Skip Bayless Trash Tweets Bronny James For His “Impressive” Dunk :

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Author: phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “Skip Bayless Trash Tweets Bronny James For His “Impressive” Dunk :

  1. Love Uncle Charla but this was a wasted DOD, there was no malice in this tweet…….. I'm sure drumph did something much more worthy this week to deserve another one.

  2. Skip is a sports analyst. Bronny is in sports. I don't see a diss. I see him giving him props and a critique. It is true that he should have used his left hand. The defender was on his right. Lol I love basketball.

  3. If it was KDs or Westbrook's kids, Skip would watch his back, he loves how both of them give him attention but he's infuriated that Lebron doesn't.

  4. When you google Skip Bayless 1.4…….memes come up about him averaging 1.4 pts per game off the bench in HS.

    Jalen Rose on the original Cold Pizza show on ESPN clowned Skip and called him “Water Pistol Pete” and shared with the national audience that he only averaged 1.4 pts per game off the bench in HS, after Skip shared his HS game resembled NBA HOF’er Pistol Pete Maverich.

  5. Ok, skip gets donkey of the day for a tweet but that stupid twerking senator with her ass to the world didn't. This whole show needs to be canceled.

  6. I don’t understand skip. He’s just a kid. I mean come on. Out of all things you can talk about in the sports world you bother a kid ?

  7. Skip already cleared this up. He didn’t mean it like that. And you have to take the man at his word. He didn’t trash Lebron during his teen years, why would he do it Bronny. CTG gone have to retract this one

  8. Personally, I don’t think it was hate. I don’t see what the big deal is. BUT, of course because Skip is WHITE and Bronny is BLACK and his father is Lebron James, the media is gonna come after him. Straight stupidity.

  9. Didn’t age well lol
    At the same time skip was talking noting but positive things about Bron jr this am show of undisputed

    Good to know there’s not much donkey news means there’s hope for humanity lol

  10. LMFAO can't believe skip got donkey of the day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude is the biggest clown in sportm that's desperate for LeBron to acknowledge him

  11. This reach, welcome to the league. Any league. WNBA dont dunk! Skip Bayless doesn't talk about the WNBA enough. His fault or the woman that talk about mens sports but not women's!👀

  12. Skip Bayless your resident undercover racist, this is not just about sports and making money being a media antagonist. His world is changing around him, and this is his best response just like many in his profession.

  13. He getting Lil Bronny ready for the NBA….I like Skip….he just doing his job…but to say the Man Racist when his is Weak….he has been on millions of shows with black men And women and I never got that from him

  14. Skip just making him think of being even more versatile I’m Speculating 🤔 idk but he does do a lot of hating in a way .

  15. eh the tweet wasnt that bad im sure skip just trollin really lmao telling the kid to dunk with his left aint the worst thing being said about him but i get it hes a kid

  16. For those who may not know stubbing or breaking your pinky toe is the worst..that's some deep pain you wish upon a person by saying that.🤣🤣🤣🤣funny af

  17. Might as well get Lebron's kids use to the criticism early, because its only going to get worse in the future, especially if they make it to the league. I really didn't think what skip said was that bad, you could tell he was joking. I've heard him say alot worse. Skip do be hating sometimes though for no reason lol.

  18. @CTGod ima need for you to start paying more attention to the topics bro, where was the hate? A more athletic player that shit would’ve been in the stands somewhere….. the man is an analyst, he’s only doing his job and he said the shit was impressive 🤦🏿‍♂️…. Damn

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