Stephen King Criticized for Saying He Doesn’t Consider Diversity in Art

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Author: phillyfinest369


32 thoughts on “Stephen King Criticized for Saying He Doesn’t Consider Diversity in Art

  1. Actually read "IT" , read about Mike Hanlons grandfather and his mistreatment in life and in the military, read the stand about mother Abigail being a savior , the Green Mile, bag of bones, also Susannah from the Dark Tower was a civil rights activist, Dick Holoran from the Shining helped saved men in the IT novel .. he represents more of a melting pot of people than most authors

  2. This guy has shit for brains. Mabey Charlamagne would like to hang out with all of the white kids in trailer parks accross appalachia who's parents are addicted to fentynal. Mabey they could show him what it's like to be privledged. This guy is full of hate but the guys he really hates are Jewish men, he's just too dumb too realize it.

  3. King has made an entire career out of fostering respect for the advent of imagination, telling stories that at least attempt to transcend divisions like race, etc in favor of unity under a different kind of banner…I think maybe it is infinitely more likely that what King said was misinterpreted by a few people who took the opportunity to make a whole ass YouTube video to complain about it.

    "Nevermind his body of work and his legacy, which bleeds diversity in many colors, let's focus on some shit he said on Twitter."

    This shit right here is why aliens won't talk to us, man.

  4. Bro his protagonist in the dark tower changed colour and he said nothing but hype up that movie and why should he

  5. What Stephen King wanted to say is that there are good or bad white artists as there are good or bad black, yellow, red artists. If you are a minority for example it doesn’t mean that your art is better. You have to be valued only by art you produce, regardless of your ethnic groups or sex orientation etc

  6. This “Podcaster” totally missed King’s point. Then attempted to throw shade by calling him an “old, white dude.” King is light years smarter than this clown could ever hope to be. Yeesh. Clean up on your own aisle, son.

  7. What a rhetoric fed sheep this guy is, look at the art being created where diversity is considered in this current climate both gender and race it's really bad clumsy stuff, an enlightened mind doesn't need to consider diversity because he's already accepted it.

  8. I'm admit I hit the screwface when I heard CthaGod on this one, but his tweet wasn't reckless, just displaying ignorance like actor Bradley Whitford said in TMZ. As progressive as Stephen King is, he should've stated the tweet he made hours later in addition to the original, bc it recognizes the context of his point. He got smoke from Lenard bc of how the clearly came across. As a POC or not, you should see that. The ones defending his diversity represented in his writings aren't seeing how there's such a lack in the movies.

  9. Out of like 35 movies only 3 black lead rules and no other none white leads. I'd go with Charlemagne on this one. Actions speaks louder than words. His actions have been so loud I can't hear his words.

  10. He’s saying diversity is important dumbasses. Imagine giving someone donkey of the day when you misinterpreted what he say. 3 donkeys

  11. I can't really think of any movies where any other race besides White's were highlighted in the film. I gotta lean a little more towards Charlemagne on this. It definitely would be evident in his work if he really felt that way.

  12. I agree with Stephen King. Diversity isn't important, if the artist wants to put certain characters, situations, stories or images, it's up to him/her, obviously if an artist pulls from their life, they're going to have certain situations, characters or images, so it's up to the artist. You can't make people do what you want them to do wtf, do it yourself… Pretty much murdering art at this point. This is what pisses me off, y'all want to control people, especially artists, that's why everything is so controlled and fake, especially mainstream art, puppets. That's why I don't take movies, cartoons, TV shows serious anymore cause it's all controlled and they have to put certain images, characters, stories in them, they have to, even if they don't want to, they fckn have to cause people will get upset or they'll lose their job.

  13. People are taking Kings very basic, vague tweet and putting words in his mouth. King is simply say art is incredibly objective and that objectivity is more important than potential diversity of the creator.

    To say “Stephen king likes quality of white artists” is exactly what King is saying he doesn’t care about.

  14. Its unbelievable how racist Charlamagne is and we just accept it as oh hes just joking arounf but god forbid anyone else does

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