Mom With Biracial Son Sues School Board Over Critical Race Theory

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Author: phillyfinest369


35 thoughts on “Mom With Biracial Son Sues School Board Over Critical Race Theory

  1. Not gonna lie..I would do what this kid did if they would take me seriously.
    " boss mad you late for work" racism
    Landlord wants the rent…racism 🤣

  2. Wanted that black 🍆 now she can’t handle the consequences of possibly having a biracial son… I wonder what’s up with the father ? Black people been lied to and still are in school about history .. teaching the
    Truth is going to scare these white folks

  3. Even though her son may be jokingly using racism to get out of chores, he may just be right in some instances. And it doesn't matter how many people she sues, he will never unlearn what he now knows. She is never going to hear the end of this and it's mainly because she didn't talk to him about the injustice ahead of time. She should've let him know that in the world he is BLACK and he will be treated as such!

  4. CRT is NOT that woman's issue/problem; she's just using it as a scapegoat, most likely just to disguise her liberal bigoted mindset & maybe her Black son is right to be calling it out in the manner that he is. She mad that her son is accepting part of his identity AND acting like a teenager. Welcome to parenthood, MOM.

  5. BIRACIALS ARE BIRACIAL NOT BLACK PERIODT – you are what your mother is PERIODT – mix people will continue to struggle with their identity if y’all keep entertaining this NONSENSE

  6. This is terrible. The father NEEDS to check back in on his son. Obviously the mom is missing the whole being a parent to a Biracial child

  7. Critical race theory is crap. I know a lot about black history from being in school. It was taught right along with every other kind of history. Since when do we need this class? Any American history should include Black history.

  8. Wow, why would a mother allow her biracial son be used as a Political pawn to demonize CRT. CRT isn't the evil boogie man thst Conservatives make it seem it's simply looking at the role race plays in policies and laws enacted in our society, so seperate but equal and saying blacks could go here or there and drug laws that targeted black people giving us more time for the same amount if drugs is What CRT us, that's true history thst conservatism, especially white evangelical Christians never wanna Admit.

  9. Two things: 1. child knows what it is. Just being annoying about it. Like oh dont clean my room race, bad grade race, miss lunch, etc. Childern he probably know it but fully doesnt undestand it

    2. He actually is confused and going to mid issues about himself.

  10. opponents of critical race theory bother me, like what are you tryna keep children from finding out?? Tryna keep RETRIBUTION as far away as possible, shit I would too if there were people I screwed every where I went. I'd do my best to keep them VERY DOCILE and happy with little acts of symbolism I didn't have to sacrifice much to provide…

  11. Yo! Black men, stop getting WW pregnant. They don’t like or love you. You are “property” to them. When will you all understand that? They will never understand your culture or your history. When you procreate with them you are disparaging the essence of your people. CRT isn’t even apart of lesson plans.

  12. This is just like my mom, she had two biracial kids and still stayed married to my dad who’s black, she raised us to be prejudiced against kids my own color or darker in our neighborhood and she was the only one in a house of black males that would use the “N” word, she doesn’t think crt should be taught, she now has a son who doesn’t trust her and will call out her bullshit every time

  13. It always amazes me how some people think if we just had a bunch of bi racial babies that would just get rid of racism. You have moms like her who raise bi racial children to continue their racist legacy.

  14. We definitely need to hear from that daddy because mom definitely is pulling shenanigans and that kid is in a heep of trouble going forward and probably will go full Malcolm X on her ass just to spite her then attend an HBCU to major in African American studies. Reminds me of that Kaepernick series on Netflix recently and how his adopted parents tried to keep him from his blackness.

  15. White mother with black child problematic. White women always play ops, now she has found away to make herself a victim. 😑🥱

  16. still nothing is done and someone like me with the most extreme version of this happening to me is being threatened to be thrown in jail.

  17. This is exactly what Kanye was talking about Mister Charlemagne. You get to choose how you look at yourself. Are they teaching about the 32 black slave owners or the first legal slave was deemed that way because of his black slave owner?

  18. The child is BLACK what did she expect in America?? He is not white and I am assuming he does not LOOK WHITE. That's the problem with white women having BLACK babies. White women have no clue on how to raise a Black child in this country periodt. Those white mothers are part of the problem as are their white worshiping black baby daddy's. Their children grow up confused…who do I belong to???

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