Oakland County Judge Orders Teen To Jail After Not Doing Her Online Homework

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Author: phillyfinest369


24 thoughts on “Oakland County Judge Orders Teen To Jail After Not Doing Her Online Homework

  1. Hey what about that 89 year old woman who was slapped and set on fire in Brooklyn? The Bronx is nothing but crazies huh? I think he doesn't know so much about NYC.

  2. Let"s be clear to all those choosing law over facts and circumstances and ETHICS…

    No, Grace should not be hurting her mother. She should be getting continuous intensive care that involves NOT being sent to a detention center during a PANDEMIC. AND, especially not for this reason… Her counselor who had been working with her for a long time was replaced. The new person not fully knowing Grace's progress, didn't even call to check with the school teacher FIRST about the homework. She just asked her Mom if she did it and when the Mom said no, they sent her to court, then the judge detained her because she told Grace she would if Grace ever entered her courtroom again. Grace's teacher is on record saying Grace was doing well and that about 1/3 of the class didn't do the homework and that she believed it was just part of the new adjustment for them to suddenly have to do school work independently and online. Grace has ADHD which affects her ability to learn generally even with help. As research shows, because of her intersecting race and gender, her FULL account of the facts are NOT being considered; nor the current societal environment it is taking place in.

    Democracy has 2 polarity pairs called "due process" and "justice". Just because the rules are there for the judge to apply does not mean that her responsiveness (due process) in doing so was ethically fair (justice). If grown adult males are being released from incarceration early because of this global health crisis, why is this Black female being detained having only at this moment "violated her probation" because of not doing homework and going to sleep instead. As a parent and educator I know, it was hard for many children without a background like Grace's to do assignments online at home during the immediate lock-down that took place all of a sudden back in March. She is no different, therefore her consideration and understanding should be no different either. And, btw, some may never get this, because your selective ignorance, conscientious stupidity or political agendas may be stronger in your soul than to give a crap about "communal obligations" to humanity or to others who look different than you. So, this was really not to educate you, but the others who may come across this post. God bless those who see the bulls___ in the way democracy is not applied for all of us equally and equitably and are trying to make social change to correct this.

  3. Why are you arguing logically points with this. The point is to destroy our kids. She didn’t want to help her, she wanted to ruin her.

  4. it sucks that she was put in jail for not doing her homework, but apparently she had a history of fighting and stealing,yes you can be put in juvenile detention. especially if you have a history of it, remembered those are crimes,what we hug criminals now ?.and also being on probation was part of her program..so if you violate,then consequences will come…. in say this because i have been through the system in past..people need to stop giving people,whether kids or adult a constant free pass for not what is right.

  5. Unfortunately, this was my judge in a custody case and I've been a witness and victim of her unprofessionalism and discrimination. She needs to off the bench.

  6. Some of the greatest psychopaths and social paths are judges and lawyers, they'll throw the book at an innocent person and go home and have family dinner, no remorse.

  7. The girl had been arrested before and placed on probation. She isn't being held bc of her homework, she is being held because of her numerous past run-ins with the law and being a threat to her mom. Tell the full story so ppl can make up their own minds.

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