NY Man Arrested For Brutally Attacking Elderly Asian American Woman

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44 thoughts on “NY Man Arrested For Brutally Attacking Elderly Asian American Woman

  1. The Hotel show the guard the way out. They will never protect the hotel interest when it is needed. They will go away for shure. They only needthe hotel to pay them, not to protect the hotel.

  2. Chinese people use the word "Nay-Ga". Generally, depending on which part of China you are from, it means "… and then". Like "… and then my daughter started playing the piano". In some cases, it means "That" or "Within", as well as "um" or "Uh Huh". That word has been used by Chinese people for centuries.

  3. You've never heard them label anything that happens to Black people a "HATE" anything. Then you asking non trained people to protect other people because they were not security at all just guys they put at the doors to count people in because of C-19. Black people are not responsible to stop killers and come to the rescue of anyone. Also MOST companies tell their employees not to pursue people who steal or get involved in matters outside the business because of insurance liability reasons cause anything can happen.

  4. Man. You can lose your job, and your career for saying the wrong thing on social media. And these guys got suspended for letting an elderly lady get stomped out and did nothing to help her?

  5. This was set up to add to the Asian hate crime you get someone out of prison that has a shady background and you MK Ultra them brainwashed them mine manipulation to help your agenda, that's my talk on it

  6. My fellow African Americans please stop participating in the assaults against the Asian American community. This is all fueled by t**@# ignorantly and falsely pinning the coronavirus on Chinese people. Just stop it before we are the next group assaulted because of our race and sadly, it's just a matter of time. I know that has happened to us in the past and present but it was and is still wrong and two wrongs will never a right.

  7. WTF are we living in the 1950s? Why is it always the men who are expected to risk their lives for others. This kind of major sexisms against men really needs to stop. Charlamage sound very sexist.

  8. I cant believe yall don't realize these men are paid off to do this. All I'll say is pay attention to the commonality of Red and Pink coats. That's so they know their operatives

  9. So they're saying that the two guys that lock the door are security but I heard one was concierge and one was a doorman that is way way different than security and Charlamagne should do some research before he hands out donkeys LOL

  10. 2 security guards didn't want to have a George Floyd situation in they hands they know whatsup, lose lose situation i respect their choice 👏🏾👏🏾 hope the poor women quickly recovers and the necessary psychological and physical treatment.

  11. Hey mane I don’t judge people that aren’t willing to risk their lives for others. I can’t ask someone else to possibly volunteer their life for someone else. Turns out dude was actually a murderer too?! I can say I’d do something, but I can’t be mad at people that don’t feel the same.

  12. Kinda curious about this black and Asian stuff all over the news, why is it only happing in 2 cities San Francisco and New York 🤔…it’s not happening nowhere else in America where black and Asians live…these headlines are very sketchy to me! 🤔🤔

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