random person. You don't have to be cool with em.. just be cordial or at very least just don't be mean. And I'm not saying you can't laugh at someone you don't know, but don't do it in front of their face if you feel like it will hurt them. Simply put, just treat people the way you'd want to be treated. Damn, didn't the teacher teach yall big buff ass swole neck illiterate ass sad ass "bullies" that in the 1st grade?

  6. I'm just so glad that he didn't even kill 1 person. Like how much more of a failure can you be. He had a AR and couldn't even kill 1 person. He got absolutely nothing out of this and that makes me soooooo happy. I just hope that the victims recover quickly and easily and that we have no more copy cat pussy motherfuckers shotting innocent women and children and anyone else. Instead of being a man and facing your problems like a g. Love and prayers to the victims and families!!

  7. Remember. People USE guns to hurt people. Guns don’t hurt people. Criminals will always find means of hurting people therefore we need to exercise our rights to protect others

  8. Man I live a few miles away from Westgate it sucks seeing this type of stuff around my community, glad to hear no one died when this happened smhh

  9. And he wasn't killed and taken to jail? Hispanic Privilege 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️. Y'all know what happened if he was black

  10. I live in Arizona. As a matter of fact Westridge is only a 5 mile drive from me. Can I tell you first hand it took 5 months for a child I know to get an appointment with a psychiatrist out here. There is definitely something wrong with the system in my state to get young people help. Not enough resources for the amount of mental issues.

  11. Honestly if you're not white.. there's not much appealing about America… In all aspects you'll start behind the start line… Currently working overseas… And I don't see any reason to return aside from seeing my family

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