Nikki Haley Says America Has ‘Never Been a Racist Country’ – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


41 thoughts on “Nikki Haley Says America Has ‘Never Been a Racist Country’”
  1. What a joke.. She claims the USA is not racist then ten minutes later Trump throws racist anti Indian heritage remarks at her to make his racist base happy. The same thing he did using Obama.

  2. Nikki shut up you only took that Conferred Flag down in SC after the mass shooting in the church…otherwise it still would have been up

  3. The fact kamala said that dumb ish and we didn't bug her head off about it daily is why ppl can still say that dumb ish 🤷🏿‍♂️the worst they'll receive is Donkey of the day 🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. Democrats can’t acknowledge racism because a lot of democrats are racist. A lot of democrats vote democrat because they believe in women’s rights or LGBTQ or the environment or other liberal ideals, not because they believe in racial equality.

  5. All you have to do is look at all the crap trump has gotten away with , he’s rich , old and white and has an entire political party and all the right wing media behind him and pushing to change the narrative and pushing lies , imagine if he was black or brown , would he have this backing behind him ? He is the perfect example of systemic racism

  6. I’ll double it down here, as I said in the Front Page News segment. CTG spent more time talking about what the Democrats don’t say than focusing on what his preferred candidate said! Sad man!

  7. Just look at the Republican party they are still a middle aged white man party those are facts. Sprinkle in a few blacks and bat shit crazy white woman that's today's Republican party.

  8. Sooo let ME GET this STRAIGHT! She faced racism when she was growing UP, but America has NEVER been a racist country!!???🤔🤔🤔…Even racists are LAUGHING at HER right now!!!🤨 Kamala, YOU marrying a white man, didn't miraculously make racism disappear!! I am beyond disappointed in your comments!! You're way smarter than THAT! or SO I thought!!🤔 I guess ALL of these "Karens" and "Kens" running around here a just actresses huh??

  9. So many victims here on YouTube, this country has started from oppression and civil war, we literally have constantly made massive leaps forward in the short time we have actually been a country. Can’t say the same for countries that have been established for thousands of years like in Africa or Europe. You guys are jokes and completely turn a blind eye to everything, so racist you can’t even see

  10. Yeah, and I really want to meet your Mom, I had a great time tonight, I'll give you a call, I'll pull out in time, trust me, and, it's only a cold sore. Need more Haley?

  11. When these idiotic people say this country isnt racist they are trying to erase the evil they did in jim crow. Thousands of black men women and children were lynched an worse so yes america is an has always been a racist country

  12. Racism has existed in this country the minute the early "settlors" kicked Native Indians off their property and followed that by the slave trade and systematic racism that 50% of this country supports. The woman is delusional. She doesn't stand a chance at becoming president but that 🍊🍕💩 will be the GOP nominee.

  13. Can someone please explain how the Republican Party is THE racist party but the Democrat party that fought for slavery, founded the KKK, supported Jim Crow and segregation isn’t? I can get on board with saying both parties are racist but to suggest that the Dixiecrats that waved the confederate flag are for black people is a bold face lie.

  14. They all not chit. Just the Reps keep it a g about it. Democrats rather roc you to sleep,to your demise. Just like they did you Charlemagne 😩🤷🏾‍♂️💯

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