People Are Still Hitting The Clubs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Author: phillyfinest369


23 thoughts on “People Are Still Hitting The Clubs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. I dont get it. They keep saying that everything is God's plan but this pastor seems to suggest that we have the power to derail His plans. So much so it, it frustrates God into sending a plague. Not even for the first time. One time it was a flood. Doesnt add up. In either case. Stay safe out there.

  2. People fear a virus that they cant see nor hear .
    But they do not fear God who they have never seen nor heard

    People fear a virus that can kill the body and do no more there after .

    But they do not fear God whom can kill the body and cast the soul into hell for all eternity.

    Talk about messed up priorities 🙄

  3. Hi Breakfast Club folks I just saw your channel just a few minutes ago. Amen you're on point..l love everything you said and this was a month ago. It's April 23 and I cannot find any comments this month April. Only heard comments from March.. maybe people should listen again to video say brother "you are damn right!" .. the news is out that it's spreading everywhere and so easily. Please give an update until people suggests that they chill out play music at home and let this curve flatten. It's come out that this is dangerous among the African American and Latino communities because of all the disparities an access decent Medical Care Education and everything else that's needed to strengthen the family and upbringing of their to find your most recent videos, I just subscribed .. I like to know where you folks based out of? Please keep going get the message out for folks that use masks plus keep their distance more than 6 feet.. just think when the wind blows it's going to carry whatever comes out of people's noses and mouths are going to travel much farther than 6 ft. please keep updating them good luck God bless you all keep yourselfs safe.. I like to read comments thanking you for your warnings and that they picking up what you're saying seriously.. all the best to you

  4. Well I don't know what states he's talking about, but my state was one of the first to shutdown before they declared the country-wide quarantine. Our governor wasn't playing no games. There's literally nothing open in Maryland but grocery stores, banks, gas stations, certain restaurants (for carryout), and stores, but they're open under modified hours. How tf yall still going to clubs? Gross.

  5. Does anyone here actually know someone with corona virus. Like physically know them and they have been confirmed.

  6. Why do people act like they care about each other when they really don't. if u never come out what do u care what other people do. Worry about yourself. Stop acting like u really care about other people. U see people everyday who need your help and don't do shit but u in your house and worry about somebody else cuz they could harm others. U don't even care about your self. U let the country be stolen run in front of u but u say no it's the other guys fault. FOH.

  7. What are the club doing open. To begin with. The owners of these CLUBS EACH ONE OF THEM I don't care if the clubs owned by 50 people. Every single person involved in the ownership of a club. Or anything like one. Eat need to be given. A 5 million dollar fine a piece. Each and every club that's open. And I got 90 days to pay. They want to do stupid stuff. Then we can do stupid stuff. They want to act like money so important. Then that's the way we'll show them. One might say all that's unreasonable you can't do that. what a my opinion the alternative is dragging the owners into the street and he's putting a bullet in your head. Chords I'll let you take your choice. If we do drag you into the street and shoot you in the (. The owners of the club that is ). Then I wouldn't fine you

  8. I’ve been doing self-quarantine for 3 years before it was a thing, but overall I’ve been in my house for the past 10 days

  9. They'll be the first 20,0000 to go. they are not contributing anything to society there for their life is not worth to have around. 👍

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