Sen. David Perdue Skips Debate Against Jon Ossoff Ahead Of Georgia Senate Runoffs

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Author: phillyfinest369


49 thoughts on “Sen. David Perdue Skips Debate Against Jon Ossoff Ahead Of Georgia Senate Runoffs

  1. The polls keep on getting it wrong…Democrats fellow citizens,
    please do not trust the polls and show up to vote and invite at
    least a friend to do so. All the Bernie Sanders, and part of the
    Elizabeth Warren and President elect Joe Biden's plan to implement
    in our country, including increasing the minimum wedges, depend on.
    You Democrat Georgians have the power to make frog face Mitch McConnel irrelevant…

  2. So he's not going to give Maxine Waters for not wanting to debate the young brother out in California and Breakfast Club said nothing about it. I see that Democrat cock must be good.

  3. I just found out some really suspicious information about David Purdue… before the covid-19 outbreak and pandemic he bought stock in Pfizer the company that's working on the vaccine for the Coronavirus. That doesn't feel like a coincidence… this makes me feel like these people were behind the Coronavirus and it spread so they can make money off of us.

  4. Missing a debate is like being awol on the battlefield. The fact Republicans will still support him shows me they would lose in a civil war because they are the same way. So helping him win makes cowardice seems like a good trait. But it actually makes them weaker every year.

  5. I'm embarrassed by the actions of these political figures that are so disrespectful. Showing the rest of the world how arrogant the white men good ole boys network is. Alive and well.
    The truth is, We The People are not represented by any of these men or women who feel any sense of entitlement…

  6. If Jon Ossoff debates an empty podium and Still Loses the election for Senate, it doesn't detract anything from Ossoff. It Does speak Volumes about the Ignorance of the people of Georgia.

  7. Just ask yourself why Purdue would put himself through another debate with Ossoff when the drones that voted for him last time will vote for him this time? Purdue skipped a debate last time and still got more votes. He knows he doesn't have to defend anything…..the Republicans are now a Trump cult and Purdue is part of it. The GA voters will show up for him. We just have to hope more people vote this time around to close that gap.

  8. Trump supporters ain't got a reason to come out… So it should be an easy win. Unless they think this election is for a revote for him 🤣

  9. To Georgians:
    Damn! Senator David Purdue didn't even show up to speak to the people at the debate -This is a first for me. This is on a whole other level of arrogance/entitlement. Great people of Georgia, please do not accept this level of disrespect from ANY politician, but especially from one in your own state – "You'll deserve better." Vote for politicians that respect you, and understand that they "work for you" and not the other way around. Be good Georgians, peace.

  10. It's funny that people in rural areas are always talking about how dollar general is killing the local grocery stores or the local economy but you elect the president of dollar general to be a senator 🤔

  11. One more time Georgia residents! Come out and Vote Georgia residents we're not done yet!! Pass it on! Tell friends and family
    Please come back out and Vote one more time on (early voting)December 14 2020 to January 5 2021. Vote Democrat candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for Senate majority, so with President Biden can finally clean up this Mess of a Nation that Trump circus has left it in. Country over Party, and return Democracy for all! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 💙💙❤💙 🇺🇸

  12. We need change…..get the old heads out …..and new blood in…then maybe other countries will stop laughing at us because right now we are a political joke to all….enough said

  13. Wow 🤦‍♂️ He should be disqualified for this, he knows he would have to answer hard questions that would more than likely incriminate him just like last time it's no surprise he skipped the debate but he should not be allowed to get away with it

  14. David Perdue is an embarrassment to Georgia I wish he would retire what a disgusting disgusting excuse for a representative. My God Republicans will vote for anything and do anything they had no morals I'm not sure they ever did

  15. Senator David Perdue is a liar and he has basically told his supporters your to stupid to know I really don't care about you. Perdue has enriched himself since the day he took office, he has no intention of changing, if you want change VOTE HIM OUT.

  16. After the insider trading scandal and skipping the debate. I have to say that anyone who votes for this man, I pray for your common sense.

  17. Did you gave Hillary donkey of the day when she didn’t campaign in others states because she thought she had it on the bag (Entitle) ???? That’s why she loss!!

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