Popeyes Calls Police On Woman Trying To Buy A Homeless Man Food

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Author: phillyfinest369


36 thoughts on “Popeyes Calls Police On Woman Trying To Buy A Homeless Man Food

  1. Wow just wow! I think I woulda called the police too.. sike nah.. why do they let homeless people hang around the restaurant-but don’t allow people to buy food smdh.. I do the same thing charlamane, give em whatever I can spare and even buy em food sometime

  2. Why didn't she just buy the food and give it to him? I've never had a conversation with the drive thru employee on what I plan to do with the food I'm buying. And they called the police cuz she was clearly holding up the drive thru line. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Lol folks are speaking without knowing the whole story. They mos def would have gotten in trouble if that same general manager had found out they were letting ppl buy food for others. Another thing is the young lady doesn't know if they've had other run-ins with that dude. Lastly they didn't call the police because she was trying to buy him food. They did it because she wouldn't get out the drive-thru. That's basically trespassing.

  4. Fire whomever is responsible for the denial of her order and calling the police they should also be charged for abusing the system that officer could of been working on some real crime

  5. From what I have heard, employees discourage this because it deters other possible patrons to come to the store. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this statement, it’s what I heard so I thought I would come in this as a different perspective from other people. I’ve still bought food for homeless people at a restaurant.

  6. I'm trying to figure out what does her buying food for that man had anything to do with that employee, that's that woman's money if she decides to buy that man food it's up to her and shouldn't be stopped smdh. shout out to that general manager, that was awesome what he did.

  7. I agree , we should help each other but on the other hand if you able to work or get help from the government then you should get help from the government or find a job.

  8. Former GM of Popeyes, everytime I leave the store. I swear my shift leader do something idiotic. I can only imagine the phone call the GM called. My only response would've been "Take. Care. Of. The. Customers. Complete the transaction and move on with your life. You have other things to do, like food safety, shift checklist, breakdown, etc"

  9. I work at Popeyes here in Queens and we normally have crackheads enter the store and ask for money. Once we kicked them out they're basically lingering around the store harassing people that walk by. I don't wanna jump to conclusion but there has to be more to the story aside from the fact they were upset she gave him food. Sometimes when that happens the fiends or homeless use that as means to keep coming by and most places don't allow people to loiter.

  10. My son is a personal driver and on Sunday a homeless woman came up to him and he gave her all of his tips and it had to be about 50 or $60 she said it made her day

  11. Some of those workers behave like a student in an elementary school who gets " put in charge" when the teacher steps out!! "Charles how you gonna give me detention!" Lol.

  12. Because why are the homeless people always begging for change? Why can’t McDonald’s just give them free food! I don’t give crackheads or bums change cause they just gonna buy crack with it

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