L.A. Council Member & Alabama Senator Dragged For Unapologetic Racist Remarks

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30 thoughts on “L.A. Council Member & Alabama Senator Dragged For Unapologetic Racist Remarks

  1. Dangit white peoples. We almost made it through the news without being in it for being racist. Less mayo. Tomorrow’s a new day. Do better. 🤣

  2. I don't want people to think that Mexicans don't stand with black people because we do… We have to deal with these kind of white Mexicans all the time… They didn't just trash on black people but Oaxacans too! Just because we are short and morenos they like to put us down. She's just an overall shitty person.

  3. Listen when you have this way of thinking in Southern California where we have so many cultures is crazy.. we all need to be more empathetic to different cultures and learn and support each other…

  4. its scary because this is just what got caught recorded, imagine the stuff they've gotten away with, its dangerous because this leads into how you help people. we in California know its not all good between black and brown

  5. This is not our homeland, we are literally born behind enemies lines. This land was built for Europeans, that will never change. Stop looking for Fairness from the descendents of our ancestors oppressors

  6. Sad….smh….I found out my barber was racist too..went to school together and all…cut my hair for years in the valley….AND HE'S A HISPANIC…🤦..hurted me more than making me angry….lost a friend

  7. I'm vocal about AA people, particularly AA activists, lobbyist etc stop saying Black AND BROWN, Black and Latino. Black people always include Hispanics in their advocacy but I rarely hear or see Hispanic saying "Brown and Black". I'm going to Telemundo or American News programming in they don't. Not to mention, as quite as it's kept, often Hispanics are just as digging it and racist towards AA as any white racist. AA people need to respectfully fight and focus on AA people. Too often we let people take all kindness for weakness. As well as we allow other people to advance off our efforts and I receive the same in return.

  8. We need always remember we only have each other as a community✊🏽nd the people we fight for justice for can sometime be hateful as well. Spanish people owned slave too !

  9. So sad and saddens me personally to hear a Latina speak like that about a blk person. It lets me know many lations don't even know who they are. And many think they are just as racist as some whites becuz their hair is a little straighter. Such ah shame! A Latino IS a person of Spanish AND BLACK blood and ethnicity unless your Mexican or something like that….smh, such a shame. In a way you are speaking against your own ppl!…smh

  10. This is the sad but real reason why I say I’m Black and NOT a POC. There are many people in this “POC” community who view Blacks and other marginalized groups this way. It’s sad. We are so much stronger together.

  11. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican and I'm fully aware of my history and lineage. And my father, who grew up in DR and is very dark skin man had always shared his stories of colorism/racism within our own people. I never understood why Hispanics in America hold this racist point of view. We're all in the same struggle. My son's mother is a black woman. I'm raising my son in a world full of prejudice and it hurts me to think someone that is everything beautiful in my life will have to someday face judgement from the most ignorant. We all should learn to love and respect one another.

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