NeNe Leakes Compares RHOA Struggles To George Floyd

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Author: phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Compares RHOA Struggles To George Floyd

  1. She sounds an entire fool. Girl u get paid millions to go eat, party & argue! If u can’t take it then leave 🗣 but u ain’t no victim ma’am 🙅🏾‍♀️

  2. She said she felt “ganged up” on yet the same one hawking up spit at another castmate🤔Yet the same one who kept saying things to Kenya when Kenya paid her dust🙄or what about when she came to cynthia peach Bellini party and started talking about kenya having a “Buffalo” and calling kenya names and all kenya said was Hi🤷🏽‍♀️Chile bye !

  3. G
    Hey why dont you create a plaque, trophy or certificate to be given those donky of the day people if they become your guest or give shelf or space visibly to show.

  4. I agree with another viewer name (T Town)…Nene didn't compare her situation to the unjustified actions of G.F, she said that she felt ganged up on like they did him. No matter what Nene does, it's always criticism about it. I won't say that Kenya and Nene are the same, because Kenya has done things far worse than what Nene could ever think of doing. Although some try flipping the script like Nene is far more worse than Kenya, They're isn't a doubt in my mind that it actually is the opposite way around. No matter how viewers feel, Nene was alienated by the group this season, because Kandi and Kenya thought that by making her an outcast, Nene would get upset to the point of not returning. Season 13 was one of the most disturbing, out of control, vindictive episodes ever aired on TV, showing desperate women trying to take the shine of the very one who like it or not, made the show for what it is today, minus this Season 13 episode showing a bunch of jealous women, trying to take another woman down, in order to get to the top. If I wanted to see a bunch of clowns, I would have took my ass to the circus. No more RHOA for me.

  5. Is this really news worthy? Taking the attention away from what's really going on but then again, this isn't a real news worthy show. Just gossip media that just want to interview most for mess. Anybody can do a breakfast club show. It's really a youtube only worthy show that just became popular. Not real journalism!

  6. Giving donkey of the day to this incredible black women but never spoke up about Boosie abusing his son. Smh RESPECT BLACK WOMEN

  7. When Ur Accused Of Paying Wit A Supposed Counterfeit $20 Bill. Should Never Warrant U To B Ganged Up On By 4 Racist Cops & It Damn Sure Cost U Ur Life. Nor Should It B Compared To Someone Who's Being Paid 6 Figures. To Compensate Them To B Gang Up On Ppl. & Ganged Up On!!!!! Ijs #ImJustSaying

  8. I hate when people nitpick at analogies, like it obvious what she meant. She was just giving examples of what being ganged up on is, not saying her situation was the same. That's so obvious though, shut up charlemagne, like there arent more important things to talk about right now

  9. NeNe Leakes gets way more attention than she deserves! I guess it pays to act a damn fool on a reality TV show. And aren't these types of shows suppose to be used to catapult your career? How long has she been doing RHOA? Where is the growth? Her comments were very clownish to say the least.

  10. It’s nothing different from you using the God in your name.! Who are you to portray the image of the God..! You are not God will never be God with all of your missteps. If you want to hold a title of God then act like a child of God.. you are just like her and can’t see your underline issues.! I have watched your shenanigans.!

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