Man Pointed Gun At 2 Women Who Didn’t Thank Him For Holding The Door

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Author: phillyfinest369


39 thoughts on “Man Pointed Gun At 2 Women Who Didn’t Thank Him For Holding The Door

  1. I only hold the doors for the elderly. The rest, especially young modern women got it. We’re equal, correct? 🤷‍♂️

  2. There are way too many N'a out there either this disrespect syndrome. I am.a Black man and I don't have that disrespect syndrome. So many Black people have been killed because another N felt they were disrespected. It's stupid. If your just walking around with a gun, you're looking for trouble.

  3. I guess being polite is a lost art. I bet these broads will be extra nice the next time someone holds the door open for them. Nothing more bogus than a entitled person. Dude went wayy too far, but its a life lesson for all involved…

  4. I used to be like YOU'RE WELCOME if they didn't say thank you, but now I'm just like whatever, idc. If it's a place with back to back doors, I'll let the second one close on them 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I held the door for everyone who is mind you 4-5feet away from me. Like i can see them. Other than that. Idc if you say thank you or whTever to me. Its just decent thing to do. But not a thing to do is whip out a gun for no damn reason at all.. brotha wanted to go to jail forsure. Bc aint no way B. Or he off something

  6. Breach of peace is disorderly conduct and you have a second amendment to bear arms is not the police job to protect you it's your job to protect yourself know your rights study that Constitution

  7. Shit woulda pissed me off too, but for him to take this route let’s me know that gun was getting drawn on someone that day whether it was them or some1 else. Smh

  8. Yep, pulling a gun on folks for that reason is hella-crazy, and should definitely put you in jail…
    But, in the same way, this is why I do not hold up door for women that are the same age than me or younger. I still have no problem doing so for my elders, and they thank me for it, 'cause they've been raised right.
    As for all other women… they have hands, don't they???

  9. When I hold the door open for someone and they don't thank me I just say "you're welcome" real loud. I never thought of threatening a person for it.

  10. Literally 2 days ago I was at the ⛽️ and as I was coming out some girl was coming in. I had held the door for her and she didn’t thank me so I stated🗣Your welcome an her dude act like he wanted all of the smoke with me because his girlfriend is rude🥴 no one is obligated to say thank you, but out of respect and appreciation just say thank you and keep it moving what he did was literally over the top. Ppl shivery is not dead ppl just ignorant✅

  11. I wonder if they'll say thank you the next time a man show some chivalry (which some say is missing) a man hold the door open🤔 just curious. Or, will they be a tool the next time too 🤔

  12. LOL 😂 I’m a Southerner by culture and raised a certain way. I think it’s weird how many people are making this a man/woman thing when where I’m from it’s a people thing. I hold doors and it has nothing to do with gender. I have held plenty of doors for men. I see men do it for women. Men do it for men. Women do it for men. And shocker…. Women do it for other women. If you are walking out of a door and someone is close behind you, you don’t let the door slam on them. Or if I see someone who has their arms full I say let me get the door for you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. It’s common courtesy. The fact that anyone sees holding a door as doing something “extra” is baffling to me unless they just lack home training. I wonder if he’d been mad if a man didn’t thank him. And yes I do say thanks

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