Local Lawmaker Says Hair Dryer Can Cure Coronavirus

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Author: phillyfinest369


45 thoughts on “Local Lawmaker Says Hair Dryer Can Cure Coronavirus

  1. In March of 2020 I cured myself of COVID-19 by directing hot air from my hair dryer onto my lungs and chest for 30 minutes. No clothing on my lungs and chest. This has to be done fast, before the alveoli are damaged. If the alveoli are damaged then this won't work. Aum Sai Ram.

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  3. I.suggest use a steamer imhale it thru your nose..but when you go outside.blowdry money.bags shoes and other stuff not with.your face

  4. This is completely wrong. I found something that actually works. Eat a Tillamook Jalapeño sausage stick once a day. Has worked flawlessly for me.

  5. You think forepretty funny ,all of you blank blanks , but a dumb ass Doctor would say a shot of whiskey and honey and lemon won't do anything for you , well I know a lot old timers that came to work the next day and were in pretty good shape ,
    I'm not a mechanic but I can take a car or Diesel engine down and build them back up to tip top but it sound perfectly logical to inhale hot air up your nostril , thats were you put the Q Tip to kill the virus .

  6. This is true this is why they shit him uo quick and made him look stupid. Censorship. Charlemagne is paid to distract the masses. When your dying its worth trying.

  7. I have used Vic in boiling water then cover head with towel and breath for 10 mins always did the trick ,now I sauna everyday in the winter
    Vitamin c d e are essential too.

  8. Hold on now! Not so sure this legislator is that far off?! We know that the virus usual starts in your sinus area then later spread to the lungs. We also know that heat kills it. So breathing in heat to try to kill it does not seem so crazy? I guess if it does not work then you still have the virus and a hot nose!

  9. Im am not a nut, he is telling the TRUTH!!! It saved my daughter and many others. The virus is stored in your nostrils, the coolest part of the body. The spray bottle of water and a blow dryer worked within hours. HEAT KILLS THE VIRUS, WE ARE BEING BLOCKED. Without respirators!!!

  10. I saw her video & I think the women who tried the blow dryer (on low) along with spraying small amounts of water in her face gradually & lived thru Coronavirus is truthful. To each their own. Be safe💖🧤😷study Dr. SEBI Alkaline diet…. NO disease or virus can live in a alkaline body. Try blood type diet as well.🧤😷💜

  11. The blow dryer is a cure smart ass. Also boiling orange peels and inhaling works. Typical always thinking drugs is the answer….i know a lady who was dying and her husband did the dryer and saved her life so you are the donkey of the day. Next time at least investigate it before you open your damn mouth. Do you know how many people you just turned away from the cure. How about we let this greedy country give us a pill…thats always the answer

  12. You're wrong, it does work, I was cured 100% from a persistent cough after inhaling the hot air from a hair drier and I have heard the same from other people as well. Big Pharma wants to sell you the vaccine, stick a BIG needle in you, make your choice, I've made mine.

  13. Hey! My mom is a registered RN nurse and she explained to me this is NOT IT. If anything, a hair dryer will blow it into your lungs. The reason you hurt or feel bad from the corona virus is because it goes into your lungs. If it was as easy as it going into your nose and staying, this pandemic would not be as big. For example, someone in the grocery store has Coronavirus. They sneeze, then the particles go around the area. You walk in that area and some of those pieces go into your nose. It could potentially fall down your nose, but if not you would never know. The way doctors test is by swabbing your nose, that is how they test it. THIS IS NOT THE WAY. Hot air of a blow dryer will not be enough. If you want to kill the virus the dryer had to be hot enough to burn your nose off!

  14. I’m not gonna quickly denounce that claim of curing “coronavirus” with a blow dryer. It wouldn’t be completely stupid to believe that theory. Only because the virus can’t survive in heat. (Let alone spread). But people are entitled to their own opinions. What’s most important is content; not even potential facts. Charlemagne heard this theory and felt like he needed to give someone the credit they deserve for being “stupid” (😆wow). Not even just incorrect, but stupid. That’s irresponsible and suspicious 🤔💭… Because it’s not like Charlemagne has the answers himself. This is just a strong opinion of his. Which is supposed to be entertaining… Much respect though

  15. This isn't just a complete waste of time. This is dangerous.

    Heat isn't a magic virus killer. You would need to raise the temperature of the cells of your airway up to 135+ F and sustain that temperature. Sustaining tissue at 135 F is what a we call "medium rare". You would burn yourself close to the dryer long before you could raise the temperature of all of the virus particles to a denaturing point.

  16. This stupid story is flooding the web and blocking legitimate questions about whether heat from a blow dryer can kill viruses on surfaces.

  17. I am from Fl and I was sent a clip from the Phil about the heat from the blow dryer treatment for covid19…so what gives?…serch Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, Cure For Common Colds…

  18. Wow! A good friend of mine and his wife are positive and they actually did this and both feel better! Now I’m not saying this maybe the cure but if it’s something that can help take away your symptoms…hey worth a try! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyone else out there with the virus try it? Can anyone else say it did or didn’t work personally? Curious!

  19. This is really dumb butt I see where he was trying to go.if you heat up hot water and orange peels and sea salt, and boil it and breathe this in. it will help kill any virus in your nasal cavity so it won't spread to your throat and the rest of your body, the heat through your nose is what I'm thinking he was trying to lead to but didn't do a very good job😩

  20. Have you all been through it and can say that it isn’t true? 🤔 I can see it’s mostly black people commenting….. the stupid of the stupid🙄 check out YouTube “ Woman kills Coronavirus with blow dryer”.

  21. It works, I use a blow dryer every night I come home from work! I'm a paramedic in atlanta 300,000 cases, I pick up sick, respiratory distressed covid patients almost everyday.. I get this sniffles sometimes but for the most part, in my professional opinion it works, along with essential vitamins and herbs and disinfecting everyday busy surfaces in my house.. but blow dryer is my regimen after working in the streets

  22. There are reports that say HEAT does kill it and people are using the hairdryer on low and they’re being cured. So don’t knock it till you try it. ALSO, I work in healthcare. ALSO, high doses of vitamin C will also kill the virus. So, if you have the virus try combining high doses of vitamin C and a blow dryer and come back and comment to everybody that you are cured. ALSO, I live in FL.

  23. He's full of shit. It's on surfaces, over 80 degrees, the virus cannot live on hard surfaces. Stupid media fucked it up on purpose and these fucks spread the disinformation, not the truth. Thanks not.

  24. I’m flabbergasted from all fuckery that is going on during this pandemic….The virus is less annoying at that point….😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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