Skip Bayless Shames Dak Prescott For Admitting Depression Issues

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Author: phillyfinest369


50 thoughts on “Skip Bayless Shames Dak Prescott For Admitting Depression Issues

  1. Afterwards Skip Bayless got a raise and re-signed with FOX. ESPN wanted him back too. Just shows how racist America is

  2. As someone who has a rare brain disorder, I have had those thoughts before especially when people would tell me that I couldn't do anything. As time went on as I grew up I was able to overcome those thoughts. Many people who have disabilities sometimes have those thoughts because of being made fun constantly

  3. Nobody takes depression seriously until it's too late depressed person I'm thinking about killing myself family members so in so is crazy did y'all see that crazy shit he was posting on Facebook the other saying he was thinking about suicide bam person finally does commits suicide family we didn't know he was feeling that way he should have let us in i wish we would have seen the signs just too much what ifs smh

  4. Skip should stick to verbally making love to Tom Brady and doing what he can to keep Dak from Making $40mill. Mental health stability is very important! Take care of yourselves good people!

  5. I don't think he should get Donkey of the day for stating his opinion he also backed up a good argument for his opinion

  6. Skip has a point. If I was playing against him, I would like it as a weakness. DaK should have keep it to himself until after his football career.

  7. CTG didn't play the whole segment. Even Shannon who played pro ball and always disagrees with Skip even agreed with skips stance. What skip said was that quarter backs who play the most important role in a football franchise could face bullying and hazing behind closed doors from teammates and potentially coaches. Skip also said Dak who did nothing wrong by the way could of addressed his teammates about his depression and anxiety face to face in private. Reason why Skip said that, and let's be clear Skip is a huge Dak and Dallas Cowboy fan, meant people whether critics or opposing fans or players from other teams could say harsh things about his personal issues and use it as fuel to disrespect him. Notice how Skip said at the beginning, I know I'm going to get a lot of backlash from this statement. Shannon even said opposing players could talk slick during a play to get inside Daks head. He should know the man played pro ball for 15 years and is a HOF player. Just hate how the media picks scabs about certain topics and then twists the narrative. Even me in my youth I played basketball and football and coaches would torment you if you displayed weakness. I'm not saying Dak is weak, what I'm saying is that I experienced coaches getting in players faces and chastising them with what they thought in their eyes was quote on quote weak.

  8. People in Society- Black men need to show their emotion ! It doesn’t mean your weak.
    Black Men – Ok lets be vulnerable.
    People in Society- NO! Suck it up you can’t get a pass.

  9. It’s an opinion based show. Stop the cancel culture garbage. He didn’t give same safe answer, cause stirring a discussion. Creates a dialogue. Cringing how peeps overreact. Format of show isn’t to give same opinions……he was talking just on COVID period prior to brother suicide too and people drag that it in like idiots.

  10. Skip said himself before he made his statement it was basically the wrong thing to say, but he said it anyway. He cared more about the reaction of others than the person. Thats whats wrong with today and I'm not a old man I'm just 31 but people want reactions whether they are trying to be funny with something that isnt or soumd smart when they arent whatever it may be just to be noticed. Everyone has the right to an opinion but we have forgotten that some shit should just be kept to yourself. Its also ok to be indiffrent you dont have to have an opinion about eberything and everyone. Twitter and TV has fucked us up thats why I dont do social media now. He could have just said I hope he is doin better now and left it alone and shared that with someone else behind closed doors if he really needed to get it out.

  11. Y’all know skip is a real stand up guy the reason he left ESPN cause they didn’t let him talk about racial injustice so he left and went to fox

  12. Buster Douglas was the greatest fighter of all time for one night because of depression. A guy like Jordan would drop 150 pts because of depression. Excuses

  13. Well at the same time it does make you relatable but at the same time, you can also make the argument that a leader should never let someone see them sweat.

  14. Sometimes these analyst, media personnel and fans as well need to forget that athletes are real people with real lives issues and just cut some slack. Skip has lost it. He stepped out of line.

  15. Listen to NF song "Leave me alone". Very symbolic. Some hints: he is talking about mental health, he is telling is burdens, depression, anxiety and fame to leave him alone. The lady wearing black and laying on the floor represents his mother who died from an overdose when he was 18. The people in white represent people who chose to move on. NF is very discreet (6 million followers but many people haven't heard of him).

  16. Some of y’all acting surprised like this isn’t the same guy That wouldn’t say Kawhi Leonard’s name for an entire season because he left San Antonio

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