Mississippi Elementary School Gives ‘Monkey Award’ To Student

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Author: phillyfinest369


44 thoughts on “Mississippi Elementary School Gives ‘Monkey Award’ To Student

  1. There is something unbelievably cruel , and hateful about mocking a small child to his face while pretending to be honoring him. He’s a baby you don’t do this, he can’t defend himself. Disgusting.

  2. White people! You guys aren't tired of black people keep bringing this stuff up? I mean my goodness! You would think to NOT do something that stupid.

  3. This is the kind of stuff kids have to endure. No one can convince me this doesn't have a psychological effect on some kids. This is by design. This is on purpose

  4. It’s fucked up to give a little black boy a monkey award but I KNOW she hears that beeping for the smoke detector going off and Id bet money that its been going off for weeks lmao

  5. Ok so monkey is off limits to all black ppl no matter what? Y’all are watering down true bigotry.

    All these unarmed killings and this is our focus?

  6. Y’all do know that Mississippi is 43% black American! It’s projected to be majority black by the end of the decade!! These kind of events happen across USA especially up north …

  7. When I was in kindergarten back in the late 70’s, the teachers had the kids act like zoo animals for fun, and she had us only three black kids be the monkeys, we didn’t know better back then! But they almost got the beat down from our parents when they found out!

  8. I've been saying this for a while now. we as black folks need to start. Homeschooling our children or start finding other alternatives to public schools. They're not safe in the classrooms anymore. It's either they teach our children information that isn't vital. or they teach them the wrong information entirely. Or they flat out treat our kids like crap. Not to mention the rate of school shootings are skyrocketing. For all that I can just homeschool

  9. Give me a break! Constantly making EVERYTHING about race! "White Supremacy" is only alive and well due to shows like this, CNN, and MSNBC.

  10. I haven’t looked up the story but was this an award that was issued since the school was founded? Is the monkey a school mascot? Is this a new teacher and something they decided to do without filtering it through the supervisor and principal? Is the teacher an immigrant white? In many Nordic countries they refer to their kids as monkeys and also in India the monkey god Hanuman is worshipped and they are allowed to run the street because they are sacred. If this was something new and the teacher is American than none of that is applicable. If I were the parent then I would be looking to press charges against the district. It’s the south and the Supreme Court are full of racists so good luck.

  11. This poor baby had no idea! He was excited to get an award – but that teacher knew exactly what she doing AFTER having that meeting!😡

  12. My schools
    White teachers will have to know about true history (crt) before working in my schools, that will be filled with children of different backgrounds because being out of line then saying you didn't know is not acceptable.

  13. Them dirty MF's they know what it meant and should be fired !🤬 when u say 1900's I be like😮and kim she trina have shock value nope! U still dry girl byeee😆🤦‍♀️

  14. Screw Structural Racism once and for all!!
    There is no more excuse for White "Supremacy!@
    I stand with you all day and every day!!!

  15. Ok so when I saw it I thought it was as the teacher says…I use to call my daughter monkey when she was a baby cause she was all over the place climbing on stuff things like that…but for school maybe its a NO

  16. It was an animal themed award ….I personally don’t think this is that bad . There are many words that have several different definitions . Its how you take it . Y’all minds just stay in the gutter

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