NY Police Union Head Accuses Media of Treating Officers Like ‘Animals and Thugs’

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40 thoughts on “NY Police Union Head Accuses Media of Treating Officers Like ‘Animals and Thugs’

  1. I'm reading a lot of these comments and all you guys who are bashing the police would be the first ones to call the police if facing great danger so you're all hypocrites.

  2. I would love to have that conversation about what he's talking about and then he can explain cops have the right to kill innocent in my hometown I guy was shot while in handcuffs in the back of the police car

  3. I feel bad for cops it’s not fair that a few bad colleagues can make it bad for the whole profession. Who you need to be mad at are the higher ups and the politicians and DAs who let real criminals run free like Epstein.

  4. Cops are nothing but government employed gangsters with badges and uniforms. They commit crimes everyday and usually get away with it. They can't take it anymore and want to quit, because they know they are getting called out. A lot more of these A hole street thug cops are going to be fired or go to jail from now on.

  5. Rightly said! The police are teaching us what violence and brutality is about!! They are the conversation lol. I love that!! They are just whining because for the first time they are under a microscope and their true colors are showing for ALL to see!

  6. Trump says hes the President of law and order but real law and order would involve having all of these cops arrested that commit criminal activity. If you were really a "good" police chief you would know that some of your officers need to be convicted.

  7. Joe Biden’s ad before the clip plays says “..I’ve come for to ask a favor…”
    wtf this guy put this commercial out? And wants to be president 🤦🏽‍♂️ Jesus Christ help us all

  8. One thing that will forever be true is, nobody like to hear the truth about who they present them selfs to be in society. Like come on… There so many good situations that take place between Cops and civilians but on the other side there is way to many injustice acts that take place in the brown/black community and the PEOPLE are sick and tired of it. Why is it so hard to see and withness so many videos out their that shows what some Cops are actually doing out their in the brown/black communities but still this guy does not want to accept the truth and change. Smh… #injusticedoesnotstand #freedomtoall

  9. Charlemagne you know they're not handing out surveys after police interactions so it's easy for him to say that they're positive when they're not logging complaints and I'm sure there are complaints. Just imagine you just got pulled over and profiled harassed Etc and then they hand you a survey about how you treated you. 3.75 million positive interactions would actually have a real number

  10. He said “stop treating us like animals .”

    You mean, stop treating us like we treat black and brown people? Is that what you mean, Mike? Stop treating y’all like you treat our communities?

    How about, you first?

  11. These pigs need to be fired, arrested, tried and CONVICTED for crimes against humanity. Hundreds of thousands of them need to be in prison. They truly are out of control, violent psychotics.

  12. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen if you can't take being in such situations and keep a calm clear head then don't become a cop we did not ask any of you guys to become police

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