NYPD Officer Caught On Video Using Chokehold After Law Was Just Passed

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26 thoughts on “NYPD Officer Caught On Video Using Chokehold After Law Was Just Passed

  1. You all do need to pull up the full video. Although no one deserves to be choked by the police the three men did taunt and continuous use profanity towards the police . Truthfully both sides were at fault. I do believe that is why this situation did not get as much attention as George Floyd because everything you need to see is clearly on video. #GoodDay/Night

  2. A common argument is "white people are assaulted by the police too"

    But if that were true why aren't they marching in the streets against police brutality?

    I've NEVER seen a march against the police led by white people.

  3. When you have a predator that prays on you. You have to fight back and make sure you dont end up as pray. Buy guns, be in a group of 5 or more for now. Also, get big and learn to punch like Mike

  4. A ban for choking this is a insult on our intelligence. Black people band together to create our own the won’t take us serious and they won’t stop killing us nor give that land up for our reparation. Stop begging

  5. Avg Joes and Janes should not be given the level of authority given to police officers. They should be elite in every way. Especially, mentally.

  6. There is an app open to persons called PoliceAbuse that people can report incidents, such as persons going through police brutality, instead of simply filming videos and posting them on FB.
    Use this app, as it goes directly to Washington DC, and allows citizens to protect themselves.
    Let's encourage this app to be utilized, giving people a voice, and an opportunity to voice realistic concerns, concerning their safety. Videos are also important, and a deep understanding of the changes in the law. Stay safe, as there are many of us promoting peace and advocacy, for victims of abuse.

  7. Reality of this is that police Department's across this country can't be reformed it's to entrenched in its ways. So extreme consequences must happen when a sworn officer breaks the law. My two recommendations are simple 1) pension forfeiture 2) Prison no PC straight population.

  8. 70 % pussies with a badge and gun. Don't get me wrong, we have lots of good cops that actually do there work . But , I know many that were herbs in school and became tough once they got a badge and brain washed to attack mostly blacks and Hispanics (which are black people also where they acknowledge it or not). U pass a law that some of these cops don't care about and will still do what they do.

  9. I think chokeholds shouldn’t be illegal, I think they need to be taught how to be properly done. Only takes 4-9 seconds to put someone to sleep, all these cops are kinda pussies. They don’t know how to handle situations, and they need have training every week or twice a month. It’s not fair to generalize police as one thing, say that cop is stupid that’s it. Everyone is turning into the thing their fighting against.

  10. The thing you all missed in this story is that two white men were in the face of those officers taunting and verbally threatening them and they did nothing. But as soon as that black man walked up they slammed him to the ground and put him in a choke hold. Those two white guy who were the aggressors didn't get charged and now they don't even get mentioned.

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