Mitch McConnell Blocks Election Security Bill, Rejects Criticism He Is Aiding Russia

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Author: phillyfinest369


44 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Blocks Election Security Bill, Rejects Criticism He Is Aiding Russia

  1. lol, this is funny now. Nothing came of any of this shit, politics isn't worth paying attention to anymore, just let the fucking wave roll and coast.

  2. Let me get this str8. This idiot claims the US government is white supremacy and targets black people on the regular because they’re “racist”. Now this goof is using so called government reports as fact that the Russians are out to get you. Why would you believe the Nazis? Complete horseshit. You talkin out of both sides of your mouth again.

  3. If I see that stupid ass ad with that bum Pink Sweats I'm throwing my phone against a wall, wtf kind of stage name is that smh??

  4. well charlamagne if you so wanna vote and praise the
    plantation/slave owners then
    go ahead. but also do your homework and get the fucking real facts by Google if you think you're right about Trump and russian collusion. cause a person with your fame and the breakfast club have a good standing so far but when you
    don't fact check and send out a negative wrong narrative could end result very similar
    to how CNN is losing their
    voice credibility and audience.
    yeah it's all about freedom of speech as long as what you say is true. remember foreign
    voting fraud did actually come from illegal – undocumented migrants in my state of California yes fact check it.
    however the million of votes were not for Trump. i don't approve of any voter fraud
    and as far as Russia is concerned Trump was not
    indicted for collusion nor obstruction period. get your info facts checked before you
    start spewing misinformed
    narratives. you really don't want to start having the same
    reputation as diarrhea mouth
    don lemoan. keep it real
    without adding your personal
    interest, that part you can keep to yourself

  5. Please be kind to Moscow Mitch and cut the old gentleman some slack! If Moscow Mitch were to approve election security bills…….he would have to answer to Trump and Putin…and the would out Lindsey Graham.

  6. Heycubscougarhere my youtube channel july 30 5:45pm got my left foot run over knock down by white suv mixed race spanish dude in glasses grabbing a cup of coffee. Now fractured splintered in cast splint cant walk hospitals lawyers rehab. Moving out of ground zero 6 floor walkup no zadroga no apologies bad alciada fbi ops today watch out. Many today not human shapeshifting reptoids hate humans antihuman see humans as their resource needing development.

  7. No one will wake up and unite we need to as a nation ..why is it Nipsey Hussle was assassinated…but we do nothing but fall into the matrix cycle and protest until the media begins to push away from the story on purpose in order to continue there cover ups …these are facts …look up Eric Holder and all you find is what we already no…never any new updated news …this is unreal how we continue to allow this to happen to are people because they gave us employment and technology to stay entertained and destracted …we are conditioned off Sudo-Storytelling…when will we change this fear of Allowing 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😈

  8. Man he has got to take trumps nuts out his mouth i can hardly understand that frog face gravel voice turd

  9. Great now the breakfast club gets involved with politics good job breakfast club you guys are make good logic points👎 don’t you see entertainment business should not get involved with politics.. you guys get backlash & then what?? Lose your views stupid move.. STUPID MOVE.. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  10. The bullshit that it is, you can't call a sitting president racist or convict them of a crime it's all some bullshit to make money for the 1% everybody making under 15 bucks should just not go to work for 1 day, and just that day would hurt the 1% so bad that they would have to listen to people. But if people aren't ready to sacrifice then stop talking about all this cause it will never change.

  11. No this I showing domestic tampering. Yes treason but against the American people for money and other political gains within! The bill seemed to touch domestic affairs just as much that would affect him directly if his campaign is mainly PAID by the voting machine companies!

  12. Spygate is the true story of what happened in 2016…. I know this is going be hard to hear but Obama is knee deep in this whole mess…. Either he was part of it or very very incompetent….

  13. And NOBODY CARES !!!

    Pretty much sums up how numb we've become because of the Tap Water.
    Check ever so often if your brain is numbing.

  14. People have a misconception or misunderstanding with how Russia is interfering with the election. It's not like Russia has say on what goes on the ballets for election or who is selected by the voters but rather how the voters are persuaded in during the election campaign. Throughout all social media platforms there have been alleged Russian probes (bots) and data collecting on American citizens. There have been a ton of fake news stories and fake outrage about stories that are either exaggerated, one sided or completely false. A lot of people appear to be driven emotionally and media outlets including "the breakfast club" tend to sell just that, stories that are emotional driven and relatable to targeted audience. I dont blame the breakfast club for doing what they do it makes them money, supply and demand. When it comes to interfering with elections the U.S does it also.

  15. And while Republicans and Democrats point fingers at each other and call each other fascists, our wealthy politicians and their wealthy donors are laughing all the way to the bank. As they have been for the past hundred years. Keep supporting either party and you will continue to get more of the same, which is no significant change or Improvement in any of our lives.

  16. I feel like the Democrats are trying to be too decent. You can't be nice right now, it's time to strike back the Republicans are fighting dirty.

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