Nancy Pelosi And Other Dems Kneel Wearing Kente Cloth During Congressional Hearing

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Author: phillyfinest369


30 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi And Other Dems Kneel Wearing Kente Cloth During Congressional Hearing

  1. This is the Dems taking a knee for the BLM movement, a MARXIST movement that is nothing to do about race, but everything about destroying democracy in the name of socialism. BLM has stated as much, and have so far as to add the hammer and sickle of the russian cccp flag from the 80's.

  2. I think we need to check ourselves here…this feels like rope a dope here. Why are so stupid to fall for this time and time again. They want us to fall in line with there way and they’ve played the BLM and racist card for 4 years..when they guys are the real racists..i see their bullcrap now

  3. I cannot believe how disgusting pelosi is! The Democrats do NOT care about Black people! I'm a WHITE Republican with two BLACK cousins and I dont always like or get along with them! Does that mean I am racist??? Hell No! IM HUMAN! And sometimes, people piss me off, just like anyone else gets pissed, it doesn't matter what color you are. But do I care about Black people and have true Love for them just like anyone else?…Damn right I do! I have more Black friends than white ones! But BLM is a terrorist threat to our country, and it's just that plain. TRUML 2020! And to all the Black folk, I am proud that our country doesn't have segregation like it was back in the day, and if it ever did again, I will fight like hell to get rid of it! God Bless Americans and God Bless Donald Trump!

  4. Kente Cloth was worn by the SLAVE TRADERS worn by the Asante or Ashanti people of Ghana! No one had higher status or wealth than slave traders. Since Benghazi, the slave markets have returned to Libya! You want to celebrate the legacy of Obama? Want to celebrate the amount of suffering he brought back?

    What is obscene is that either Nancy and the Dems are stupid, but this is rubbing slavery in the nose of slavery, as which party started it and fought to keep it? It was the Democrats, so why are Black people voting for those who celebrate the garb of the people who took slaves and got so rich they could wear silk in Africa? This is obscene!

    Would you go to visit where the Holocaust happened and wear a Swaztika armband to show solidarity with the Jews? If you did that, you are showing solidarity with the NAZIS! So what are the Dems doing but rubbing slavery in the noses of the descendants of slavery? If that does not make you mad, tell me, what would?

    My best friend is Black and I love her with all my heart!

  5. Reparation is bullshit…you don't think white people are being beat down? You don't think white people are forced into poverty? Why the hell does America need charity groups to feed the children of America. Why the hell do we need non profit orginizations to help the homeless, why the hell do we need government assistance for low income families to live and pay bills such as energy assistance, food stamps, health insurance programs..?? This isn't a matter of race…this is a matter of American culture. This is a matter of Government not giving a shit about Americans of any race. This is a matter of our Government shipping our jobs out of the country. This is a matter of Federal Government keeping minimum wage at $7.35 an hour when no one can live on that. Government voted themselves in tens of thousands of dollars a year wage increase, but screw the working class. Every race in America needs to wake the hell up and realized where the real problem is.

  6. Everyone has it wrong. Pelosi is wearing scarfs for another reason. She has had so many face lifts that she wears a scarf to hide the fact that her naval is up to her neck! 😷

  7. I can see it now. Democrats are the perpetrators and perpetuators of systemic racism. No wonder they and the liberal media blame Trump. He revealed them! Democrats have not lifted a finger to help the communities they run. They just want to keep their slave-trading ways going and prospering.

    Clinton and Epstein? White slavery.
    Hollywood Liberal Democrats? White slavery.
    Past Portland and Seattle Democrat mayors? White slavery.
    The Jim Crow laws were enacted by Democrats.
    The Confederate South was Democrat-run.

    There is a 2nd Civil War. It's being fought in our streets right now!
    It is to end the Democrat party's slave-trading ways. Permanently.

  8. Anyone "moved" with any feeling other than nausea, to this ridiculous pandering, is a fool. Of course, the Dems are counting on their voters to be fools as the Dems despise their voting base. Proof? Right here! OMG, what a crock of pandering! Pandering is the tool of the Dems…virtue-signalling combined with hypocrisy…and the left voters EAT THIS CRAP UP! You are being played by "your" party, lefties! Not only that, but the dem voters are eating this up like the trained seals they are. Your party is correct – you are idiots.

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