Miami Shows Up For Trump, Lindsey Graham Wins S. Carolina, Keith Olbermann Calls Trump ‘Kunta Kinte’

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Author: phillyfinest369


46 thoughts on “Miami Shows Up For Trump, Lindsey Graham Wins S. Carolina, Keith Olbermann Calls Trump ‘Kunta Kinte’

  1. Allow me to explain "our people"… We are a rich religious culture that strongly believes in the nuclear family structure and happiness through hard work. We don't blame anyone for our problems, we roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves. We know who we are and are proud of it but most important, we aren't monolithic either. We don't allow ourselves to be manipulated by any body and we dam sure don't praise our criminals like they are angels when they do wrong. We recognize the shit from the ass it came out of.

  2. Cubans really hate anything that gets branded with the word “socialist and communists” that and they all “Malinche” lookin asses supporting they colonizers

  3. As long as you think Hispanics are going to follow your stupid "fall in line" strategy expect disappointment…We owe no loyalty to any party and each Hispanic has his/her own needs and wants. Based off these interests we will each individually vote on a candidate. Party loyalty is worthless and laughable.

  4. How you grow up in South Carolina and didn't know that they was racist. I went there for two weeks and knew that the whole state was racist you can't be that slow. But then again you from the south so I get it LOL

  5. And this is why we in the north called the South slow. again, if you in a state where you still get locked up for a $5 bag of weed y'all have to be the dumbest m********** on the planet.

  6. I don't get it everyone voted who believed that represent there thoughts on issues or beliefs. That shouldn't be considered a donkey of the day. That's there right to vote for who they want. No matter who you put in office hate will always be around. Hate doesn't have a skin color or gender.
    As I always mention if you want us as Black Americans to be in a better position in society you have to create wealth. Not only create wealth but read the right books and APPLY the knowledge.

  7. Nope those Latinos dont mess with blacks that's why the voted Republican they always Republican smdh it's just that blacks dont pay attention. These only groups ok only use us for sex they will never fight with us hut they luv us fight for non black immigrant groups. Lol they keep playing us n white women votes went up to so what happen I thought yall had a feminist movement n white women leave black women behind again lol. But yall wont learn keep on keeping on lol. SMDH

  8. Y'all keep caring more about other people issues than yall own. I keep trying to tell my friends. Everybody for their own. One day when Latinos become the majority, yall will see.

  9. All the Karens in America showed up for Trump as a last attempt to hold on to their oppressive white privilige. Racist America came out strong for Trump.Guess what Trump still lost.

  10. Biden should have done better. Wow. What exactly did y'all need? Him to come to your homes and have individual conversations? Man please.

  11. Once again, the Democrats used the same old playbook that has not worked to get out the vote and get burned. Where do we start?
    Too many Ivy Leaguers “experts” and so-called spokespeople talking about common people issues (and not getting it right),
    too much dependence on celebs and the usual suspects to talk to people (thinking we are thirsty sheep),
    not enough results in the communities,
    too much taking the Black (other groups) vote for granted,
    too many politicians talking and not doing impactful things that move the needle,
    too many old folks running the show and having an iron grip on power,
    too little economic opportunities provided to the Black community,
    too many instances of making Black men feel like we are these broken charity cases.

    The list goes on and on, but like the ATL Falcons, they had the victory, but could not deliver the championship. It is time for a serious overhaul. Also, Trump will be remembered for making the biggest and lasting impact on this country (he makes the Joker look like a Boy Scout). And Biden/Harris will be spending more time cleaning up the mess than getting their platform launched. Ultimately, the Republicans were playing Chess, while the Dems were playing checkers. It is time for a new strategy.

  12. So disheartened to see how many dumb there still are after everything they’ve thrown in your faces. 50 years of poverty. Black incarceration. Ghetto streets, little opportunity. And y’all gonna keep buck dancing for them. Smh Malcom X call y’all CHUMPS and that’s what all you liberals are.

  13. Working for a white man and supporting a white agenda regarding our rights and way of living in this country are not comparable. My vote shows character more so than who signing a check.

    This new super woke Uncle Charla been arrogant.

  14. Biden and Harris are more racist than Trump…. all you have to do is look at their records. If you look even further, most policies by Democrats are racist; they call the policies the negro bill. For what I'm concerned, both parties are too big to fail. Support Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and make PowerNomics a mandatory reading for Your family.

  15. I have to agree with Charlamagne on this one. I am a Floridian and I love my home but y'all deserve this Donkey of the Day with all the need and hungry and poor people out there you guys still vote for someone that really doesn't care about you I am disgusted at my Cubans disgusted how could you talk that you don't want communism what do you think Trump is you guys are morons I'm just gusted and disappointed

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