Rupert Murdoch Leaves Fox Corp. In $1.6B Defamation Lawsuit Over 2020 Election Fraud Claims

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Author: phillyfinest369


39 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch Leaves Fox Corp. In $1.6B Defamation Lawsuit Over 2020 Election Fraud Claims

  1. I take off my glasses when I can't hear, and I turn down my music when about to start the parking process. LOL. Don't feel bad Charla.

  2. You squint or close your eyes when you’re trying to listen closer because there is less to distract you. You can fully concentrate on listening without the natural ADD of your brain attempting to ficus on something else.

  3. I was one of the person who doubted and somewhat believe the posibilita of a stoled election dickens fox did is wrong here

  4. This man owns the whole of UK Media and if you look back of the News of the World paper and the reason it closed down, you will know what he is about. He is as corrupt as they come, he and those who work for him came up with hacking death minors phones, deleting voicemails, giving grieving family false hopes and blackmailing celeberties. He is ruthless and does not give a ish about who he destroyes. He owns the Media of US and UK, so you can imagine….

  5. I think you squint your eyes when you can’t hear someone cause you’re attempting to focus on what they’re saying which leads to the squinting

  6. Tucker Carlson’s show was singled out and sued in another case also where the Carlson lawyers argued his show was not based on facts and it is simply for entertainment. If you want facts Fox News is not the place for you. This is nothing new to some of us. 🤌🏾

  7. He's a racists I don't care if jewsish it's even worse but but Explain that I am wrong please do it UK BORN AND BRED no Blacks no Irish No Dogs

  8. Charlemagne, you are at full capacity. You have helped push the narrative as well. When you were covering the Haitians, crossing the border, you mentioning that they were being whipped by border patrol officers on horses. That was all a lie, but you still push that narrative. You did not watch the video and no such thing happened.

  9. Fox News Corp doesn't just get money from advertising. They also get money from the cable companies. If you have cable, Fox will be included with your package regardless to if you ever turn to the channel.

  10. This Mofo actually gave Trump's daughter Biden's campaign ads before they aired so they could develop counter ads. This is so low.

  11. Murdoch& Fox…Just one small step from going all in on "The Earth is Flat". If it makes them money, they'll do it. And TBH… they don't care. They never cared – Trump just got bad for business. Because the scam was always to get money from the factions of the base that are uneducated. I rather think they're just wrapping up bleeding them dry and moving on to (literally) greener pastures.

  12. They deserve to lose every dime. Leading their viewers astray. Being conmen. Allowing and pushing lies for money now they need to lose that money😂

  13. It's funny that Charla is bashing Fox news for this segment, while most of the time when he talks about Biden he uses Fox and New York Post talking points. They both belong to Murdoch, and they've been poisoning people for a long time, but Charlemagne usually never have a problem citing New York Post especially as his sources. He even said before that he likes to listen to both sides. So he's the wrong person to bash Fox since he's an avid listener.

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