Mike Bloomberg Was Not Prepared For The Smoke During The Democratic Debate

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Author: phillyfinest369


37 thoughts on “Mike Bloomberg Was Not Prepared For The Smoke During The Democratic Debate

  1. My question is, how will he do all of these encouraging black people community centered things? I appreciate imposing a 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports beginning September 1. Who will further the tariff agenda? How about bringing all of our outsourced manufacturing jobs back to the United states. Those 2 things will help our poor communities and bring money to our country that will also put pressure on our government to do more for the poor. That's what we need, maybe not for us but our children and grandchildren will have the benefits

  2. The moral of the story, treat women with respect. Then shit like this wont bit you in the ass, because if you can't do that one thing……..I don't trust you to do the rest. Politics suck because too many people think its a job for life and they will do anything to stay in office…….ANYTHING.

  3. For you idiot people's out there your vote means nothing the powers at be pick the president before you dummies vote. Jesus t.v and social media has really dumb down the people's

  4. Bloomberg doesn’t need another ad charlemagne I mean we have to hear his ad twice on every break from the station. Now you basically campaigning for him while giving him donkey for not making a clapback with that inaccurate information you just spit smh I thought you was better than that!

  5. Sound like Charlemagne wanna vote for the racist Bloomberg, cause the racist donated and "promised" to help black folks, well i guess racism is okay by Charlemagne when money is involve, so you can be bought Charlemange, glad you told us. Seems racism is okay with Charle as long as it doesn't affect him personally, is that it Charle!?🤨 Charle had the nerve to imply that everyone on that stage had similar racist track record like Bloomberg! Seriously? Charlemagne is a damn liar. There was one reason and one alone why Bernie voted for the crime bill was because of The Violence Against Women Act he's been fighting for years to get pass and Republican loving Biden add it to his Biden crime bill. Bernie went to the floor and cuss them out for their cowardly and reprehensible act! I can see right know if Bernie didn't vote for the bill, they would be ADS saying Bernie hates women, so we know that's all you haters have, nothing else, but that's cool, cause there is a saying that God don't like ugly.

  6. If you're not a upper class white person, the presidential race/vote is nothing more but you choosing the lesser evil. Whoever they put in that office, won't change a damn thing

  7. Bloomberg's an idiot, he says his first priority is to let people live yet he wants to do away with that second amendment and take everyone's guns away

  8. If you look every image and every backstory of this person talkingshit you will know that he is the definition of a hater don't worry I'll wait for that answer because I know that he should not be a no microphone he should be misplaced

  9. First of all don’t no body talk abt my next president of the United of the states!! Ass whole charlamaine the devil

  10. Bloomberg's full of s*** it took a federal judge to stop the racist policy of stop-and-frisk! Bloomberg fought that judge the whole time

  11. Corey Booker and Kamala Harris had trash polices that’s why they didn’t go anywhere. Yang was blocked by MSNBC. Same with Tulsi after she killed Harris campaign

  12. All I know is that he wants to now but nothing I can see of him actually doing or promises to that before running for office. Forget Bloomberg as President and legitimately as an opportunity to vote for… he's nor honest nor does he want to do for any black deprived community until he ran for office. More BS promises from a republican hiding in Democratic party to get in office and do nothing.

  13. Fixed it……Got blocked talking honestly about Bloomberg being s#1¥. Guess his money runs deep in Google and YouTube control the narrative about him is what his money does and this censorship leads to more distrust of everything praising a racist.

  14. It's amazing how this pple always accuse others of a busing women and it turns out there are the abusers lol

  15. Charlemagne auditioning for another job. White men don’t believe in EVER apologizing. Billionaire white men DEFINITELY don’t believe in EVER offering an apology for their behaviors.

  16. When you that rich an that much of a dick you don’t have people around you who will push back … if he did debate practice and had someone come at him with any fire he would do just that !! Fire there ass

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