Lil Pump Laughs When Asked Why He’s Smoking At A Gas Pump

Lil Pump is the Donkey of the Day because he needs saving from himself. Pump has been seen smoking weed while pumping gas recently and when asked about it, his response was a laugh.

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Lil Pump Laughs When Asked Why He’s Smoking At A Gas Pump

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Author: phillyfinest369


49 thoughts on “Lil Pump Laughs When Asked Why He’s Smoking At A Gas Pump

  1. yea…. except that the cell phone thing WAS TOTAL BS. so wtf. yo, as a crew chief on C-130u gunships. the airplane mode on your phone is total bs too. surprise, like anybody didn't know that. It was out of a lack of understanding hacking and still is. HOWEVER, civilian aircrafts could possibly be hacked into, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it as now I work as a programmer and have NEVER heard of anything like that, plus you would have to i imagine get into the guts and interface with the firmware of the aircraft via a propriety cable to disable all kinds of shit and link it too your phone assuming its a craft with satellite WiFi (also the sat security would have to be bypassed).
    Why did I type this. Bc i almost got kicked out the military bc a 70 year old lifer on base tried to fight me LOL when i told him he's gonna have to court martial me over a cell phone gas incident, but at least that taught me it's time to go 🤣

  2. Actually y’all are f*cking dumb for not knowing cigarettes don’t ignite fuel. And if it wasn’t for talented, semitalented, or untalented people…this stupid f* ck wouldn’t have anything to talk about on his sh*tty radio show. Charlemagne is a b*tch. Musta been a slow day in the news circuit lmao 👎🏻

  3. "Lil pump goes up in smoke from smokin gas while pumping gas at the gas pump"
    Joe Budden passes out from laughing too hard, hits head on tile floor, receives 12 stitches

  4. Y’all go watch myth busters debunking the idea that a cigarette can start a fire when in contact with gas, fire will definitely ignite the gas but you can throw a cigarette in a bucket of gas and it’s just gonna go out, same as if you threw it in water. DO NOT misunderstand what I’m saying though, a lighter, torch, any type of fire will ignite gasoline but a cigarette will not.

  5. If there's anything in life I despise so much is a mothafucka smoking at a gas pump…..that there is one of my biggest pet peeves…. I truly cant stand that shit, go ahead and give him DONKEY OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!! Stupid mothafucka just dumb.

  6. Idk you would have to do something super blatantly stupid and wrong to start the fire. smoking an already lit cigarette or blunt won't start a fire you would have to throw it at the pump or spark your lighter as you pull the knozzle out

  7. bro he was trollin, he dont do that shit on the reg i guarantee. Sometimes i hate these DOD's cuz they they lowkey promote a lot of the fuckery n BS.

  8. Electrical charge due to vehicle not being grounded is what causes fires at gas stations. You can’t set fire to a gas pump or station for that matter with a joint you dumb fucking racist piece of shit #mayogang 🖕🏻

  9. You see Alabama this is what you’re going to release by banning abortion’s…..Dixie Pumps and Gas Pumps.

  10. what else do you expect from someone who has some weird shit tattooed on his face , to be reasonable ? i don't think so. just a pair of a rat's scrotum is missing on his forehead for the perfect douche profile.

  11. Myth busters proved that static or smoking at the pump will not ignite the gas 🤦🏾‍♂️ still stupid on his part cause I'm sure he never watched that episode.

  12. The person who created this ignorant nigga needs to put him back in his ball sack. Cant believe that shot this nigga out

  13. It's not the cigar it's the flashpoint..if you light the cigar at the pump you create a flashpoint if you but regardless you shouldn't do it

  14. the problem is that he doesn't smoke while pulled over alone on an empty road into a full gasoline tank. Guys, we're talking about a kid with a smiley face tattooed on his forehead.

  15. Locs represent your crown, royalty. And then you have these burnout clowns with tattoos on their faces. Looks demonic. So sad – lil pump actually looks like he was handsome. So sad.

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