NYC Man Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Person Who Didn’t Say ‘Thank You’ After He Held The Door

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49 thoughts on “NYC Man Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Person Who Didn’t Say ‘Thank You’ After He Held The Door

  1. Just for anyone who was curious, 8.80 million people live in NYC. If .01% of the people in NYC commit a crime, that's 88,000 people. A fraction of that 88k do anything in the city.

  2. I would believe that an argument started over the lack of a thank you, but without a video I doubt the stabbing happened for that reason. Without a video I wonder if the ungrateful person threw the first blow. I’m not at all saying that the stabbing was warranted. None of this should have happened.

  3. It seems like he felt more disrespected by the guy saying “I didn’t ask you to hold it open” and not the fact that he didn’t say thank you as well. If the guy probably said something like “My bad bro”, the turnout probably would’ve been different. The attacker would’ve reacted different

  4. Sometimes I do the 'your welcome' thing like Yee was saying, but alot of times I do let it slide but it's a super pet peeve of mine when people dont have the common courtesy to say thank you after a gesture like that. I get pretty tight but I maintain pretty much for shit like this

  5. I'm kinda having mixed feelings about this one🤔 part of me doesn't agree with how far he took and don't think that someone should be stabbed for something like that but on the other hand certain examples need to be made because you have some rude ass mfers out here🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. My parents taught me to be courteous and hold the door open for people. If they're rude enough not to say thank you I basically just look at them and say you're welcome and keep on moving LOL

  7. if someone holds the door for you,
    it is proper etiquette for you to thank them.
    the "thanks" illustrates your understanding that the person holding the door for you is not one of your slaves.
    after the abolishment of slavery in the US the practice became an exercise which defined the gentleman from the riffraff.
    later the adoption of social media into every day life became a magnifier on the riffraff.
    the flood of narcissistic entitlement exhibited across social media proved while money can buy mansions it does not buy class.
    but a simple acknowledgement like "thanks" after someone holds the door for you will show class.
    proving while classiness costs nothing, even if they were the richest riffraff in the world, they still couldn't afford it.

  8. But did you watch the surveillance video tho? The guy had it coming because he was cornering the guy and preventing the dude with the knife from leaving.

  9. Because it’s out of habit on holding the door. Sometimes I don’t even notice I’m doing it so I’m not paying attention to whether I get a thank you or not

  10. FYI: The story is "reported" incorrectly. The man who was stabbed and died is NOT the man who did not say thank you. The man who died is the man who opened the door and was angry that he was not thanked. He then assaulted the man he opened the door for. The man who was assaulted then retrieved a knife from his bike. According to news reports, the man who opened the door and was angry continued to assault the other man and reportedly said, Stab me if you can do it. The aggressor ended up being the "victim."

  11. Shouldn't have happened but this is an EXAMPLE, to those who think they don't get morning breath and think they're better than everyone else, as to why you should have manners in the first place. I would have preferred to hear he got punched in the mouth rather than lose his life though

  12. Dude is a clown smh. Ppl deal with this everyday. Women are known for not saying thank you whenever someone opens the door for them lol, especially on the east coast.. I would never think about attacking or arguing with them

  13. As a New Yorker who walks around with a Swiss Army knife, Mace and handcuffs in case I have to make a citizens arrest, I have to hear both sides, but this ain’t it 😂

  14. But he could have get injured if he just pass and didnt open the door what if that pysco was still upset if some one did not open for him there is all type of crazy out here dont know who to trust

  15. The title is wrong. The person who did the stabbing was the guy who didn't say thank you. The guy who died is the one who complained about it and started the fight. He opened the door for the guy and was mad he didn't get a thank you

  16. He didn’t stab him for not saying thank you!! He stabbed him cause he was getting his ass kicked..he he was winning the fight the knife would’ve never came out..🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. I'll hold the door and I'll keep it moving. If you say thank you great if you say nothing, whatever. But you got to stay away from people's crazy. Think a man lost his life because he asked the wrong man to say thank you.

  18. The fool who got stabbed is the one who deserves DOTD. He started a whole fight with a stranger just because the guy didn’t say “thank you”. That dumbass should have just walked away; it wasn’t that serious and now he’s dead over it.

  19. It's always impolite to not say thank you for someone opening the door…but what's worse than that, murder lol Like CTG said, be kind because it's your character.

  20. I thought the guy that died was the person that was mad about the guy not saying thank you. In the video, the guy in the white shirt is the aggressor. Dude was on his bike trying to leave and the guy in the white shirt slaps him and gets stabbed

  21. Manners is taught by parents who was also taught manners and I was taught to hold the door, say thank, you’re welcome, speak first when entering a room, respect my elders and that man at 42 should have definitely been taught that but unfortunately this is not the world we live in today

  22. RIP to that man but THEY BOTH DESERVE DONKEY.. If he’d have just ACCEPTED what happened and MOVED ON


    For WHATEVER REASON this guy decided to say/do something.. And THAT is why the ‘suspect’ decided to do what he did

    It’s really not that deep lol

  23. Charlemagne, I agree with you. I don't do it for you, I do it for me, my spirit and how I was raised. Even when I say Good morning, you don't have to say it back. It's a good morning for me!!

  24. Damn he was just having a bad ass day. I think it’s mad rude for a person not to say thank you after you held the door for them, it’s common courtesy! Chile but I ain’t about to stab nobody over no shit like that he must had some mental issues

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